Liberica NIK
Release Information

Liberica Native Image Kit 22.2.0 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 22.2.0

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK versions. Please, find the release notes following the link -

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 14.0.3 (GraalVM CE Native 22.2.0)
  • Python - 3.8.5 (GraalVM CE Native 22.2.0)
  • Node - v16.14.2
  • Java - Liberica JDK, LTS
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 22.2.0)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 22.2.0 (Ruby 3.0.3)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 22.2.0 (Liberica JDK, LTS)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 22.1.0)

Issues fixed

Issue Description
[GR-15527] Move Sulong's downstream Ruby test to the VM gate
[GR-15527] Ruby downstream tests need a recent enough sqlite3
[GR-17176] TruffleStrings: allow constant folding and use intrinsics also outside of partial evaluation.
[GR-17457] Better native images selection in mx_sdk_vm
[GR-17457] Use the same mechanism as others blocklisted methods for Throwable#fillInStackTrace
[GR-18125] SIGPROF signal handler.
[GR-18215] Uninterruptible stack walk
[GR-18508] Increase efficiency of JNI lookups.
[GR-19768] Add native-image to ce-fastr.
[GR-20653] Re-enable usage of all CPU features for JIT compilation
[GR-22454] Remove BytecodeLocation and replace it with BytecodePosition.
[GR-22580] Update to CI spec version 3 and explicitly import mx and python.
[GR-23737] High tier: use mid tier memory graph API also in high tier and early GVN of fixed nodes.
[GR-23997] Backport of missing changes into 22.2.0.
[GR-24402] Support runtime-defined variably-sized objects with references.
[GR-24662] Removing last hocon dependencies.
[GR-24700] Remove DynamicObject dynamic library dispatch hack.
[GR-26161] Make building libgraal configurable in the gate.
[GR-26395] Periodic update of the truffleruby import.
[GR-26550] Implement translateStackTraceElement.
[GR-27909] Simplifications and cleanups.
[GR-28376] Optimize alignUp() in NativeSignature.ExecuteHelper
[GR-28793] JSON output for Graal Updater.
[GR-28898] Generate conditional configuration using the native-image-configure tool.
[GR-29138] Use SVM JNI support for Truffle isolates on SVM.
[GR-29778] Fix stability labels.
[GR-30347] Remove OperatingSystemMXBean substitutions.
[GR-31026] Implement Varargs on Windows
[GR-31279] Fix dump ID resetting
[GR-31301] Do not fail if `Object.clone()` is reachable for runtime compilation.
[GR-31827] Fix llvm-installable artifact names in ce-release-artifacts.json (22.2).
[GR-32203] Add support for JVM_GetTemporaryDirectory.
[GR-32301] Update JSON file rule
[GR-32315] Update overlay revision
[GR-32383] Remove support for Hotspot PGO.
[GR-32637] In agent, filter lambda classes heuristically.
[GR-32723] Truffle file system sandbox bypass through path parsing and non-default file system providers.
[GR-32983] Implement thread local storage and stack
[GR-33829] Add support for the PE encoded graph cache on libgraal.
[GR-33934] Use method class's typeName for HostFunction#toDisplayString in case the function represents a static method.
[GR-33961] Revert "Re-enable API checksum".
[GR-34078] Do not publish internal symbols to header files
[GR-34152] Perform CPU feature compatibility check early
[GR-34166] Adopt new truffle exitContext in espresso
[GR-34179] Prerequisites for Windows debug typeInfo implementation.
[GR-34484] Refactor class hierarchy oracle to account for class redefinition and isLeaf of methods
[GR-34501] Drop `x-GraalVM-Polyglot-Part` infrastructure.
[GR-34717] AArch64 SIMD ArrayEquals
[GR-34887] Move ForeignCallWithExceptionNode from compiler to substratevm
[GR-34894] Remove deprecated dynamic object APIs.
[GR-34937] TruffleString improvements to adopt TruffleString in TruffleRuby
[GR-35033] Add floating div nodes.
