Liberica JDK 11.0.7+10 for Embedded Release Notes

The full version string for this update release is 11.0.7+10. The version number is 11.0.7.

Liberica JDK 11.0.7+10 for Embedded

Liberica is a certified, Java SE 11-compliant distribution of OpenJDK 11 which works on embedded devices (Linux ARM64, Linux ARMv7, including Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 (ARMv6 hardfloat)). It has the following notable additions:

  • Linux x86_64 version contains experimental support for ZGC.
  • Linux x86_64, ARMv8 and ARMv7 distributions include a choice of Client VM, Server VM and Minimal VM.
  • Alpine Linux x86_64 version is build with musl support.
  • Linux ARMv7 distribution contains Device IO API compiled for Raspberry Pi.

Please refer to the Oracle JDK 11.0.7 release notes for further information on JDK 11 features. This document further outlines the peculiarities of Liberica distribution as compared to Oracle JDK 11 distribution.

Supported Embedded configurations

Liberica is tested and certified on Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 running the following OSes:

  • Raspbian OS (armhf)
  • OpenSUSE (armv8)

It is also known to work with Debian (armhf) and Ubuntu (armhf).

Liberica JDK 11.0.7+10 distribution

Liberica JDK 11.0.7+10 for Embedded are distributed as .rpm, .deb and .tar.gz packages. Please select the one which is most appropriate for your purposes.

Liberica 11.0.7 introduced all new features supported by OpenJDK 11.0.7.

With the introduction of the Jigsaw feature in JDK 9 and Minimal VM it is now possible to create a Runtime that is sufficient to run your application and trim down the size of the Runtime. To generate a Runtime with just the Minimal VM, add --vm=minimal to jlink options.

By default, the Liberica uses Server VM. Server VM and Client VM can be enabled with -server and -client command line options, respectively. In case the deployment requires to minimize the footprint, it may be beneficial to use Minimal VM, which emphasises on a minimal footprint. It has C1 JIT compiler only, Serial GC and no serviceability features.

LibericaFX for the Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK 11.0.7+10 come with a bundled LibericaFX implementation, which is based on OpenJFX. The following tables lists Java FX modules status of Liberica distribution

  • Java FX Graphics - works.
  • Java FX Controls - works.
  • Java FX Media - does not work.
  • Java FX Webkit - does not work.

The following pipelines are known to work: EGL, SW (direct framebuffer) and GTK. By default, Liberica tries to use the accelerated EGL pipeline, which requires the presence of EGL libraries. If they are not found, the implementation falls back to software rendering.

Use the following command line options to specify the rendering pipeline:

  • -Dprism.order=sw forces the use of software rendering pipeline.
  • -Dprism.order=es2 forces the use of EGL pipeline and hardware acceleration.
  • -Djavafx.platform=gtk if you would like to launch a LibericaFX application using Liberica from X11.

Please refer to the following wiki for more information.

Device IO API for the Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK 11 comes with a bundled OpenJDK Device I/O (DIO) API implementation module. DIO provides a Java API for accessing Raspberry PI GPIO pins and for communicating with peripheral devices:

  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO).
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus (I2C), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
  • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART).

Please refer to the following wiki for more information.

Security Baselines

BellSoft Liberica follows the security baselines for Oracle Java SE. Please refer to the Oracle documentation for a list of issues fixed in a given release.

