Liberica Native Image Kit 22.2.0 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 22.2.0

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK versions. Please, find the release notes following the link -

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 14.0.3 (GraalVM CE Native 22.2.0)
  • Python - 3.8.5 (GraalVM CE Native 22.2.0)
  • Node - v16.14.2
  • Java - Liberica JDK, LTS
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 22.2.0)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 22.2.0 (Ruby 3.0.3)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 22.2.0 (Liberica JDK, LTS)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 22.1.0)

Issues fixed

Issue Description
[GR-15527] Move Sulong's downstream Ruby test to the VM gate
[GR-15527] Ruby downstream tests need a recent enough sqlite3
[GR-17176] TruffleStrings: allow constant folding and use intrinsics also outside of partial evaluation.
[GR-17457] Better native images selection in mx_sdk_vm
[GR-17457] Use the same mechanism as others blocklisted methods for Throwable#fillInStackTrace
[GR-18125] SIGPROF signal handler.
[GR-18215] Uninterruptible stack walk
[GR-18508] Increase efficiency of JNI lookups.
[GR-19768] Add native-image to ce-fastr.
[GR-20653] Re-enable usage of all CPU features for JIT compilation
[GR-22454] Remove BytecodeLocation and replace it with BytecodePosition.
[GR-22580] Update to CI spec version 3 and explicitly import mx and python.
[GR-23737] High tier: use mid tier memory graph API also in high tier and early GVN of fixed nodes.
[GR-23997] Backport of missing changes into 22.2.0.
[GR-24402] Support runtime-defined variably-sized objects with references.
[GR-24662] Removing last hocon dependencies.
[GR-24700] Remove DynamicObject dynamic library dispatch hack.
[GR-26161] Make building libgraal configurable in the gate.
[GR-26395] Periodic update of the truffleruby import.
[GR-26550] Implement translateStackTraceElement.
[GR-27909] Simplifications and cleanups.
[GR-28376] Optimize alignUp() in NativeSignature.ExecuteHelper
[GR-28793] JSON output for Graal Updater.
[GR-28898] Generate conditional configuration using the native-image-configure tool.
[GR-29138] Use SVM JNI support for Truffle isolates on SVM.
[GR-29778] Fix stability labels.
[GR-30347] Remove OperatingSystemMXBean substitutions.
[GR-31026] Implement Varargs on Windows
[GR-31279] Fix dump ID resetting
[GR-31301] Do not fail if `Object.clone()` is reachable for runtime compilation.
[GR-31827] Fix llvm-installable artifact names in ce-release-artifacts.json (22.2).
[GR-32203] Add support for JVM_GetTemporaryDirectory.
[GR-32301] Update JSON file rule
[GR-32315] Update overlay revision
[GR-32383] Remove support for Hotspot PGO.
[GR-32637] In agent, filter lambda classes heuristically.
[GR-32723] Truffle file system sandbox bypass through path parsing and non-default file system providers.
[GR-32983] Implement thread local storage and stack
[GR-33829] Add support for the PE encoded graph cache on libgraal.
[GR-33934] Use method class's typeName for HostFunction#toDisplayString in case the function represents a static method.
[GR-33961] Revert "Re-enable API checksum".
[GR-34078] Do not publish internal symbols to header files
[GR-34152] Perform CPU feature compatibility check early
[GR-34166] Adopt new truffle exitContext in espresso
[GR-34179] Prerequisites for Windows debug typeInfo implementation.
[GR-34484] Refactor class hierarchy oracle to account for class redefinition and isLeaf of methods
[GR-34501] Drop `x-GraalVM-Polyglot-Part` infrastructure.
[GR-34717] AArch64 SIMD ArrayEquals
[GR-34887] Move ForeignCallWithExceptionNode from compiler to substratevm
[GR-34894] Remove deprecated dynamic object APIs.
[GR-34937] TruffleString improvements to adopt TruffleString in TruffleRuby
[GR-35033] Add floating div nodes.
[GR-35270] Remove deprecated NFI symbol.bind syntax.