[GR-35270] Remove deprecated NFI symbol.bind syntax.
[GR-35280] Stabilize awfy interpreter benchmarks for Espresso.
[GR-35281] Fix and simplify failing notify releaser job.
[GR-35537] Update libffi to version 3.4.2.
[GR-35570] Add no transition calls for JNI native bridge
[GR-35607] Yet more polyglot isolate tests
[GR-35704] Polyglot shutdown hook thread runs in the Polyglot's thread scope.
[GR-35716] Export symbols necessary for shim DLLs explicitly.
[GR-35724] Removed JNIHotSpotMarshaller and JNINativeMarshaller.
[GR-35763] Fix a deadlock when Thread.join is used on the main thread.
[GR-35895] Remove SinglePassNodeIterator.
[GR-35969] Implementation of a flat bytecode interpreter
[GR-36043] Fixing tests that fails on serialization
[GR-36068] Cache all array types of substituted types, construct alias array types on demand.
[GR-36069] Add serialVersionUID field to DynamicHub in order to enable java.lang.Class serialization
[GR-36149] Add intrinsic for String.compareTo for AArch64.
[GR-36259] Reference.reachabilityFence should not force materialization of an object.
[GR-36260] Use Reference.reachabilityFence instead of the try-finally-assert trick.
[GR-36312] Thin launcher NMT env variable
[GR-36422] Update espresso HotSwap reference manual docs.
[GR-36455] Test for localtime.
[GR-36538] Generalized metric support, including HPC metrics
[GR-36539] Added polybench hpc common.
[GR-36539] Added syntax for waiting for indexing after result upload
[GR-36557] Listen for graph node count and start checking size when it gets too big.
[GR-36580] Update ci-overlay to include graalpython-enterprise gate change
[GR-36606] Remove hosted annotations from getAnnotation method.
[GR-36668] NoClassDefFoundError: Ljava/lang/IndexOutOfBoundsException;
[GR-36676] Remove the option to do the reference handling in a regular Java thread.
[GR-36747] Document how to embed and obtain SBOMs using Native Image.
[GR-36761] Add Espresso LLVM installable for darwin-amd64
[GR-36761] Espresso macOS fixes (JVM_LoadLibrary and nfi-llvm)
[GR-36761] Sulong: Swallow SecurityException for non existing files on macOS
[GR-36767] Document GDS email/token for GU and VSCode.
[GR-36815] Run reachability handlers concurrently during analysis.
[GR-36935] Create and parse default datalayout.
[GR-36936] Darwin-aarch64 Sulong support
[GR-36944] Static frame access and primitive type operations.
[GR-36947] TRegex: UTF-32 support.
[GR-36974] Fix -H:CompilerBackend=llvm for image-builder on module-path.
[GR-37015] Enum redefinition support.
[GR-37052] Chromeinspector works with `CompilationFailureAction=Throw`.
[GR-37097] Introduce TruffleTier.
[GR-37100] Fix frame caching and frame transfer for BytecodeOSR
[GR-37165] Update to LLVM 14.0.3.
[GR-37179] Implement Windows library locator
[GR-37200] Simplify DynamicObject locations and layout.
[GR-37224] Add s.m.Unsafe.allocateInstance breakpoint in NI
[GR-37226] Dedicate a class for guest allocations.
[GR-37242] Support atomic groups in TRegex's backtracker.
[GR-37247] Reduce memory footprint.
[GR-37249] Fix pickle / struct issues.
[GR-37257] VM dist defs for shipping on darwin-aarch64
[GR-37258] Remove test-specific timeout.
[GR-37259] VM dist defs for shipping graalpython on darwin-aarch64
[GR-37262] Handle virtual sources in DAP.
[GR-37284] Add webpage and example usage for options.
[GR-37286] Added website to language and useSyntax to options.
[GR-37301] Compute the code emission order after control flow optimizations
[GR-37302] Update support information in Security Guide.
[GR-37303] Add trampoline jumps for inter-method calls on AArch64.
