Liberica JDK 8u312+7 Release Notes

The full version string for this update release is 8u312-b8. The version number is 8.

Liberica JDK 8u312+7

Please refer to the Oracle JDK 8 release notes for further information on JDK 8 features. This document further outlines the peculiarities of Liberica distribution as compared to Oracle JDK 8 distribution.

Supported configurations

Supported Server and Desktop configurations

Liberica is supported on the following OSes:

  • Ubuntu Linux 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Debian Linux 8, 9 (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Red Hat, Oracle Linux and CentOS 5.5+, 6.x, 7.x (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Alpine Linux x86_64 version is build with musl support.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, 15 and tumbleweed (x86_64, ARMv8*)
  • Apple macOS 10.11+ (64 bit only)
  • Solaris 10.9+ (SPARC and x86_64)*
  • Microsoft Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

* - version doesn't have Client VM

Note: The minimum supported Linux kernel version is 2.6.18 and GLIBC version 2.5. LibericaFX works on all supported Ubuntu versions, Red Hat Linux family starting from 7.x and SUSE versions with GTK3 backend.

Liberica JDK and JRE distribution

Liberica JDK and JRE are distributed as .rpm, .zip, .deb and .tar.gz packages. Please select the one which is most appropriate for your purposes.

  • Use Liberica JDK if your application requires javac or other tools and services not present in a JRE, or you would like to use jlink to create a trimmed-down version of the Java Runtime for your particular needs.
  • Use Liberica JRE for all other purposes.

Liberica 8 introduces all new features supported by OpenJDK 8 on Linux x64

By default, the Liberica uses Server VM. Server VM and Client VM can be enabled with -server and -client command line options, respectively. In case the deployment requires to minimize the footprint, it may be beneficial to use Minimal VM, which emphasises on a minimal footprint. It has C1 JIT compiler only, Serial GC and no serviceability features. In a JRE it can be enabled in runtime with -minimal command line option.

Linux x86_64, Linux x86, Apple macOS x86_64, Microsoft Windows x86_64, Microsoft Windows x86 versions of Liberica 8 also contains LibericaFX. On macOS, LibericaFX works starting with 10.10+.

Security Baselines

BellSoft Liberica follows the security baselines for Oracle Java SE. Please refer to the Oracle documentation for a list of issues fixed in a given release.