Known Issues

LibericaFX and EGL on Raspbian

As of 2017, the default location of Broadcom and has changed in Raspbian OS. If you'd like to leverage hardware EGL acceleration available from Broadcom video drivers in LibericaFX while running a recent Raspbian OS, run the following command:

cd /opt/vc/lib
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s

Issues fixed

Issue Description
JDK-4919790 Errors in alert ssl message does not reflect the actual certificate status
JDK-4949105 Access Bridge lacks html tags parsing
JDK-7092821 is synchronized and became scalability bottleneck
JDK-7143743 Potential memory leak with zip provider
JDK-8005819 Support cross-realm MSSFU
JDK-8042383 [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicMenuUI/4983388/ fails with shortcuts on menus do not work
JDK-8068184 Fix for JDK-8032832 caused a deadlock
JDK-8145845 [AOT] NullPointerException in compiler/whitebox/
JDK-8152988 [AOT] Update test batch definitions to include aot-ed java.base module mode into hs-comp testing
JDK-8163083 SocketListeningConnector does not allow invocations with port 0
JDK-8163251 Hard coded loop limit prevents reading of smart card data greater than 8k
JDK-8167276 jvmci/compilerToVM/ fails with -XX:-EliminateAllocations
JDK-8169718 nsk/jdb/locals/locals002: ERROR: Cannot find boolVar with expected value: false
JDK-8176556 java/awt/dnd/ImageTransferTest/ fails for JFIF
JDK-8178798 Two compiler/aot/verification/vmflags tests fail by timeout with UseAVX=3
JDK-8183107 PKCS11 regression regarding checkKeySize
JDK-8185005 Improve performance of ThreadMXBean.getThreadInfo(long ids[], int maxDepth)
JDK-8189633 Missing -Xcheck:jni checking for DeleteWeakGlobalRef
JDK-8193042 NativeLookup::lookup_critical_entry() should only load shared library once
JDK-8193596 java/net/DatagramPacket/ failed due to timeout
JDK-8194944 Regression automated test 'open/test/jdk/javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8145896/' fails
JDK-8196467 javax/swing/JInternalFrame/ fails
JDK-8196969 JTreg Failure: serviceability/sa/ causes NPE
JDK-8198321 javax/swing/JEditorPane/5076514/ fails
JDK-8198398 Test javax/swing/JColorChooser/ fails in mach5
JDK-8199072 Test javax/swing/GroupLayout/6613904/ is unstable
JDK-8200432 javadoc fails with ClassCastException on
JDK-8201349 build broken when configured with --with-zlib=bundled on gcc 7.3
JDK-8201355 Avoid native memory allocation in
JDK-8201513 nsk/jvmti/IterateThroughHeap/filter-* are broken
JDK-8203364 Some serviceability/sa/ tests intermittently fail with LingeredApp terminated with non-zero exit code 3
JDK-8203687 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ supports TLS 1.3
JDK-8203904 javax/swing/JSplitPane/4816114/ The divider location is wrong
JDK-8203911 Test runtime/modules/getModuleJNI/GetModule fails with -Xcheck:jni
JDK-8204525 [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/ ran out of java heap
JDK-8204529 gc/ fail with Agent 7 timed out
JDK-8206963 [AOT] bug with multiple class loaders
JDK-8207367 10 vmTestbase/nsk/jdi tests timed out when running with jtreg
JDK-8207832 serviceability/sa/ failed with "Couldn't find core file location"
JDK-8207938 At step6,Click Add button,case failed automatically.
JDK-8208157 requires.VMProps throws NPE for missing properties in "release" file
JDK-8208379 compiler/jvmci/events/ failed with "Got unexpected event count after 2nd install attempt: expected 9 to equal 2"
JDK-8208658 Make CDS archived heap regions usable even if compressed oop encoding has changed