[GR-37306] Add AArch64 SIMD intrinsic for StringLatin1.inflate and StringUTF16.compress.
[GR-37310] Add API to be able to preserve selected arguments in bytecode OSR
[GR-37311] Implement JFR ExecuteVMOperation event.
[GR-37353] Return Addr to compilation traces.
[GR-37356] Delete GraphChangeMonitoringPhase.
[GR-37359] Create Embedding toc_group.
[GR-37381] Consolidate NativeImageClassLoaderSupport.
[GR-37414] Add support for Unsafe.getLoadAverage.
[GR-37437] Unify vector size query.
[GR-37442] Heap buffer for collecting data in memory.
[GR-37447] Unit tests support for Sulong aux cache AOT tests.
[GR-37453] Espresso fails to run with Java 8 home.
[GR-37456] Link sulong bitcode library against graalvm-llvm library
[GR-37486] Fix reflection metadata-related test failures
[GR-37493] Enable better node field analysis by not enabling unsafe access if it is possible.
[GR-37496] Only run MarkLookBehindEntriesVisitor when regexp can transform to DFA.
[GR-37501] Move TRUFFLE_API dependency to project.
[GR-37501] Remove NodeClass from SubstrateType.
[GR-37511] Execute microservice benchmarks with empty environment.
[GR-37512] Sulong: 80bit float operations enabled for AOT.
[GR-37522] Let the execution finish when DAP debugger is detached.
[GR-37528] Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 16.14.2.
[GR-37533] Update truffleruby import for 22.2
[GR-37535] Fix peeling frequency calculation.
[GR-37543] Restrict phi transformation to bit extends created by Truffle.
[GR-37545] Fix push/pop issue for JFR GC events.
[GR-37545] JFR-related fixes.
[GR-37550] Reduce memory footprint of graphs.
[GR-37554] Allocate something in PointerTrackingTest to increase likelyhood of GC happening.
[GR-37554] Try to make PointerTrackingTest more robust.
[GR-37555] Fix Reflection.getClassAccessFlags substitution
[GR-37560] Read elimination: ensure load cache entry is only equal to another load.
[GR-37569] Thread local global can contain managed object.
[GR-37572] Introduce agent experimental options documentation.
[GR-37580] Peak regression in Espresso after instanceof caching changes
[GR-37582] Default to running image-builder on module path.
[GR-37589] Missing synchronization for LLVM thread locals.
[GR-37594] Add more verification to AArch64Assembler.
[GR-37600] Use floating unsafe reads for DynamicObject array locations.
[GR-37604] Debug Info TLGlobals.
[GR-37606] Add URL and description to `Feature`.
[GR-37608] Provide a demo for Accessing Resources in Native Images doc
[GR-37609] Fix class initialization and object instantiation tracing options.
[GR-37620] Port Math.round intrinsic.
[GR-37626] Fix typo in missing export error message.
[GR-37631] Use an identity hash map to trace instantiated objects.
[GR-37632] Use invalidating deopts for unreachable code.
[GR-37635] Fix handling of isolate and JNI arguments.
[GR-37636] Declarative position of insight context.
[GR-37638] Ensure LinkAtBuildTimeSupport is available early on.
[GR-37641] Make StaticFieldBaseNode and its members visible
[GR-37645] Improve EspressoProcessor.
[GR-37649] Allow hard exit during natural exit notification executed during closing before closing reaches finalization stage.
[GR-37651] Add marker interface for floatable VM-specific thread local access nodes
[GR-37679] Versioned javadoc.
[GR-37685] Ensure MANIFEST Class-Path ends up after entry that contains it.
[GR-37698] Tck: llvm NULL is also a native pointer.
[GR-37709] Store foreign and array shapes and properties in instance fields.
[GR-37711] Ensure unique symbol names.
[GR-37735] Corrections of JavaDoc of TypeDescriptor.
[GR-37805] Deduplicate paths in the NFATraversalRegexASTVisitor.
[GR-37807] Iterative loop peeling and guest safepoint improvements
[GR-37808] Cast receiver before unsafe access to allow canonicalization to field read.
