Liberica Native Image Kit 23.1.2 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 23.1.2

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK 21.0.2+14 versions. Please, find the release notes following the link - 21.0.2+14.

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 16.0.1 (GraalVM CE Native 23.1.2)
  • Python - 3.10.8 (GraalVM CE Native 23.1.2)
  • Node - v18.18.2
  • Java - Liberica JDK 21.0.2+14
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 23.1.2)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 23.1.2 (Ruby 3.2.2)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 23.1.2 (Liberica JDK 21.0.2+14)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 23.1.2)
  • ICU4J - 23.1.2
  • Regex - 23.1.2
  • antlr4 - 23.1.2

Issues fixed

Issue Description
[GR-19691] Update documentation for JVM Standalone instead of GraalVM distribution
[GR-43821] Unchained documentation backport.
[GR-45893] Backport: Rerun DefaultOptionsHolder class initializers.
[GR-47361] Properly handle negative instance sizes on HotSpot
[GR-47943] Backport: Update documentation to use standalone distributions and Maven dependencies.
[GR-48391] Remove no longer needed JDK-specific JFR code.
[GR-48441] Backport 23.1.1 : Return a CEntryPointError if the stack boundaries cannot be determined.
[GR-48446] Backport: tests, fix of Sulong managed deployment, fix for platform tags on Darwin.
[GR-48525] Work around fork bug on Darwin.
[GR-48529] Use the API flag in the init hint.
[GR-48538] Backport of: Do not expose canonicalized names for mapped relative directories.
[GR-48543] Update to jvmci-23.1-b16.
[GR-48629] Backport to 23.1: java.lang.NullPointerException in FloatingReadClosure.processFloatable with G1 and -Ob
[GR-48638] Next dev cycle: 23.1.1.
[GR-48660] Fix "New VarHandle found after static analysis" in Netty 5.
[GR-48696] Adapt fix with version 23.1
[GR-48696] Backport to 23.1: Uncommitting of memory failed - should not reach here.
[GR-48741] Backport 23.1.1 : AArch64 Add FarBranch support for BranchOp.
[GR-48818] Backport 23.1.1 : Fix occasional crash using ProcessBuilder on Darwin from native-image.
[GR-48837] Update to jvmci-23.1-b17.
[GR-48936] Add missing export in in TRUFFLE_ICU4J.
[GR-48952] Update to jvmci-23.1-b18.
[GR-49173] make GraalVM 23.1.1
[GR-49311] Update to jvmci-23.1-b19.