JDK-8208715 Conversion of milliseconds to nanoseconds in UNIXProcess contains bug
JDK-8209361 [AOT] Unexpected number of references for JVMTI_HEAP_REFERENCE_CONSTANT_POOL [111-->111]: 0 (expected at least 1)
JDK-8209385 CDS runtime classpath checking is too strict when only classes from the system modules are archived
JDK-8209389 SIGSEGV in WalkOopAndArchiveClosure::do_oop_work.
JDK-8209418 Synchronize test/jdk/sanity/client/lib/jemmy with code-tools/jemmy/v2
JDK-8209494 Create a test for SwingSet InternalFrameDemo
JDK-8209499 Create test for SwingSet EditorPaneDemo
JDK-8209574 [AOT] breakpoint events are generated in different threads does not meet expected count
JDK-8209686 cleanup arguments to PhaseIdealLoop() constructor
JDK-8209789 Synchronize test/jdk/sanity/client/lib/jemmy with code-tools/jemmy/v2
JDK-8209802 Garbage collectors should register JFR types themselves to avoid build errors.
JDK-8209807 improve handling exception in requires.VMProps
JDK-8209817 stack is executable when building with Clang on Linux
JDK-8209824 Improve the code coverage for ThreadLocal
JDK-8209826 Undefined reference to os::write after JDK-8209657 (filemap.hpp cleanup)
JDK-8209850 Allow NamedThreads to use GlobalCounter critical sections
JDK-8209976 Improve iteration over non-JavaThreads
JDK-8209993 Create a test for SwingSet3 ToolTipDemo
JDK-8210024 JFR calls virtual is_Java_thread from ~Thread()
JDK-8210052 Enable testing for all the available look and feels in SwingSet3 demo tests
JDK-8210055 Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo tests
JDK-8210057 Enable different look and feels in SwingSet3 demo test InternalFrameDemoTest
JDK-8210058 Algorithmic Italic font leans opposite angle in Printing
JDK-8210220 [AOT] jdwp test cases are failing with error # ERROR: TEST FAILED: Cought IOException while receiving event packet
JDK-8210289 ArchivedKlassSubGraphInfoRecord is incomplete
JDK-8210476 sun/security/mscapi/ fails with Still too slow
JDK-8210512 [Testbug] vmTestbase/nsk/jdi/ObjectReference/referringObjects/referringObjects002/ fails with unexpected size of ClassLoaderReference.referringObjects
JDK-8210523 runtime/appcds/cacheObject/ crash
JDK-8210632 Add key exchange algorithm to javax/net/ssl/TLSCommon/
JDK-8210699 Problem list tests which times out in Xcomp mode
JDK-8210793 [JVMCI] failed to find DiagnosticCommand.class
JDK-8210910 Create test for FileChooserDemo
JDK-8210994 Create test for SwingSet3 FrameDemo
JDK-8211139 Increase timeout value in all tests under jdk/sanity/client/SwingSet/src
JDK-8211160 Handle different look and feels in JInternalFrameOperator
JDK-8211211 vmTestbase/metaspace/stressDictionary/ timeout
JDK-8211322 Reduce the timeout of tooltip in SwingSet2DemoTest
JDK-8211443 Enable different look and feels in SwingSet3 demo test SplitPaneDemoTest
JDK-8211703 JInternalFrame : java.lang.AssertionError: cannot find the internal frame
JDK-8212897 Some improvements in the EditorPaneDemotest
JDK-8212903 [TestBug] Tests test/jdk/javax/swing/LookAndFeel/8145547/ and fail on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
JDK-8213009 Refactoring existing SunMSCAPI classes
JDK-8213010 Supporting keys created with certmgr.exe
JDK-8213168 Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo test FileChooserDemoTest
JDK-8213348 service providers missing in module descriptor
JDK-8213906 Update arm devkits with libXrandr headers
JDK-8213908 AssertionError in DeferredAttr at setOverloadKind
JDK-8214124 [TESTBUG] Bugs in runtime/NMT/
JDK-8214344 C2: assert(con.basic_type() != T_ILLEGAL) failed: elembt=byte; loadbt=void; unsigned=0