[GR-37826] Fix classpath escaping on Windows.
[GR-37828] Fixes GU GDS Integration.
[GR-37834] Use OptionOrigin values in translateOption error reporting.
[GR-37840] Update overlay revision.
[GR-37851] Update docs on CPU/memory limits
[GR-37854] Fix how large JFR events are emitted.
[GR-37871] Combine Windows debugger line number records.
[GR-37878] Sulong: New LLVM 14 attributes and metadata added.
[GR-37879] Exception support C++ ABI functions moved to Sulong's exception_support.cpp.
[GR-37880] New LLVM builtins added (fmuladd, powi, smax, smin).
[GR-37889] Reduce memory pressure for objectFile.write.
[GR-37890] Reenable module splitting.
[GR-37894] Fix and simplify wrap() in Launcher
[GR-37910] Only count strlen up to first 0 byte for foreign objects.
[GR-37916] Always execute inner context's onCancelled,onExited and onClosed notifications in outer context.
[GR-37920] Improve run-time complexity of LinearScan.sortIntervalsBeforeAllocation().
[GR-37924] Sulong: fixes of deopts revealed by AOT unit tests.
[GR-37925] Remove throwException from JVM_LoadLibrary to work around Sulong issue
[GR-37946] Change GDS wording in GU.
[GR-37948] Parse args with spaces
[GR-37955] Add regression test for record annotations
[GR-37959] Fix LLVM limitations document.
[GR-37960] Add native image compilation features extraction equipment.
[GR-37961] Use value comparison in GraalHotSpotVMConfigAccess.verifyConstant.
[GR-37962] Fix bug with incorrectly updating index from atomic group submatchers.
[GR-37967] Filter non-installable Artifacts from catalog.
[GR-37970] Add footprint tracking benchmarking.
[GR-37971] Emit a large JFR event if it fails to write as a small event
[GR-37977] Fix daily libgraal-throughput-js-typescript builders.
[GR-37985] Enable Class Hierarchy Analysis by default.
[GR-37986] Invalidate loop fragments after each peeling iteration
[GR-38001] EspressoException should be always unwrapped in Espresso.
[GR-38002] Dispose the agent initialization binding on close.
[GR-38004] Fix microservice measurement issues.
[GR-38011] Parse annotations without intializing them.
[GR-38022] Speculative guard movement: use anchor in certain cases.
[GR-38024] Fix compilation of the Sulong standalone test suite on Windows.
[GR-38026] Remove `--initialize-at-build-time` for launchers.
[GR-38027] Update class initialisation documentation
[GR-38028] TruffleRuby requires OpenSSL 1.0.2+ and so OracleLinux 7+
[GR-38033] Save and load phase plan from a file.
[GR-38037] Fail benchmark tests fast.
[GR-38038] Truffle-to-Truffle calls must not have safepoint between address read and invocation.
[GR-38043] Espresso: fix corner cases.
[GR-38045] Create subclasses for phases that update the state of the graph only if some constructor parameters are set.
[GR-38047] Introduced compact and extended extra data array format.
[GR-38049] Transient fixes.
[GR-38053] JNI support clean up.
[GR-38061] Fix duplicate boundary method from export messages
[GR-38067] Zero-initialize the struct sigaction given to sigaction()
[GR-38070] Share reflection invocation stubs with same signature.
[GR-38074] Fix exceptions for sleep and wait
[GR-38076] Fixes for when continuations are disabled.
[GR-38077] Disable vector instruction sets on X86_64 platform to prevent emitting unsupported LLVM builtins.
[GR-38085] Make Sulong bytecode-based OSR the default.
[GR-38088] Add support for C11 threading.
[GR-38096] Initialize the parameters of root methods with the declared type.
[GR-38099] Add enclosing classes to default Truffle Node.toString.
[GR-38107] Run the Native Image agent without the GraalVM compiler
[GR-38110] Long byte array offsets and potentially constant memory buffer in WebAssembly.
