Liberica JDK 8u392+9 Release Notes

The full version string for this update release is 8u392+9. The version number is 8.

Liberica JDK 8u392+9

Liberica is a certified, Java SE 8-compliant distribution of OpenJDK 8 which works on server (Linux x86_64, Linux ARM64, Windows 64), desktop (Windows 64, Windows 32, Mac, Linux x86_64), and embedded devices (Linux ARM64, Linux ARMv7, including Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 (ARMv6 hardfloat)). It has the following notable additions:

  • Linux x86_64 version contains experimental support for ZGC.
  • Linux x86_64, ARMv8 and ARMv7 distributions include a choice of Client VM, Server VM and Minimal VM.
  • Alpine Linux x86_64 version is build with musl support.
  • Windows x86_64, Windows x86, Windows ARMv8, Mac, Linux x86_64, Linux x86 and Linux ARMv7 distributions contain OpenJFX 8.
  • Linux ARMv7 distribution contains Device IO API compiled for Raspberry Pi.

Please refer to the Oracle JDK 8u392 release notes for further information on JDK 8 features. This document further outlines the peculiarities of Liberica distribution as compared to Oracle JDK 8 distribution.

Supported Server and Desktop configurations

Liberica is supported on the following OSes:

  • Ubuntu Linux 14.04, 16.04, 18.04 (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Debian Linux 8, 9 (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Red Hat, Oracle Linux and CentOS 5.5+, 6.x, 7.x (x86_64, x86, ARMv8*)
  • Alpine Linux x86_64 version is build with musl support.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, 15 and tumbleweed (x86_64, ARMv8*)
  • Apple macOS 10.11+ (64 bit only)
  • Solaris 10.9+ (SPARC and x86_64)*
  • Microsoft Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)

* - version doesn't have Client VM

Note: The minimum supported Linux kernel version is 2.6.18 and GLIBC version 2.5. LibericaFX works on all supported Ubuntu versions, Red Hat Linux family starting from 7.x and SUSE versions with GTK3 backend.

Supported Embedded configurations

Liberica is tested and certified on Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4 running the following OSes:

  • Raspbian OS (armhf)
  • OpenSUSE (armv8)

It is also known to work with Debian (armhf) and Ubuntu (armhf).

Liberica JDK 8 distribution

Liberica JDK 8 are distributed as .rpm, .zip, .deb and .tar.gz packages. Please select the one which is most appropriate for your purposes.

Liberica JDK 8 introduced all new features supported by OpenJDK 8.

With the introduction of the Jigsaw feature in JDK 9 and Minimal VM it is now possible to create a Runtime that is sufficient to run your application and trim down the size of the Runtime. To generate a Runtime with just the Minimal VM, add --vm=minimal to jlink options.

Liberica JDK continues to provide support for AOT and Graal JIT. Since in OpenJDK 8 builds these features are deemed experimental and deprecated, it is recommended to compile native executables with Liberica Native Image Kit to avoid errors.

By default, the Liberica uses Server VM. Server VM and Client VM can be enabled with -server and -client command line options, respectively. In case the deployment requires to minimize the footprint, it may be beneficial to use Minimal VM, which emphasises on a minimal footprint. It has C1 JIT compiler only, Serial GC and no serviceability features.

LibericaFX for the Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK 8 come with a bundled LibericaFX implementation, which is based on OpenJFX. The following tables lists Java FX modules status of Liberica distribution

  • Java FX Graphics - works.
  • Java FX Controls - works.
  • Java FX Media - does not work.
  • Java FX Webkit - does not work.

The following pipelines are known to work: EGL, SW (direct framebuffer) and GTK. By default, Liberica tries to use the accelerated EGL pipeline, which requires the presence of EGL libraries. If they are not found, the implementation falls back to software rendering.

Use the following command line options to specify the rendering pipeline:

  • -Dprism.order=sw forces the use of software rendering pipeline. *
  • -Dprism.order=es2 forces the use of EGL pipeline and hardware acceleration. *
  • -Djavafx.platform=gtk if you would like to launch a LibericaFX application using Liberica from X11.

* Not supported on Raspberry Pi 4.

Please refer to the following wiki for more information.