Issues fixed

Issue Description
JDK-6847157 java.lang.NullPointerException: HDC for component at sun.java2d.loops.Blit.Blit
JDK-7146776 deadlock between URLStreamHandler.getHostAddress and file.Handler.openconnection
JDK-7188942 Remove support of pbuffers in OGL Java2d pipeline
JDK-8004148 NPE in sun.awt.SunToolkit.getWindowDeactivationTime
JDK-8022323 [JavaSecurityScanner] review package* Native methods should be private
JDK-8027154 [TESTBUG] Test java/awt/Mouse/GetMousePositionTest/ fails
JDK-8035001 TEST_BUG: the retry logic in RMID.start() should check that the subprocess hasn't terminated
JDK-8035424 (reflect) Performance problem in sun.reflect.generics.parser.SignatureParser
JDK-8042557 compiler/uncommontrap/ fails with: GC triggered before VM initialization completed
JDK-8054118 java/net/ipv6tests/ failed intermittently
JDK-8065215 Print warning summary at end of configure
JDK-8072767 DefaultCellEditor for comboBox creates ActionEvent with wrong source object
JDK-8079891 Store configure log in $BUILD/configure.log
JDK-8080082 configure fails if you create an empty directory and then run configure from it
JDK-8086003 Test fails on OSX with java.lang.RuntimeException 'Narrow klass base: 0x0000000000000000, Narrow klass shift: 3' missing
JDK-8130183 InnerClasses: VM permits wrong Throw ClassFormatError if InnerClasses attribute's inner_class_info_index is 0
JDK-8131062 aarch64: add support for GHASH acceleration
JDK-8134869 AARCH64: GHASH intrinsic is not optimal
JDK-8134989 java/net/MulticastSocket/ failed due to unexpected IP address
JDK-8156584 Initialization race in
JDK-8157404 Unable to read certain PKCS12 keystores from SequenceInputStream
JDK-8161016 Strange behavior of URLConnection with proxy
JDK-8163326 Update the default enabled cipher suites preference
JDK-8166673 The new implementation of Robot.waitForIdle() may hang
JDK-8170467 (reflect) Optimize SignatureParser's use of StringBuilders
JDK-8176837 SunPKCS11 provider needs to check more details on PKCS11 Mechanism
JDK-8194246 JVM crashes when calling getStackTrace if stack contains a method that is a member of a very large class
JDK-8196181 sun/java2d/GdiRendering/ fails
JDK-8202837 PBES2 AlgorithmId encoding error in PKCS12 KeyStore
JDK-8206189 sun/security/pkcs12/ fails with Sequence tag error
JDK-8214418 half-closed SSLEngine status may cause application dead loop
JDK-8214513 A PKCS12 keystore from Java 8 using custom PBE parameters cannot be read in Java 11
JDK-8220786 Create new switch to redirect error reporting output to stdout or stderr
JDK-8222751 closed/test/jdk/sun/security/util/DerIndefLenConverter/ fail
JDK-8229243 SunPKCS11-Solaris provider tests failing on Solaris 11.4
JDK-8231222 fix pkcs11 P11_DEBUG guarded native traces
JDK-8237495 Java MIDI fails with a dereferenced memory error when asked to send a raw 0xF7
JDK-8238567 SoftMainMixer.processAudioBuffers(): Wrong handling of stoppedMixers
JDK-8240518 Incorrect JNU_ReleaseStringPlatformChars in Windows Print
JDK-8241248 NullPointerException in
JDK-8244154 Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v3.0 header files
JDK-8247469 getSystemCpuLoad() returns -1 on linux when some offline cpus are present and cpusets.effective_cpus is not available
JDK-8248901 Signed immediate support in .../share/assembler.hpp is broken.
JDK-8254967 spins on TLS session close
JDK-8259338 Add expiry exception for identrustdstx3 alias to test
JDK-8262000 jdk/jfr/event/gc/detailed/ failed with "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"
JDK-8262829 Native crash in Win32PrintServiceLookup.getAllPrinterNames()
JDK-8263311 Watch registry changes for remote printers update instead of polling
JDK-8263314 Enhance XML Dsig modes
JDK-8263382 java/util/logging/ failed with "checkLoggers: getLoggerNames() returned unexpected loggers"
JDK-8264752 SIGFPE crash with option FlightRecorderOptions:threadbuffersize=30M
JDK-8265167 Richer Text Editors
JDK-8265238 [8u] [macos] build failure in OpenJDK8u after JDK-8211301 in older xcode
JDK-8265574 Improve handling of sheets
JDK-8265580 Enhanced style for RTF kit
JDK-8265776 Improve Stream handling for SSL
JDK-8265836 OperatingSystemImpl.getCpuLoad() returns incorrect CPU load inside a container
JDK-8265978 make test should look for more locations when searching for exit code
JDK-8266097 Better hashing support
JDK-8266103 Better specified spec values
JDK-8266109 More Resilient Classloading
JDK-8266115 More Manifest Jar Loading
JDK-8266137 Improve Keystore integrity
JDK-8266689 More Constrained Delegation
JDK-8267086 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
JDK-8267712 Better LDAP reference processing
JDK-8267729 Improve TLS client handshaking
JDK-8267735 Better BMP support
JDK-8268103 JNI functions incorrectly return a double after JDK-8265836
JDK-8268193 Improve requests of certificates
JDK-8268199 Correct certificate requests
JDK-8268506 More Manifest Digests
JDK-8268965 TCP Connection Reset when connecting simple socket to SSL server
JDK-8269594 assert(_handle_mark_nesting > 1) failed: memory leak: allocating handle outside HandleMark
JDK-8269618 Better session identification
JDK-8269624 Enhance method selection support
JDK-8269763 The JEditorPane is blank after JDK-8265167
JDK-8269810 [8u] Update after JDK-8250876 backport
JDK-8269851 OperatingSystemMXBean getProcessCpuLoad reports incorrect process cpu usage in containers
JDK-8269859 BacktraceBuilder._cprefs needs to be accessed as unsigned short
JDK-8269882 stack-use-after-scope in NewObjectA
JDK-8269953 config.log is not in build directory after 8u backport of JDK-8079891
JDK-8270137 Kerberos Credential Retrieval from Cache not Working in Cross-Realm Setup
JDK-8270398 Enhance canonicalization
JDK-8270404 Better canonicalization
JDK-8271466 StackGap test fails on aarch64 due to "-m64"
JDK-8272124 Cgroup v1 initialization causes NullPointerException when cgroup path contains colon
JDK-8272214 [8u] Build failure after backport of JDK-8248901
JDK-8272643 Backout JDK-8176837 from 8u312
JDK-8272714 [8u] Build failure after backport of JDK-8248901 with MSVC 2013
JDK-8274107 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.32.4 changes
JDK-8272329 Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.32.3 changes
JDK-8270479 WebKit 612.1 build fails with Visual Studio 2017
JDK-8268849 Update to 612.1 version of WebKit
JDK-8271230 Remove obsolete test classes and data files from 3DViewer sample
JDK-8231558 [macos] Platform.exit causes assertion error on macOS 10.15 or later
JDK-8268718 [macos] Video stops, but audio continues to play when stopTime is reached
JDK-8267858 Document that title property in WebEngine gets
JDK-8268915 WebKit build fails with Xcode 12.5
JDK-8268219 hlsprogressbuffer should provide PTS after GStreamer update
JDK-8267819 CoInitialize/CoUninitialize should be called on same thread
JDK-8267121 Illegal access to private "size" field of ArrayList from build.gradle
JDK-8266860 [macos] Incorrect duration reported for HLS live streams
JDK-8266516 One label typo in the properties for bi-directional text
JDK-8262396 Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 21.0.3
JDK-8264737 JavaFX media stream stops playing after reconnecting via Remote Desktop
JDK-8265399 Update to Visual Studio 2019 version 16.9.3
JDK-8265400 Update to gcc 10.3 on Linux
JDK-8264928 Update to Xcode 12.4
JDK-8269147 Update GStreamer to version 1.18.4
JDK-8269131 Update libxml2 to version 2.9.12