JDK-8214345 infinite recursion while checking super class
JDK-8214471 Enable different look and feel tests in SwingSet3 demo test ToolTipDemoTest
JDK-8214557 Filter out VM flags which don't affect AOT code generation
JDK-8214578 [macos] Problem with backslashes on macOS/JIS keyboard: Java ignores system settings
JDK-8214840 runtime/NMT/ timed out
JDK-8214850 Rename vm_operations.?pp files to vmOperations.?pp files
JDK-8214904 failed due to "Too few ThreadDeath hits; expected at least 6 but saw only 5"
JDK-8215322 add @file support to jaotc
JDK-8215355 Object monitor deadlock with no threads holding the monitor (using jemalloc 5.1)
JDK-8215396 JTabbedPane preferred size calculation is wrong for SCROLL_TAB_LAYOUT
JDK-8216180 [AOT] compiler/intrinsics/bigInteger/ crashed with AOT enabled
JDK-8216353 Use utility APIs introduced in org/netbeans/jemmy/util/LookAndFeel class in client sanity test cases
JDK-8216354 Syntax error in toolchain_windows.m4
JDK-8216472 (se) Stack overflow during selection operation leads to crash (win)
JDK-8216535 tools/jimage/ timed out
JDK-8217235 Create automated test for SwingSet ColorChooserDemoTest
JDK-8217297 Add support for multiple look and feel for SwingSet SliderDemoTest
JDK-8217338 [Containers] Improve systemd slice memory limit support
JDK-8217613 [AOT] TEST_OPTS_AOT_MODULES doesn't work on mac
JDK-8217634 RunTest documentation and usability update
JDK-8217717 ZGC: Broken oop map in C1 load barrier stub
JDK-8218268 Javac treats Manifest Class-Path entries as Paths instead of URLs
JDK-8218662 Allow 204 responses with Content-Length:0
JDK-8218882 NET_Writev is declared, NET_WriteV is defined
JDK-8218889 Improperly use of the Optional API
JDK-8219205 JFR file without license header
JDK-8219723 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ failed on some SNI cases
JDK-8220348 [ntintel] asserts about copying unaligned array
JDK-8220451 jdi/EventQueue/remove/remove004 failed due to "ERROR: thread2 is not alive"
JDK-8220479 java/nio/channels/Selector/ failed at testTwoChannels()
JDK-8220688 [TESTBUG] runtime/NMT/ timed out
JDK-8220786 Create new switch to redirect error reporting output to stdout or stderr
JDK-8221270 Duplicated synchronized keywords in SSLSocketImpl
JDK-8221312 test/jdk/sanity/client/SwingSet/src/ failed
JDK-8221885 Add intermittent test in the JavaSound to the ProblemList
JDK-8222391 javax/net/ssl/compatibility/ should be more flexible
JDK-8222448 java/lang/reflect/PublicMethods/ times out
JDK-8222519 ButtonDemoScreenshotTest fails randomly with "still state to be reached"
JDK-8222741 jdi/EventQueue/remove/remove004 fails due to VMDisconnectedException
JDK-8223003 SunMSCAPI keys are not cleaned up
JDK-8223063 Support CNG RSA keys
JDK-8223158 Docked MacBook cannot start any Java Swing applications
JDK-8223260 NamingManager should cache InitialContextFactory
JDK-8223464 Improve version string for Oracle CI builds
JDK-8223558 Java does not render Myanmar script correctly
JDK-8223627 jdk-13+20 bundle name contains null instead of ea
JDK-8223638 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 6
JDK-8223727 com/sun/jndi/ldap/privconn/ failed due to hang in LdapRequest.getReplyBer
JDK-8223769 Assert triggers with -XX:+StressReflectiveCode
JDK-8224187 Refactor arraycopy_prologue to allow ZGC read barriers on arraycopy
JDK-8224475 JTextPane does not show images in HTML rendering
JDK-8224673 Adjust permission for delayed starting of debugging
JDK-8224705 Tests that need to be problem-listed or have printer resources