[GR-35280] Stabilize awfy interpreter benchmarks for Espresso.
[GR-35281] Fix and simplify failing notify releaser job.
[GR-35537] Update libffi to version 3.4.2.
[GR-35570] Add no transition calls for JNI native bridge
[GR-35607] Yet more polyglot isolate tests
[GR-35704] Polyglot shutdown hook thread runs in the Polyglot's thread scope.
[GR-35716] Export symbols necessary for shim DLLs explicitly.
[GR-35724] Removed JNIHotSpotMarshaller and JNINativeMarshaller.
[GR-35763] Fix a deadlock when Thread.join is used on the main thread.
[GR-35895] Remove SinglePassNodeIterator.
[GR-35969] Implementation of a flat bytecode interpreter
[GR-36043] Fixing tests that fails on serialization
[GR-36068] Cache all array types of substituted types, construct alias array types on demand.
[GR-36069] Add serialVersionUID field to DynamicHub in order to enable java.lang.Class serialization
[GR-36149] Add intrinsic for String.compareTo for AArch64.
[GR-36259] Reference.reachabilityFence should not force materialization of an object.
[GR-36260] Use Reference.reachabilityFence instead of the try-finally-assert trick.
[GR-36312] Thin launcher NMT env variable
[GR-36422] Update espresso HotSwap reference manual docs.
[GR-36455] Test for localtime.
[GR-36538] Generalized metric support, including HPC metrics
[GR-36539] Added polybench hpc common.
[GR-36539] Added syntax for waiting for indexing after result upload
[GR-36557] Listen for graph node count and start checking size when it gets too big.
[GR-36580] Update ci-overlay to include graalpython-enterprise gate change
[GR-36606] Remove hosted annotations from getAnnotation method.
[GR-36668] NoClassDefFoundError: Ljava/lang/IndexOutOfBoundsException;
[GR-36676] Remove the option to do the reference handling in a regular Java thread.
[GR-36747] Document how to embed and obtain SBOMs using Native Image.
[GR-36761] Add Espresso LLVM installable for darwin-amd64
[GR-36761] Espresso macOS fixes (JVM_LoadLibrary and nfi-llvm)
[GR-36761] Sulong: Swallow SecurityException for non existing files on macOS
[GR-36767] Document GDS email/token for GU and VSCode.
[GR-36815] Run reachability handlers concurrently during analysis.
[GR-36935] Create and parse default datalayout.
[GR-36936] Darwin-aarch64 Sulong support
[GR-36944] Static frame access and primitive type operations.
[GR-36947] TRegex: UTF-32 support.
[GR-36974] Fix -H:CompilerBackend=llvm for image-builder on module-path.
[GR-37015] Enum redefinition support.
[GR-37052] Chromeinspector works with `CompilationFailureAction=Throw`.
[GR-37097] Introduce TruffleTier.
[GR-37100] Fix frame caching and frame transfer for BytecodeOSR
[GR-37165] Update to LLVM 14.0.3.
[GR-37179] Implement Windows library locator
[GR-37200] Simplify DynamicObject locations and layout.
[GR-37224] Add s.m.Unsafe.allocateInstance breakpoint in NI
[GR-37226] Dedicate a class for guest allocations.
[GR-37242] Support atomic groups in TRegex's backtracker.
[GR-37247] Reduce memory footprint.
[GR-37249] Fix pickle / struct issues.
[GR-37257] VM dist defs for shipping on darwin-aarch64
[GR-37258] Remove test-specific timeout.
[GR-37259] VM dist defs for shipping graalpython on darwin-aarch64
[GR-37262] Handle virtual sources in DAP.
[GR-37284] Add webpage and example usage for options.
[GR-37286] Added website to language and useSyntax to options.
[GR-37301] Compute the code emission order after control flow optimizations
[GR-37302] Update support information in Security Guide.
[GR-37303] Add trampoline jumps for inter-method calls on AArch64.
[GR-37306] Add AArch64 SIMD intrinsic for StringLatin1.inflate and StringUTF16.compress.
