Alpaquita Linux
Security Advisory

BELL-SA-2024:10: libgit2 vulnerabilities

Published: February 9, 2024Last modified: February 9, 2024


Multiple security vulnerabilities were discovered in one or more packages of Alpaquita. Follow the instructions in the Solution section to make sure that your system includes all the necessary updates. Additional details for all the related CVEs are available at the links below.


The following packages should be updated to the versions listed below, or newer. Check if the package is installed and its version by running the 'apk version <package name>' command, and update it by running the 'apk upgrade <package name>' command. In general, it's sufficient to perform an update of all packages installed on the system by running the 'apk upgrade' command.

Alpaquita LinuxStreamlibgit21.7.2-r0

List of CVE identifiers