[GR-38122] Optimize common arithmetic and Pi addition pattern at IntegerLowerThan
[GR-38124] ArrayCopySnippets should insert Pis for source index, destination index and array length
[GR-38154] Fix SpawnIsolates option
[GR-38155] Fix DAP tests on macOS
[GR-38164] Handle self-referencing phis during PEA for objects without identity.
[GR-38171] Espresso: Fix leaf method assumption.
[GR-38177] Removing the collection of es-.json files from common.jsonnet file.
[GR-38178] Improve AVX512 mask register support
[GR-38179] JDK11 vs JDK17 libjli location
[GR-38179] Load JLI library on osx for AWT
[GR-38180] Encode compilation graphs to reduce memory footprint of the image generator.
[GR-38182] Reduce analysis memory footprint.
[GR-38184] Simplify type state.
[GR-38188] Reword from 'Unknown component' to 'Component is not available in catalog'.
[GR-38265] Allow using mx compiler code with pre-JDK11 JVMs.
[GR-38266] Static object should not be identical to class object.
[GR-38268] Split JfrFeature into hosted and non-hosted part.
[GR-38271] Use src as nds for unary RVM vex-encoding sse instructions.
[GR-38272] Fix -H:+PrintUniverse when continuations are disabled.
[GR-38275] Run `debuginfotest` in internal gates.
[GR-38280] Choose register used by LLVM for JNITrampoline
[GR-38289] Update VisualVm to build 1088.
[GR-38300] TRegex: remove virtual instanceof TruffleObject check.
[GR-38305] Print default help if --help:expert is used.
[GR-38323] Ignore non-allocated ELF sections when resolving cross-references.
[GR-38324] Strengthen return stamp during inlining.
[GR-38340] Remove AlwaysInlineAllCallees and AlwaysInlineSelectCallees.
[GR-38344] Make LLVMTraceInstrument thread-safe.
[GR-38345] Correctly map exported functions to internal functions
[GR-38347] Custom CLibraryPath option has priority
[GR-38351] Add a possibility to forward internal file access to the language home.
[GR-38358] Do not throw error if VerifyDeoptimizationEntryPoints is not enabled.
[GR-38361] Fix allocsens using an uncreated map.
[GR-38373] Mark GSON_SHADOWED dependency as optional.
[GR-38378] Update to jvmci-22.2-b05.
[GR-38381] Test different clang optimization levels for Sulong.
[GR-38383] Implement application-memory and metaspace-memory metric.
[GR-38387] Require stable order of interop members.
[GR-38400] Updating ICU4J library to version 71.1.
[GR-38405] Improve unswitchable control node discovery and heuristic
[GR-38409] Change the hashCode of phases to be consistent across VM executions.
[GR-38413] Add support for -XX:+ExitOnOutOfMemoryError.
[GR-38416] Implement debug location info.
[GR-38418] Disable EarlyGVN and EarlyLICM for 22.2.
[GR-38422] Truffle safepoint tests: adapt expected safepoints.
[GR-38425] Native Image generation fails with Cannot find serialization target class.
[GR-38427] Benchmark builders with tiered compilation disabled.
[GR-38431] Improved JNI tracing.
[GR-38443] Non-public classes inherit HostAccess annotations from interfaces.
[GR-38447] Allow nativeimage.objectfile module to access org.graalvm.compiler.core.common
[GR-38450] Deploy SVM distributions.
[GR-38461] Add custom formatters for LLVM Nodes
[GR-38477] Fix GH invalid workflow error.
[GR-38482] Exit Cleaner threads on exception during tear-down.
[GR-38509] Missing pthread_mach_thread_np implementation
[GR-38512] Implement PolyglotList#add methods.
[GR-38513] Fix docs build failure.
[GR-38520] Migrate context-independent options from context to language
[GR-38522] Improve Micronaut extension README.
[GR-38546] Update mxversion for all suites to 6.0.1.
[GR-38555] Cache character sets and improve diagnostic output.
[GR-38569] Refactor method type flow builder.
[GR-38587] Make CommandLineOptionOrigin detection for @argfile-use work for Windows.