[GR-37310] Add API to be able to preserve selected arguments in bytecode OSR
[GR-37311] Implement JFR ExecuteVMOperation event.
[GR-37353] Return Addr to compilation traces.
[GR-37356] Delete GraphChangeMonitoringPhase.
[GR-37359] Create Embedding toc_group.
[GR-37381] Consolidate NativeImageClassLoaderSupport.
[GR-37414] Add support for Unsafe.getLoadAverage.
[GR-37437] Unify vector size query.
[GR-37442] Heap buffer for collecting data in memory.
[GR-37447] Unit tests support for Sulong aux cache AOT tests.
[GR-37453] Espresso fails to run with Java 8 home.
[GR-37456] Link sulong bitcode library against graalvm-llvm library
[GR-37486] Fix reflection metadata-related test failures
[GR-37493] Enable better node field analysis by not enabling unsafe access if it is possible.
[GR-37496] Only run MarkLookBehindEntriesVisitor when regexp can transform to DFA.
[GR-37501] Move TRUFFLE_API dependency to project.
[GR-37501] Remove NodeClass from SubstrateType.
[GR-37511] Execute microservice benchmarks with empty environment.
[GR-37512] Sulong: 80bit float operations enabled for AOT.
[GR-37522] Let the execution finish when DAP debugger is detached.
[GR-37528] Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 16.14.2.
[GR-37533] Update truffleruby import for 22.2
[GR-37535] Fix peeling frequency calculation.
[GR-37543] Restrict phi transformation to bit extends created by Truffle.
[GR-37545] Fix push/pop issue for JFR GC events.
[GR-37545] JFR-related fixes.
[GR-37550] Reduce memory footprint of graphs.
[GR-37554] Allocate something in PointerTrackingTest to increase likelyhood of GC happening.
[GR-37554] Try to make PointerTrackingTest more robust.
[GR-37555] Fix Reflection.getClassAccessFlags substitution
[GR-37560] Read elimination: ensure load cache entry is only equal to another load.
[GR-37569] Thread local global can contain managed object.
[GR-37572] Introduce agent experimental options documentation.
[GR-37580] Peak regression in Espresso after instanceof caching changes
[GR-37582] Default to running image-builder on module path.
[GR-37589] Missing synchronization for LLVM thread locals.
[GR-37594] Add more verification to AArch64Assembler.
[GR-37600] Use floating unsafe reads for DynamicObject array locations.
[GR-37604] Debug Info TLGlobals.
[GR-37606] Add URL and description to `Feature`.
[GR-37608] Provide a demo for Accessing Resources in Native Images doc
[GR-37609] Fix class initialization and object instantiation tracing options.
[GR-37620] Port Math.round intrinsic.
[GR-37626] Fix typo in missing export error message.
[GR-37631] Use an identity hash map to trace instantiated objects.
[GR-37632] Use invalidating deopts for unreachable code.
[GR-37635] Fix handling of isolate and JNI arguments.
[GR-37636] Declarative position of insight context.
[GR-37638] Ensure LinkAtBuildTimeSupport is available early on.
[GR-37641] Make StaticFieldBaseNode and its members visible
[GR-37645] Improve EspressoProcessor.
[GR-37649] Allow hard exit during natural exit notification executed during closing before closing reaches finalization stage.
[GR-37651] Add marker interface for floatable VM-specific thread local access nodes
[GR-37679] Versioned javadoc.
[GR-37685] Ensure MANIFEST Class-Path ends up after entry that contains it.
[GR-37698] Tck: llvm NULL is also a native pointer.
[GR-37709] Store foreign and array shapes and properties in instance fields.
[GR-37711] Ensure unique symbol names.
[GR-37735] Corrections of JavaDoc of TypeDescriptor.
[GR-37805] Deduplicate paths in the NFATraversalRegexASTVisitor.
[GR-37807] Iterative loop peeling and guest safepoint improvements
[GR-37808] Cast receiver before unsafe access to allow canonicalization to field read.
