Liberica NIK
Release Information

Liberica Native Image Kit 21.3.3 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 21.3.3

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK versions. Please, find the release notes following the link -

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 12.0.1 (GraalVM CE Native 21.3.3)
  • Python - 3.8.5 (GraalVM CE Native 21.3.3)
  • Node - v14.19.1
  • Java - Liberica JDK, LTS
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 21.3.3)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 21.3.3 (Ruby 2.7.4)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 21.3.3 (Liberica JDK, LTS)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 21.3.3)

Issues fixed

Issue Description
[GR-32236] Backport: Allow to use time-zone-related data from ZoneRulesProvider.
[GR-37716] Native image terminology update.
[GR-38067] Zero-initialize the struct sigaction given to sigaction()
[GR-38143] Backport of GR-37890 to 21.3: Split module call target.
[GR-38349] Backport to 21.3 : Copy cloned IndexedValueMap lazily on the next write.
[GR-38389] Update to jvmci-21.3-b20.
[GR-38400] Backport into 21.3.3: Updating ICU4J library to version 71.1.
[GR-38697] GraalVM Insight is not tech preview since GraalVM 21.3; Improve Micronaut extension README.
[GR-38736] Backport to 21.3: Turn VEX assertions into guarantees
[GR-38900] Backport to 21.3 : Zero-initialize the struct given to sigaction() and use an empty function for the SIGPIPE handler.
[GR-38918] Backport 21.3 : Native Image generation fails with Cannot find serialization target class.
[GR-38922] Backport : Adjust ObjectStreamClass Cache recomputations for ClassCache.
[GR-38941] Backport 21.3 : Add some sanity checks around the use of init memory.
[GR-39010] Heap buffer for collecting data in memory.
[GR-39025] Backport 21.3.3 : Disable libgraal JMX bean by default.
[GR-39068] Backport to 21.3: When emptying the environment in mx_sdk_benchmark, keep no_proxy.
[GR-39147] Backport to 21.3: Mark GSON_SHADOWED dependency as optional.
[GR-39148] Backport to 21.3 : Enables native-image script to handle module path with spaces.
[GR-39202] Fix File not found error when navigating to index page from breadcrumbs.
[GR-39215] Declarative position of insight context.
[GR-39717] Use a per-context cache of source queries.
[GR-39976] Register the class name directly when registering a class for JNI access obtained from NewObjectArray