JDK-8224778 test/jdk/demo/jfc/J2Ddemo/ cannot find J2Ddemo.jar
JDK-8224821 java/awt/Focus/NoAutotransferToDisabledCompTest/ fails linux-x64
JDK-8224830 test/jdk/java/awt/Focus/ModalExcludedWindowClickTest/ fails on linux-x64
JDK-8224851 AArch64: fix warnings and errors with Clang and GCC 8.3
JDK-8224905 java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failed with stream closed
JDK-8225007 java/awt/print/PrinterJob/ may hang
JDK-8225105 java/awt/Focus/ShowFrameCheckForegroundTest/ fails in Windows 10
JDK-8225117 java/math/BigInteger/ fails with ParseException
JDK-8225128 Add exception for expiring DocuSign root to VerifyCACerts test
JDK-8225130 Add exception for expiring Comodo roots to VerifyCACerts test
JDK-8225144 [macos] In Aqua L&F backspace key does not delete when Shift is pressed
JDK-8225180 SignedObject with invalid Key not throwing the InvalidKeyException in Windows
JDK-8225182 JNI exception pending in DestroyXIMCallback of awt_InputMethod.c:1327 8225199: [Graal] compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ fails with -XX:CompileThresholdScaling=0.1
JDK-8225305 ProblemList java/lang/invoke/VarHandles tests
JDK-8225350 compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ timed out
JDK-8225430 Replace wildcard address with loopback or local host in tests - part 14
JDK-8225435 Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry to the latest for JDK14
JDK-8225487 giflib legal file is missing attribution for openbsd-reallocarray.c
JDK-8225567 Wrong file headers with 8202414 fix changeset
JDK-8225684 [AOT] vmTestbase/vm/oom/production/AlwaysOOMProduction tests fail with AOTed java.base
JDK-8225766 Curve in certificate should not affect signature scheme when using TLSv1.3
JDK-8225797 OldObjectSample event creates unexpected amount of checkpoint data
JDK-8226381 ProblemList java/lang/reflect/PublicMethods/
JDK-8226406 JVM fails to detect mismatched or corrupt CDS archive
JDK-8226608 Hide the onjcmd option from the help output
JDK-8226892 ActionListeners on JRadioButtons don't get notified when selection is changed with arrow keys
JDK-8227112 exclude compiler/intrinsics/sha/sanity tests from AOT runs
JDK-8227324 Upgrade to freetype 2.10.1
JDK-8227528 failed due to "RuntimeException: 'Safepoint sync time longer than' missing from stdout/stderr"
JDK-8227645 Some tests in serviceability/sa run with fixed -Xmx values and risk running out of memory
JDK-8227646 [TESTBUG] appcds/SharedArchiveConsistency timed out
JDK-8227662 freetype seeks to index at the end of the font data
JDK-8228479 Correct the format of ColorChooserDemoTest
JDK-8228613 order is no longer deterministic
JDK-8228969 2019-09-28 public suffix list update
JDK-8229236 CriticalJNINatives: dll handling should be done in native thread state
JDK-8229345 Memory leak due to vtable stubs not being shared on SPARC
JDK-8229888 (zipfs) Updating an existing zip file does not preserve original permissions
JDK-8229994 assert(false) failed: Bad graph detected in get_early_ctrl_for_expensive
JDK-8230004 jdk/internal/jimage/ runs no test
JDK-8230235 Rendering HTML with empty img attribute and documentBaseKey cause Exception
JDK-8230390 Problemlist SA tests with AOT
JDK-8230400 Missing constant pool entry for a method in stacktrace
JDK-8230459 Test failed to resume JVMCI CompilerThread
JDK-8230480 check malloc/calloc results in java.desktop
JDK-8230597 Update GIFlib library to the 5.2.1
JDK-8230611 infinite loop in LogOutputList::wait_until_no_readers()
JDK-8230624 [TESTBUG] Problemlist JFR compiler/