[GR-37826] Fix classpath escaping on Windows.
[GR-37828] Fixes GU GDS Integration.
[GR-37834] Use OptionOrigin values in translateOption error reporting.
[GR-37840] Update overlay revision.
[GR-37851] Update docs on CPU/memory limits
[GR-37854] Fix how large JFR events are emitted.
[GR-37871] Combine Windows debugger line number records.
[GR-37878] Sulong: New LLVM 14 attributes and metadata added.
[GR-37879] Exception support C++ ABI functions moved to Sulong's exception_support.cpp.
[GR-37880] New LLVM builtins added (fmuladd, powi, smax, smin).
[GR-37889] Reduce memory pressure for objectFile.write.
[GR-37890] Reenable module splitting.
[GR-37894] Fix and simplify wrap() in Launcher
[GR-37910] Only count strlen up to first 0 byte for foreign objects.
[GR-37916] Always execute inner context's onCancelled,onExited and onClosed notifications in outer context.
[GR-37920] Improve run-time complexity of LinearScan.sortIntervalsBeforeAllocation().
[GR-37924] Sulong: fixes of deopts revealed by AOT unit tests.
[GR-37925] Remove throwException from JVM_LoadLibrary to work around Sulong issue
[GR-37946] Change GDS wording in GU.
[GR-37948] Parse args with spaces
[GR-37955] Add regression test for record annotations
[GR-37959] Fix LLVM limitations document.
[GR-37960] Add native image compilation features extraction equipment.
[GR-37961] Use value comparison in GraalHotSpotVMConfigAccess.verifyConstant.
[GR-37962] Fix bug with incorrectly updating index from atomic group submatchers.
[GR-37967] Filter non-installable Artifacts from catalog.
[GR-37970] Add footprint tracking benchmarking.
[GR-37971] Emit a large JFR event if it fails to write as a small event
[GR-37977] Fix daily libgraal-throughput-js-typescript builders.
[GR-37985] Enable Class Hierarchy Analysis by default.
[GR-37986] Invalidate loop fragments after each peeling iteration
[GR-38001] EspressoException should be always unwrapped in Espresso.
[GR-38002] Dispose the agent initialization binding on close.
[GR-38004] Fix microservice measurement issues.
[GR-38011] Parse annotations without intializing them.
[GR-38022] Speculative guard movement: use anchor in certain cases.
[GR-38024] Fix compilation of the Sulong standalone test suite on Windows.
[GR-38026] Remove `--initialize-at-build-time` for launchers.
[GR-38027] Update class initialisation documentation
[GR-38028] TruffleRuby requires OpenSSL 1.0.2+ and so OracleLinux 7+
[GR-38033] Save and load phase plan from a file.
[GR-38037] Fail benchmark tests fast.
[GR-38038] Truffle-to-Truffle calls must not have safepoint between address read and invocation.
[GR-38043] Espresso: fix corner cases.
[GR-38045] Create subclasses for phases that update the state of the graph only if some constructor parameters are set.
[GR-38047] Introduced compact and extended extra data array format.
[GR-38049] Transient fixes.
[GR-38053] JNI support clean up.
[GR-38061] Fix duplicate boundary method from export messages
[GR-38067] Zero-initialize the struct sigaction given to sigaction()
[GR-38070] Share reflection invocation stubs with same signature.
[GR-38074] Fix exceptions for sleep and wait
[GR-38076] Fixes for when continuations are disabled.
[GR-38077] Disable vector instruction sets on X86_64 platform to prevent emitting unsupported LLVM builtins.
[GR-38085] Make Sulong bytecode-based OSR the default.
[GR-38088] Add support for C11 threading.
[GR-38096] Initialize the parameters of root methods with the declared type.
[GR-38099] Add enclosing classes to default Truffle Node.toString.
[GR-38107] Run the Native Image agent without the GraalVM compiler
[GR-38110] Long byte array offsets and potentially constant memory buffer in WebAssembly.
