Liberica Native Image Kit 23.1.0 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 23.1.0

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK 21+37 versions. Please, find the release notes following the link - 21+37.

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 16.0.1 (GraalVM CE Native 23.1.0)
  • Python - 3.10.8 (GraalVM CE Native 23.1.0)
  • Node - v18.17.1
  • Java - Liberica JDK 21+37
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 23.1.0)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 23.1.0 (Ruby 3.2.2)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 23.1.0 (Liberica JDK 21+37)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 23.1.0)
  • ICU4J - 23.1.0
  • Regex - 23.1.0
  • antlr4 - 23.1.0

Issues fixed

Issue Description
[GR-1347] Enable test that was previously ignored.
[GR-13514] Support flang (fortran compiler) in LLVM toolchain.
[GR-16849] Explicit entrypoints for runtime-installed code
[GR-17457] Enable BuildOutputProgress when -H:Log + LogFile is set
[GR-17458] Remove dead code in LIRVerifier.
[GR-18290] Add option to emit the data section using LLVM bitcode when using the LLVM backend
[GR-18978] Reimplement ServiceLoaderFeature with ReachabilityHandlers.
[GR-20628] Implement atomic instructions for threads proposal in GraalWasm.
[GR-21590] Update Python imports
[GR-23176] Port sha1 and sha2 stubs.
[GR-23997] Enabling ES6 features (arrow functions) in HeapQuery tests.
[GR-26395] Periodic update of the truffleruby import.
[GR-27034] Deterministic graph publishing during trivial inlining.
[GR-27034] Deterministic trivial inlining.
[GR-27034] Eliminating race condition in FilterTypeFlow.
[GR-27034] Making static analysis deterministic.
[GR-27034] Update on NI determinism.
[GR-29688] New method handle intrinsification.
[GR-29808] Update mx to shutdown the compile servers as soon as they are no longer needed
[GR-30001] Backport shaded ANTLR and Sulong fixes.
[GR-31153] Various code generation helpers
[GR-31345] Remove unused code, add tests.
[GR-31578] Add profdiff tests.
[GR-31578] Refactor optimization positions in profdiff.
[GR-31578] Report when there are no differences and explain profiles in profdiff.
[GR-31578] Separate lines with LF when writing to a string builder in profdiff.
[GR-32818] CLinker backend for Truffle NFI.
[GR-33082] Refactor build process of cext project.
[GR-33548] Improve Native Image diagnostics.
[GR-33631] Add --as-tag option to JVMCIVersionCheck.
[GR-33834] Expose no profiling info provider in unit tests.
[GR-34037] Performance improvements for findIsolateThreadForCurrentOSThread().
[GR-34212] Populate Throwable.stackTrace lazily
[GR-34424] Additional exception handling in BinaryGraphPrinter#nodeProperties.
[GR-34424] Handle GraalErrors when dumping properties of broken nodes.
[GR-34424] Unittest which triggers exceptions when dumping nodes.
[GR-35447] Test vm exit during pending Truffle compilation.
[GR-35746] Decrease aligned chunk size to 512 KB.
[GR-35914] Reduce module dependencies of the native image generator.
[GR-36062] Resource Bundle issues
[GR-36063] Fixes for SVM MemoryPool and MemoryManager MX beans.
[GR-36213] Allow specifying method lookup for HostAccess.
[GR-36514] Add missing changelog entry.
[GR-36942] Java code generation for Graal Graphs
[GR-37461] Gracefully handle unsupported locale in Python regexps.
[GR-37506] Add support for reading module export attributes in the JAR manifest
[GR-37533] Update truffleruby import for 23.1
[GR-38086] Remove CFG based OSR in LLVM runtime.
[GR-38789] Fix handling of JavaTimeSupplementary resource bundles.
[GR-38866] Enable Truffle JFR support for JDK 20 and later.
[GR-38938] Improve missing proxy error message.
[GR-38994] Add support for -XX:HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError.
[GR-39323] Add ability to differentiate OpaqueGuardNode from OpaqueValueNode.
[GR-39406] Allow all classes to be used at image build time.
[GR-39406] Early and late class initializer analysis must check for synchronization.
[GR-39406] Explicit build time class initialization for classes used by classes already marked for build time initialization.
[GR-39406] Fix DebugContext used in SerializationFeature.