JDK-8230677 Should disable Escape Analysis if JVMTI capability can_get_owned_monitor_info was taken
JDK-8230926 [macosx] Two apostrophes are entered instead of one with "U.S. International - PC" layout
JDK-8231025 Incorrect method tag offset for big endian platform
JDK-8231081 TestMetadataRetention fails due to missing symbol id
JDK-8231387 returns random result due to race condition with mutating methods in the same class
JDK-8231430 C2: Memory stomp in max_array_length() for T_ILLEGAL type
JDK-8231445 check ZALLOC return values in awt coding
JDK-8231507 Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to version 2.1.4
JDK-8231584 Deadlock with ClassLoader.findLibrary and System.loadLibrary call
JDK-8231753 use more Posix functionality in aix os::print_os_info
JDK-8231810 javax/net/ssl/templates/ fails intermittently with "java.lang.Exception: Unexpected EOF"
JDK-8232003 (fs) Files.write can leak file descriptor in the exception case
JDK-8232056 fails with ZGC: Heap too small
JDK-8232060 add some initializations using sigemptyset in os_aix.cpp
JDK-8232154 Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 19.2.1
JDK-8232167 Visual Studio install found through --with-tools-dir value is discarded
JDK-8232170 FSInfo#getJarClassPath throws an exception not declared in its throws clause
JDK-8232200 [macos 10.15] Windows in fullscreen tests jumps around the screen
JDK-8232207 Linux os::available_memory re-reads cgroup configuration on every invocation
JDK-8232224 [TESTBUG] problemlist JFR
JDK-8232370 Refactor some com.sun.jdi tests to enable IDE integration
JDK-8232433 [macos 10.15] java/awt/Window/LocationAtScreenCorner/ may fail
JDK-8232571 Add missing SIGINFO signal
JDK-8232692 [TESTBUG] compiler/aot/fingerprint/ fails when cds is disabled
JDK-8232713 Update BCEL version to 6.3.1 in license file
JDK-8232806 Introduce a system property to disable eager lambda initialization
JDK-8232834 RunTest sometimes fails to produce valid exitcode.txt
JDK-8232880 Update test documentation with additional settings for client UI tooltip tests
JDK-8232950 SUNPKCS11 Provider incorrectly check key length for PSS Signatures.
JDK-8233018 Add a new test to verify that DatagramSocket is not interruptible
JDK-8233019 java.lang.Class.isPrimitive() (C1) returns wrong result if Klass* is aligned to 32bit
JDK-8233032 assert(in_bb(n)) failed: must be
JDK-8233078 fix minimal VM build on Linux ppc64(le)
JDK-8233328 fix minimal VM build on Linux s390x
JDK-8233466 aarch64: remove unnecessary load of mdo when profiling return and parameters type
JDK-8233491 Crash in AdapterHandlerLibrary::get_adapter with CDS due to code cache exhaustion
JDK-8233529 loopTransform.cpp:2984: Error: assert(p_f->Opcode() == Op_IfFalse) failed
JDK-8233548 Update CUP to v0.11b
JDK-8233649 Update ProblemList.txt to exclude failing headful tests on macos
JDK-8233656 assert(d->is_CFG() && n->is_CFG()) failed: must have CFG nodes
JDK-8233657 Intermittent NPE in Component.validate()
JDK-8234288 Turkey Time Zone returns incorrect time zone name
JDK-8234323 NULL-check return value of SurfaceData_InitOps on macosx
JDK-8234339 replace JLI_StrTok in java_md_solinux.c
JDK-8234340 Bump update version for OpenJDK: jdk-11.0.7
JDK-8234350 assert(mode == ControlAroundStripMined && (use == sfpt || !use->is_reachable_from_root())) failed: missed a node
JDK-8234386 [macos] NPE was thrown at expanding Choice from maximized frame
JDK-8234397 add OS uptime information to os::print_os_info output
JDK-8234423 Modifying ArrayList.subList().subList() resets modCount of subList