[GR-38122] Optimize common arithmetic and Pi addition pattern at IntegerLowerThan
[GR-38124] ArrayCopySnippets should insert Pis for source index, destination index and array length
[GR-38154] Fix SpawnIsolates option
[GR-38155] Fix DAP tests on macOS
[GR-38164] Handle self-referencing phis during PEA for objects without identity.
[GR-38171] Espresso: Fix leaf method assumption.
[GR-38177] Removing the collection of es-.json files from common.jsonnet file.
[GR-38178] Improve AVX512 mask register support
[GR-38179] JDK11 vs JDK17 libjli location
[GR-38179] Load JLI library on osx for AWT
[GR-38180] Encode compilation graphs to reduce memory footprint of the image generator.
[GR-38182] Reduce analysis memory footprint.
[GR-38184] Simplify type state.
[GR-38188] Reword from 'Unknown component' to 'Component is not available in catalog'.
[GR-38265] Allow using mx compiler code with pre-JDK11 JVMs.
[GR-38266] Static object should not be identical to class object.
[GR-38268] Split JfrFeature into hosted and non-hosted part.
[GR-38271] Use src as nds for unary RVM vex-encoding sse instructions.
[GR-38272] Fix -H:+PrintUniverse when continuations are disabled.
[GR-38275] Run `debuginfotest` in internal gates.
[GR-38280] Choose register used by LLVM for JNITrampoline
[GR-38289] Update VisualVm to build 1088.
[GR-38300] TRegex: remove virtual instanceof TruffleObject check.
[GR-38305] Print default help if --help:expert is used.
[GR-38323] Ignore non-allocated ELF sections when resolving cross-references.
[GR-38324] Strengthen return stamp during inlining.
[GR-38340] Remove AlwaysInlineAllCallees and AlwaysInlineSelectCallees.
[GR-38344] Make LLVMTraceInstrument thread-safe.
[GR-38345] Correctly map exported functions to internal functions
[GR-38347] Custom CLibraryPath option has priority
[GR-38351] Add a possibility to forward internal file access to the language home.
[GR-38358] Do not throw error if VerifyDeoptimizationEntryPoints is not enabled.
[GR-38361] Fix allocsens using an uncreated map.
[GR-38373] Mark GSON_SHADOWED dependency as optional.
[GR-38378] Update to jvmci-22.2-b05.
[GR-38381] Test different clang optimization levels for Sulong.
[GR-38383] Implement application-memory and metaspace-memory metric.
[GR-38387] Require stable order of interop members.
[GR-38400] Updating ICU4J library to version 71.1.
[GR-38405] Improve unswitchable control node discovery and heuristic
[GR-38409] Change the hashCode of phases to be consistent across VM executions.
[GR-38413] Add support for -XX:+ExitOnOutOfMemoryError.
[GR-38416] Implement debug location info.
[GR-38418] Disable EarlyGVN and EarlyLICM for 22.2.
[GR-38422] Truffle safepoint tests: adapt expected safepoints.
[GR-38425] Native Image generation fails with Cannot find serialization target class.
[GR-38427] Benchmark builders with tiered compilation disabled.
[GR-38431] Improved JNI tracing.
[GR-38443] Non-public classes inherit HostAccess annotations from interfaces.
[GR-38447] Allow nativeimage.objectfile module to access org.graalvm.compiler.core.common
[GR-38450] Deploy SVM distributions.
[GR-38461] Add custom formatters for LLVM Nodes
[GR-38477] Fix GH invalid workflow error.
[GR-38482] Exit Cleaner threads on exception during tear-down.
[GR-38509] Missing pthread_mach_thread_np implementation
[GR-38512] Implement PolyglotList#add methods.
[GR-38513] Fix docs build failure.
[GR-38520] Migrate context-independent options from context to language
[GR-38522] Improve Micronaut extension README.
[GR-38546] Update mxversion for all suites to 6.0.1.
[GR-38555] Cache character sets and improve diagnostic output.
[GR-38569] Refactor method type flow builder.
[GR-38587] Make CommandLineOptionOrigin detection for @argfile-use work for Windows.