[GR-39406] Fixes for new class initialization strategy.
[GR-39406] Fixes for the shadow heap.
[GR-39406] Lazily create constant for AnnotationExceptionProxyValue.
[GR-39406] Mark more packages explicitly as initialize-at-run-time.
[GR-39406] Remove HostedField.readValue.
[GR-39406] Scan all embedded constants in reachability analysis.
[GR-39406] Simplify class initialization configuration for Lambda classes.
[GR-39406] Simulate class initializer.
[GR-39406] Unwrap all ImageHeapConstant before adding them to the image heap.
[GR-39406] Various fixes and cleanups.
[GR-39406] Various shadow heap fixes.
[GR-39436] Improve resume and suspend logic in Espresso jdwp.
[GR-39571] TruffleStrings: allow preservation of UTF-16 surrogate values via new parameter in SwitchEncodingNode
[GR-39682] Implement ProcId for AMD64
[GR-39848] Disallow getAnnotations for analysis and hosted elements.
[GR-39848] Do not use method and field annotations during JIT compilation.
[GR-40046] Remove legacy code.
[GR-40263] Provide JSON schemas for Native Image config files
[GR-40364] Make type assignments deterministic.
[GR-40476] Introduce a mechanism for dynamic method address resolution.
[GR-40767] ValueHostConversionTest#testExceptionFramesCallerSensitive fails on JDK 19.
[GR-40798] Use LogUtils throughout SVM codebase.
[GR-40801] RestrictedFileSystem Sample Code Information Leak.
[GR-40831] Port md5, sha3 and sha5 stubs.
[GR-40942] Additional support for FactoryMethod necessary for code layout optimizations
[GR-41016] Espresso: ensure threads are joined in finalizeContext.
[GR-41209] Module-aware Resource storage
[GR-41385] Collect other components unittest test reports.
[GR-41526] PosixSubstrateSigprofHandler.updateIntervals should receive intervals in us. Update Sampler-related comments.
[GR-41592] Move to security docs group; Add cross links.
[GR-41592] Sandbox security guide
[GR-41638] Make sure that shouldNotReachHere always has a message.
[GR-41852] Introduce reset method for Safepoint Sampler.
[GR-41877] Fix support status.
[GR-42088] Add SamplerStats to dump sampler statistics on shutdown and fix missing BCI.
[GR-42113] Fixes for serialization reflection registration.
[GR-42114] Fix timeout issues and minor modifications
[GR-42114] Integrate missing resource metadata
[GR-42126] Expose graph raw data on node map NPE.
[GR-42126] Loop fragment: log more data on error.
[GR-42126] Nodemap: dump iterator state on error.
[GR-42126] Print nodemap in same method.
[GR-42126] Remove node map npe analysis code.
[GR-42162] Add support for tracking inlining during inlinebeforeanalysis.
[GR-42342] Add an option for unconditional inclusion of original error stacktraces and PolyglotException creation stacktraces to PolyglotException stacktraces.
[GR-42563] Improve code coverage
[GR-42664] Support IsolateOption.MaxHeapSize on launchers.
[GR-42702] Clean up ValueNodeUtil
[GR-42702] Remove unused code in compiler.nodes.
[GR-42801] Update Spring microservice benchmarks
[GR-42818] Use node inlining in Truffle NFI.
[GR-42846] Integrate various fixes.
[GR-42978] Remove Intellij IDEA guide from docs.
[GR-42996] Clean up unknown field annotation.
[GR-42996] Clean-up use of SubstrateObjectConstant.
[GR-42996] Decouple ImageHeapConstant creation from marking it as reachable.
[GR-42996] Don't mark unknown value fields as written.
[GR-42996] FIx ImageHeapConstant strings issue.
[GR-42996] Make SnippetReflectionProvider available in CoreProviders.
[GR-42996] Refactor simulated constants support.
[GR-42996] Replace SubstrateObjectConstant direct access with SnippetReflection access.
[GR-42996] Replace SubstrateObjectConstant.forObject() with SnippetReflection.forObject().
[GR-42996] Unknown fields availability.
[GR-43002] Alter signal handler registration.
[GR-43002] Remove java synchronization within sigprof handler installation.