Device IO API for the Raspberry Pi

Liberica JDK 8 comes with a bundled OpenJDK Device I/O (DIO) API implementation module. DIO provides a Java API for accessing Raspberry PI GPIO pins and for communicating with peripheral devices:

  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO).
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus (I2C), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).
  • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART).

Please refer to the following wiki for more information.

Security Baselines

BellSoft Liberica follows the security baselines for Oracle Java SE. Please refer to the Oracle documentation for a list of issues fixed in a given release.

Known Issues

LibericaFX and EGL on Raspbian

As of 2017, the default location of Broadcom and has changed in Raspbian OS. If you'd like to leverage hardware EGL acceleration available from Broadcom video drivers in LibericaFX while running a recent Raspbian OS, run the following command:

cd /opt/vc/lib
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s


This is the list of the security issues fixed in this release. CVSS scores are provided using the CVSS version 3.1 scoring system.

CVE ID CVSS Base Score Component/Module Attack Vector Complexity User Interaction Scope Confidentiality Integrity Availability
CVE-2023-22067 5.3 other-libs/corba Network Low None Unchanged None Low None
CVE-2023-22081 5.3 security-libs/ Network Low None Unchanged None None Low

Issues fixed

Issue Description
JDK-6722928 Provide a default native GSS-API library on Windows
JDK-8040887 [TESTBUG] Remove test/runtime/6925573/
JDK-8042726 [TESTBUG] TEST.groups file was not updated after runtime/6925573/ removal
JDK-8139348 Deprecate 3DES and RC4 in Kerberos
JDK-8144781 Assertion failure in debug build running any JavaFX program on Mac
JDK-8173072 zipfs fails to handle incorrect info-zip "extended timestamp extra field
JDK-8200468 Port the native GSS-API bridge to Windows
JDK-8202952 C2: Unexpected dead nodes after matching
JDK-8205399 Set node color on pinned HashMap.TreeNode deletion
JDK-8209115 Adjust libsplashscreen linux ppc64le builds for easier libpng update
JDK-8214046 [macosx] Undecorated Frame does not Iconify when set to
JDK-8219804 java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails intermittently due to NumberFormatException
JDK-8225687 Newly added sspi.cpp in JDK-6722928 still contains some small errors
JDK-8232225 Rework the fix for JDK-8071483
JDK-8242330 Arrays should be cloned in several JAAS Callback classes
JDK-8253269 The CheckCommonColors test should provide more info on failure
JDK-8283441 C2: segmentation fault in ciMethodBlocks::make_block_at(int)
JDK-8284910 Buffer clean in PasswordCallback
JDK-8286503 Enhance security classes
JDK-8287073 NPE from CgroupV2Subsystem.getInstance()
JDK-8287663 Add a regression test for JDK-8287073
JDK-8295685 Update Libpng to 1.6.38
JDK-8295894 Remove SECOM certificate that is expiring in September 2023
JDK-8297856 Improve handling of Bidi characters
JDK-8301119 Support for GB18030-2022
JDK-8303384 Improved communication in CORBA
JDK-8303748 WebKit build fails with Visual Studio 2022 17.5.0
JDK-8305815 Update Libpng to 1.6.39
JDK-8306328 Update libFFI to 3.4.4
JDK-8306329 Update ICU4C to 73.1
JDK-8308306 Update to Xcode 14.3 on macOS
JDK-8308307 Update to gcc 12.2.0 on Linux
JDK-8308308 Update to Visual Studio 2022 version 17.5.0 on Windows
JDK-8308788 [8u] Remove duplicate test
JDK-8309122 Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u392
JDK-8309143 [8u] fix archiving inconsistencies in GHA
JDK-8309508 Possible memory leak in JPEG image loader
JDK-8309966 Enhanced TLS connections
JDK-8310026 [8u] make java_lang_String::hash_code consistent across platforms
JDK-8310582 Update copyright header for files modified in 2023
JDK-8310947 gb18030-2000 not selectable with LANG=zh_CN.GB18030 after JDK-8301119
JDK-8314960 Add Certigna Root CA - 2
JDK-8315135 Memory leak in the native implementation of Pack200.Unpacker.unpack()
JDK-8317040 Exclude cleaner test failing on older releases