[GR-38589] Ensure fixed reads and floating div interact correctly.
[GR-38592] Avoid use of `BigInteger` in `CgroupSubsystemController`.
[GR-38594] Change afterParse to beforeEncode in NI.
[GR-38599] LLVMGlobalContainer used only if NodeFactory.boxGlobals() returns true.
[GR-38607] Add pthreads
[GR-38607] Fix github CI broken by missing pthreads
[GR-38610] Adjust ObjectStreamClass Cache recomputations for ClassCache.
[GR-38614] Implemented lazy source creation.
[GR-38621] Stop benchmarking SpecJBB2005.
[GR-38625] Sulong: PThread destructors are called even from external threads.
[GR-38627] Rebuild graalvm-jimage if underlaying JAVA_HOME has been updated.
[GR-38629] Bump TruffleJSON dep and fix perf warning.
[GR-38632] Fix SL parser and add gate checks for generating parsers and for TODOs.
[GR-38633] Throw an AbstractTruffleException in EspressoLanguage.parse.
[GR-38637] Fix ConcurrentModificationException when running reachability handlers during analysis.
[GR-38638] Add GraalTest method lookup with return type
[GR-38639] Lazily walk continuation stacks during GC (if still reachable).
[GR-38642] Prevent exception handlers from triggering twice, if they rethrow from OSR.
[GR-38645] Add support for `dmb ish` inline assembly
[GR-38646] Fix OSR compilation failure in LLVM benchmarks.
[GR-38657] Handle JavaConstant values in LIRGeneratorTool.emitConvertNullToZero.
[GR-38658] Improved ReachabilityFenceNode canonicalization
[GR-38663] Skip null record component accessors
[GR-38665] Avoid compile failures on AArch64 when full infopoints enabled #4565.
[GR-38667] Tests for Analysis Context Sensitivity
[GR-38669] Convert Java byte array to CCharPointerHolder.
[GR-38672] Fix and improve breakdown printing.
[GR-38675] Interpret empty env map as allowing creation.
[GR-38677] Make serialVersionUID final with a predefined value in DynamicHub
[GR-38682] Fix problem with OSR of methods using va_list.
[GR-38685] Engine#findActiveEngines for isolated engine returns two engines.
[GR-38697] GraalVM Insight is not tech preview since GraalVM 21.3. Update docs.
[GR-38701] Add NativeIsolate#tryEnter.
[GR-38702] Fix infinite recursion with LLVMGlobalContainer.
[GR-38703] Exclude ICU4J from TREGEX distribution.
[GR-38706] Fix spilling of full AVX registers for native to Java calls
[GR-38709] Add language to Truffle JFR events.
[GR-38710] PolyglotNativeAPI: recurring callback support.
[GR-38711] Create a flows graph only when the method is implementation-invoked and parsed.
[GR-38727] Improve integration of espresso with coverage tool and JFR.
[GR-38740] Re-enable the Truffle compiler events on SVM.
[GR-38744] Fix aarch64 lir comparison.
[GR-38746] Add method pointer constant support to AArch64.
[GR-38752] Fix Continuation.finish() and make degree of parallelism configurable.
[GR-38754] Improve timers and counters
[GR-38757] Fix generated uncached field accesses were missing a @TruffleBoundary to pass SVM blacklisted method check.
[GR-38762] Correct AArch64 debug info location generation and update tests to handle architecture differences.
[GR-38773] When emptying the environment in mx_sdk_benchmark, keep no_proxy.
[GR-38780] Make dependencies more explicit.
[GR-38788] Added JNI.JWeak type.
[GR-38790] Cleanup store_const/store_true usages in argument parsing in graal suites.
[GR-38807] Add a random wait period before deleting files in the agent.
[GR-38815] Do not gvn nodes with identity.
[GR-38818] Implemented removal of data sections after parsing.
[GR-38821] Add Java version to new build output.
[GR-38823] Fix build-time init of polybench launcher.