[GR-38589] Ensure fixed reads and floating div interact correctly.
[GR-38592] Avoid use of `BigInteger` in `CgroupSubsystemController`.
[GR-38594] Change afterParse to beforeEncode in NI.
[GR-38599] LLVMGlobalContainer used only if NodeFactory.boxGlobals() returns true.
[GR-38607] Add pthreads
[GR-38607] Fix github CI broken by missing pthreads
[GR-38610] Adjust ObjectStreamClass Cache recomputations for ClassCache.
[GR-38614] Implemented lazy source creation.
[GR-38621] Stop benchmarking SpecJBB2005.
[GR-38625] Sulong: PThread destructors are called even from external threads.
[GR-38627] Rebuild graalvm-jimage if underlaying JAVA_HOME has been updated.
[GR-38629] Bump TruffleJSON dep and fix perf warning.
[GR-38632] Fix SL parser and add gate checks for generating parsers and for TODOs.
[GR-38633] Throw an AbstractTruffleException in EspressoLanguage.parse.
[GR-38637] Fix ConcurrentModificationException when running reachability handlers during analysis.
[GR-38638] Add GraalTest method lookup with return type
[GR-38639] Lazily walk continuation stacks during GC (if still reachable).
[GR-38642] Prevent exception handlers from triggering twice, if they rethrow from OSR.
[GR-38645] Add support for `dmb ish` inline assembly
[GR-38646] Fix OSR compilation failure in LLVM benchmarks.
[GR-38657] Handle JavaConstant values in LIRGeneratorTool.emitConvertNullToZero.
[GR-38658] Improved ReachabilityFenceNode canonicalization
[GR-38663] Skip null record component accessors
[GR-38665] Avoid compile failures on AArch64 when full infopoints enabled #4565.
[GR-38667] Tests for Analysis Context Sensitivity
[GR-38669] Convert Java byte array to CCharPointerHolder.
[GR-38672] Fix and improve breakdown printing.
[GR-38675] Interpret empty env map as allowing creation.
[GR-38677] Make serialVersionUID final with a predefined value in DynamicHub
[GR-38682] Fix problem with OSR of methods using va_list.
[GR-38685] Engine#findActiveEngines for isolated engine returns two engines.
[GR-38697] GraalVM Insight is not tech preview since GraalVM 21.3. Update docs.
[GR-38701] Add NativeIsolate#tryEnter.
[GR-38702] Fix infinite recursion with LLVMGlobalContainer.
[GR-38703] Exclude ICU4J from TREGEX distribution.
[GR-38706] Fix spilling of full AVX registers for native to Java calls
[GR-38709] Add language to Truffle JFR events.
[GR-38710] PolyglotNativeAPI: recurring callback support.
[GR-38711] Create a flows graph only when the method is implementation-invoked and parsed.
[GR-38727] Improve integration of espresso with coverage tool and JFR.
[GR-38740] Re-enable the Truffle compiler events on SVM.
[GR-38744] Fix aarch64 lir comparison.
[GR-38746] Add method pointer constant support to AArch64.
[GR-38752] Fix Continuation.finish() and make degree of parallelism configurable.
[GR-38754] Improve timers and counters
[GR-38757] Fix generated uncached field accesses were missing a @TruffleBoundary to pass SVM blacklisted method check.
[GR-38762] Correct AArch64 debug info location generation and update tests to handle architecture differences.
[GR-38773] When emptying the environment in mx_sdk_benchmark, keep no_proxy.
[GR-38780] Make dependencies more explicit.
[GR-38788] Added JNI.JWeak type.
[GR-38790] Cleanup store_const/store_true usages in argument parsing in graal suites.
[GR-38807] Add a random wait period before deleting files in the agent.
[GR-38815] Do not gvn nodes with identity.
[GR-38818] Implemented removal of data sections after parsing.
[GR-38821] Add Java version to new build output.
[GR-38823] Fix build-time init of polybench launcher.