JDK-8234466 Class loading deadlock involving X509Factory#commitEvent()
JDK-8234501 remove obsolete NET_ReadV
JDK-8234525 enable link-time section-gc for linux s390x to remove unused code
JDK-8234610 MaxVectorSize set wrongly when UseAVX=3 is specified after JDK-8221092
JDK-8234617 C1: Incorrect result of field load due to missing narrowing conversion
JDK-8234723 javax/net/ssl/TLS tests support TLSv1.3
JDK-8234724 javax/net/ssl/templates/ supports TLSv1.3
JDK-8234741 enhance os::get_core_path on macOS
JDK-8234769 Duplicate attribution in
JDK-8234786 Fix for JDK-8214578 breaks OS X 10.12 compatibility
JDK-8234809 set relro in linker flags when building with gcc
JDK-8234824 java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/ fails on Windows 10
JDK-8235243 handle VS2017 15.9 and VS2019 in abstract_vm_version
JDK-8235288 AVX 512 instructions inadvertently used on Xeon for small vector width operations
JDK-8235383 C1 compilation fails with -XX:+PrintIRDuringConstruction -XX:+Verbose
JDK-8235489 handle return values of sscanf calls in hotspot
JDK-8235509 Backport for JDK-8209657 Refactor filemap.hpp to simplify integration with Serviceability Agent.
JDK-8235510 performance drop after 8200067
JDK-8235563 [TESTBUG] appcds/ does not handle archive mapping failure
JDK-8235637 jhsdb jmap from OpenJDK 11.0.5 doesn't work if prelink is enabled
JDK-8235671 enhance print_rlimit_info in os_posix
JDK-8235744 PIT: test/jdk/javax/swing/text/html/ times out in linux-x64
JDK-8235904 Infinite loop when rendering huge lines
JDK-8235998 [c2] Memory leaks during tracing after '8224193: stringStream should not use Resource Area'.
JDK-8236039 JSSE Client does not accept status_request extension in CertificateRequest messages for TLS 1.3
JDK-8236140 assert(!VerifyHashTableKeys || _hash_lock == 0) failed: remove node from hash table before modifying it
JDK-8236179 C1 register allocation error with T_ADDRESS
JDK-8236488 Support for configure option --with-native-debug-symbols=internal is impossible on Windows
JDK-8236500 Windows ucrt.dll should be looked up in versioned WINSDK subdirectory
JDK-8236709 struct SwitchRange in HS violates C++ One Definition Rule
JDK-8236848 [JDK 11u] make run-test-tier1 fails after backport of JDK-8232834
JDK-8236873 Worker has a deadlock bug
JDK-8237217 Incorrect G1StringDedupEntry type used in StringDedupTable destructor
JDK-8237368 Problem with NullPointerException in RMI
JDK-8237375 SimpleThresholdPolicy misses CounterDecay timestamp initialization
JDK-8237508 Simplify JarFile.isInitializing
JDK-8237540 Missing files in backport of JDK-8210910
JDK-8237541 Missing files in backport of JDK-8236528
JDK-8237600 Test SunJSSEFIPSInit fails on Ubuntu
JDK-8237819 s390x - remove unused pd_zero_to_words_large
JDK-8237869 exclude jtreg test security/infra/java/security/cert/CertPathValidator/certification/ because of instabilities
JDK-8237945 CTW: C2 compilation fails with assert(just_allocated_object(alloc_ctl) == ptr) failed: most recent allo
JDK-8238225 Issues reported after replacing symlink at Contents/MacOS/libjli.dylib with binary
JDK-8238247 CTW runner should sweep nmethods more aggressively
JDK-8238366 CTW runner closes standard output on exit
JDK-8238438 SuperWord::co_locate_pack picks memory state of first instead of last load
JDK-8238502 sunmscapi.dll causing EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
JDK-8238534 Deep sign macOS bundles before bundle archive is being created
JDK-8238591 CTW: Split applications/ctw/modules/
JDK-8238596 AVX enabled by default for Skylake even when unsupported