[GR-38834] Simplify DWARF section buffer writeXXX methods by moving null buffer handling into putXXX methods.
[GR-38835] Add hosted options SourceLevelDebug and SourceLevelDebugFilter.
[GR-38857] Disable libgraal JMX bean by default.
[GR-38864] Increase awfy benchmarking heap to 2G.
[GR-38869] Missing specialization in LLVMScalarMinMaxNode.
[GR-38878] Handle null source sections for roots and format strings with ENGLISH Locale.
[GR-38907] Fix PEGraphDecoder SVM exception edge logic.
[GR-38910] Fix various deopt loop or compilation issues when running espresso.
[GR-38912] Ensure deopt CU DIE includes use_UTF8 attribute.
[GR-38917] Fix bug in AArch64ArrayIndexOfOp.
[GR-38925] Implement new InteropLibrary APIs has/getMetaParents.
[GR-38930] Backport: Reduce noisy logging for missing types.
[GR-38932] Set org.graalvm.launcher.executablename property
[GR-38945] Improvements to Truffle IGV dumping.
[GR-38951] Introduce `-XX:+DumpHeapAndExit` option.
[GR-38965] Support heap dumps in GraalVM CE Native Image.
[GR-38982] Allow static analysis to see into ObjectStreamClass.
[GR-38987] Run SVM gates on LabsJDK.
[GR-38998] Avoid deopts after OSR, monomorphize execute calls
[GR-39017] Fix registration of serializable lambdas.
[GR-39029] Fix @Abstract specification for InteropLibrary.asDate.
[GR-39030] Find correct length of bitcode by scanning through it
[GR-39036] Remove the note on the GraalVM dashboard.
[GR-39043] Introduce native-image driver command-line only options.
[GR-39049] Update LLVM toolchain (fixes AArch64 build).
[GR-39051] Removes import needed by javadoc to eliminate build-time dependency
[GR-39052] Support pmovmskb128 with shorter operands
[GR-39058] Support field-based storage also on Native Image.
[GR-39060] Print compilation statistics by tier. Add rate statistics.
[GR-39061] Improve monitor documentation.
[GR-39062] Reduce the size of base GraalVM images.
[GR-39065] Enables native-image script to handle module path with spaces.
[GR-39067] Backport fixes around foreign prototype.
[GR-39071] Backport release required docs updates and NI docs refactored content from master to release/graal-vm/22.2.
[GR-39144] Update reference manual now debug info includes local vars.
[GR-39150] Backport: Compare unproxied values when looking for unchanged variable in GraphDecoder.handleIrreducibleLoop.
[GR-39151] Rename the Graal.js installable.
[GR-39157] Revert introduction of PerformanceIssueBailout.
[GR-39171] Remove unqualified export of org.graalvm.nativeimage.impl packages. 22.2 backport.
[GR-39181] Avoid invalid/destroyed (libgraal) compiler isolates in purgePartialEvaluationCaches.
[GR-39184] Avoid recursive inlining in allocation path.
[GR-39202] Fix File not found error when navigating to index page from breadcrumbs.
[GR-39211] Fix GraalVM configs.
[GR-39214] Fix ClassCastException in RegexASTBuilder.
[GR-39310] Backport: Ignore `org.graalvm.config` when driver is native.
[GR-39358] Avoid NPEs in includeAnnotation when annotationValue is null
[GR-39362] Remove obsolete customImageBuilderArgs processing.
[GR-39388] Fall back to older JVMCI API when HotSpotJDKReflection is not available
[GR-39391] Backport: Fix code area reporting when llvm backend is used.
[GR-39543] Backport: Ensure elements looked up by `MethodHandleNatives` instrinsic are accessible.
[GR-39574] Backport: WrappedElement implements AnnotationRoot.
[GR-39607] Backport: Fix annotation extraction.
[GR-39698] Backport: Fix file size reporting of produced image.
[GR-39712] Fix threadDied event being fired twice (22.2).
[GR-39753] Backport: Update JavaCPP to 1.5.7
[GR-39805] Fix catalog components priority.