[GR-38834] Simplify DWARF section buffer writeXXX methods by moving null buffer handling into putXXX methods.
[GR-38835] Add hosted options SourceLevelDebug and SourceLevelDebugFilter.
[GR-38857] Disable libgraal JMX bean by default.
[GR-38864] Increase awfy benchmarking heap to 2G.
[GR-38869] Missing specialization in LLVMScalarMinMaxNode.
[GR-38878] Handle null source sections for roots and format strings with ENGLISH Locale.
[GR-38907] Fix PEGraphDecoder SVM exception edge logic.
[GR-38910] Fix various deopt loop or compilation issues when running espresso.
[GR-38912] Ensure deopt CU DIE includes use_UTF8 attribute.
[GR-38917] Fix bug in AArch64ArrayIndexOfOp.
[GR-38925] Implement new InteropLibrary APIs has/getMetaParents.
[GR-38930] Backport: Reduce noisy logging for missing types.
[GR-38932] Set org.graalvm.launcher.executablename property
[GR-38945] Improvements to Truffle IGV dumping.
[GR-38951] Introduce `-XX:+DumpHeapAndExit` option.
[GR-38965] Support heap dumps in GraalVM CE Native Image.
[GR-38982] Allow static analysis to see into ObjectStreamClass.
[GR-38987] Run SVM gates on LabsJDK.
[GR-38998] Avoid deopts after OSR, monomorphize execute calls
[GR-39017] Fix registration of serializable lambdas.
[GR-39029] Fix @Abstract specification for InteropLibrary.asDate.
[GR-39030] Find correct length of bitcode by scanning through it
[GR-39036] Remove the note on the GraalVM dashboard.
[GR-39043] Introduce native-image driver command-line only options.
[GR-39049] Update LLVM toolchain (fixes AArch64 build).
[GR-39051] Removes import needed by javadoc to eliminate build-time dependency
[GR-39052] Support pmovmskb128 with shorter operands
[GR-39058] Support field-based storage also on Native Image.
[GR-39060] Print compilation statistics by tier. Add rate statistics.
[GR-39061] Improve monitor documentation.
[GR-39062] Reduce the size of base GraalVM images.
[GR-39065] Enables native-image script to handle module path with spaces.
[GR-39067] Backport fixes around foreign prototype.
[GR-39071] Backport release required docs updates and NI docs refactored content from master to release/graal-vm/22.2.
[GR-39144] Update reference manual now debug info includes local vars.
[GR-39150] Backport: Compare unproxied values when looking for unchanged variable in GraphDecoder.handleIrreducibleLoop.
[GR-39151] Rename the Graal.js installable.
[GR-39157] Revert introduction of PerformanceIssueBailout.
[GR-39171] Remove unqualified export of org.graalvm.nativeimage.impl packages. 22.2 backport.
[GR-39181] Avoid invalid/destroyed (libgraal) compiler isolates in purgePartialEvaluationCaches.
[GR-39184] Avoid recursive inlining in allocation path.
[GR-39202] Fix File not found error when navigating to index page from breadcrumbs.
[GR-39211] Fix GraalVM configs.
[GR-39214] Fix ClassCastException in RegexASTBuilder.
[GR-39310] Backport: Ignore `org.graalvm.config` when driver is native.
[GR-39358] Avoid NPEs in includeAnnotation when annotationValue is null
[GR-39362] Remove obsolete customImageBuilderArgs processing.
[GR-39388] Fall back to older JVMCI API when HotSpotJDKReflection is not available
[GR-39391] Backport: Fix code area reporting when llvm backend is used.
[GR-39543] Backport: Ensure elements looked up by `MethodHandleNatives` instrinsic are accessible.
[GR-39574] Backport: WrappedElement implements AnnotationRoot.
[GR-39607] Backport: Fix annotation extraction.
[GR-39698] Backport: Fix file size reporting of produced image.
[GR-39712] Fix threadDied event being fired twice (22.2).
[GR-39753] Backport: Update JavaCPP to 1.5.7
[GR-39805] Fix catalog components priority.