JDK-8238811 C2: assert(i >= req() || i == 0 || is_Region() || is_Phi()) with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges
JDK-8239005 [TESTBUG] test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/StackGuardPages/ exeinvoke.c: must initialize static state before calling do_overflow()
JDK-8239466 Loss of precision in counter decay calculation in 11u backport of JDK-8237375
JDK-8239856 [ntintel] asserts about copying unaligned array element
JDK-8240724 [test] jdk11 downport of 8224475 misses binary file test/jdk/javax/swing/JTextPane/arrow.png
JDK-8241296 Segfault in JNIHandleBlock::oops_do()
JDK-8160926 FLAGS_COMPILER_CHECK_ARGUMENTS doesn't handle cross-compilation
JDK-8189861 Refactor CacheFind
JDK-8204551 Event descriptions are truncated in logs
JDK-8210459 Add support for generating compile_commands.json
JDK-8214534 Setting of THIS_FILE in the build is broken
JDK-8217728 Speed up incremental rerun of "make hotspot"
JDK-8219597 (bf) Heap buffer state changes could provoke unexpected exceptions
JDK-8220613 java/util/Arrays/ times out with fastdebug build
JDK-8221851 Use of THIS_FILE in hotspot invalidates precompiled header on Linux/GCC
JDK-8222264 Windows incremental build is broken with JDK-8217728
JDK-8223678 Add Visual Studio Code workspace generation support (for native code)
JDK-8223898 Forward references to Nashorn
JDK-8223904 Improve Nashorn matching
JDK-8224541 Better mapping of serial ENUMs
JDK-8224549 Less Blocking Array Queues
JDK-8225603 Enhancement for big integers
JDK-8226346 Build better binary builders
JDK-8227467 Better class method invocations
JDK-8227542 Manifest improved jar headers
JDK-8229733 TLS message handling improvements
JDK-8231415 Better signatures in XML
JDK-8231785 Improved socket permissions
JDK-8232424 More constrained algorithms
JDK-8232581 Improve TLS verification
JDK-8233250 Better X11 rendering
JDK-8233383 Various minor fixes
JDK-8233410 Better Build Scripting
JDK-8234027 Better JCEKS key support
JDK-8234408 Improve TLS session handling
JDK-8234825 Better Headings for HTTP Servers
JDK-8234841 Enhance buffering of byte buffers
JDK-8235274 Enhance typing of methods
JDK-8235691 Enhance TLS connectivity
JDK-8236201 Better Scanner conversions
JDK-8237879 make 4.3 breaks build
JDK-8238960 linux-i586 builds are inconsistent as the newly build jdk is not able to reserve enough space for object heap
JDK-8235364 Update copyright header for files modified in 2019
JDK-8240832 Remove unused third-party legal file
JDK-8240211 Stack overflow on Windows 32-bit can lead to crash
JDK-8239454 LLIntData : invalid opcode returned for 16 and 32 bit wide instructions
JDK-8238526 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.26.3 changes
JDK-8231513 JavaFX cause Keystroke Receiving prompt on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)
JDK-8237003 Remove hardcoded WebAnimationsCSSIntegrationEnabled flag in DumpRenderTree
JDK-8233942 Update to 609.1 version of WebKit
JDK-8232589 Remove CoreAudio Utility Classes
JDK-8233798 Ctrl-L character mistakenly removed from
JDK-8233747 JVM crash in com.sun.webkit.dom.DocumentImpl.createAttribute
JDK-8230610 Upgrade GStreamer to version 1.16.1 8230609: Upgrade glib to version 2.62.2
JDK-8234704 Fix attribution in
JDK-8233420 Upgrade to gcc 8.3 on Linux
JDK-8233421 Upgrade to Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9.16
JDK-8232210 Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 19.2.1
JDK-8239109 Update SQLite to version 3.31.1
JDK-8234056 Upgrade to libxslt 1.1.34
JDK-8236798 Enhance FX scripting support