[GR-43015] Delay IncompatibleClassChangeError errors to runtime
[GR-43035] Delay IllegalArgumentException and InCompatibleClassChangeError in loading constants
[GR-43035] Handle IllegalArgumentException in loading constants
[GR-43039] Delay NoSuchFieldError to runtime
[GR-43132] Increase coverage around pointsto tests.
[GR-43132] Provide an annotation to explicitly exclude a method from Jacoco instrumentation.
[GR-43134] Add support for profiling of topmost frame.
[GR-43174] Only use getDeclaredMethods/getDeclaredConstructors that do not force linking.
[GR-43174] Use new JVMCI API.
[GR-43228] Optionally enforce backward-edge control-flow integrity (CFI) with pointer authentication codes (PAC) on aarch64.
[GR-43358] JS: Define Native Image Resources.
[GR-43389] Workaround for buggy ld64 versions
[GR-43389] Workaround for buggy ld64 versions on darwin-amd64
[GR-43392] Add additional hooks in safepoint and C entry point mechanisms
[GR-43434] Fix svmtest llvm failures
[GR-43442] Add a missing comma before flag for tika benchmark.
[GR-43442] Fix an initialization problem with tika benchmark.
[GR-43648] Document recommendation for quick build mode.
[GR-43648] Refactor NI Optimization Levels.
[GR-43652] Creation of binary arithmetic node via BinaryOp
[GR-43683] Native Image Static Analysis mx Tweaks
[GR-43720] Add LogHandler to polyglot library.
[GR-43819] Batch backport to 23.1.
[GR-43819] Split Graal-SDK into new modules: polyglot, word, collections and nativeimage. (Unchained Part 7)
[GR-43849] Use devtoolset 11 on linux.
[GR-43849] Using devtoolset version 10 for linux_aarch64 jobs.
[GR-43920] Implement containerized native image building for native image bundles #6496.
[GR-43930] Enable partial missing registration options
[GR-43934] Only build full FrameTree when OmitInlinedMethodDebugLineInfo is false.
[GR-43935] Update to LLVM 16.
[GR-43939] Use primitive element array view rather than pinning
[GR-43940] Add AArch64 support for PLT/GOT
[GR-43979] Print reachability trace
[GR-43981] Scale down factors for JIT daily and weekly jobs.
[GR-44007] Ensure NativeImageDebugDataInfo methods are used by logging are only called if needed.
[GR-44013] Coverage improvements around compiler.code, graal.pointsto, and svm.hosted.
[GR-44081] Use Blocker in Object.wait if pinned.
[GR-44098] Add lambda methods in debuginfotest.
[GR-44119] Skip FullInfopointNode in SubstrateGraphBuilderPlugins analysis.
[GR-44182] Open JVMCI to Truffle runtime.
[GR-44211] Add language notifications before PolyglotThread first enters the context and after PolyglotThread last leave of the context.
[GR-44211] Periodic update of the truffleruby import.
[GR-44217] Added documentation.
[GR-44217] DefaultExportProvider and EagerExportProvider are loaded using TruffleLanguageProvider.
[GR-44217] EagerExportProviders and DefaultExportProviders are registered using exported library reference.
[GR-44217] FileTypeDetectors are loaded using TruffleLanguageProvider#loadService.
[GR-44217] Fixed exports.
[GR-44217] Fixed EspressoError.shouldNotReachHere from VM.getLibraryHandle on macOS.
[GR-44217] Fixed INSIGHT module-info.
[GR-44217] Fixed missing debugger instrument.
[GR-44217] Fixed reflective service loading on SVM.
[GR-44217] Fixed review comments.
[GR-44217] Fixed sigtests.
[GR-44217] Fixing gates.
[GR-44217] Graalvm locator works together with languages on module-path.
[GR-44217] Improved automatic module behaviour, fixed optional dependency.
[GR-44217] Improved comments and documentation.
[GR-44217] Modularization of external_repos/simplelanguage.
[GR-44217] NFI migrated to TruffleLanguageProvider#lookupTruffleService.
[GR-44217] Removed non needed add-opens.
[GR-44217] Removed non needed requires concealed for truffle api packages.
[GR-44217] Removed reflective access to
[GR-44217] Resolved review comments.
[GR-44217] Simple language is a Java module.
[GR-44217] Truffle API is by default built as an open module.
[GR-44217] TruffleLanguageProvider and TruffleInstrumentProvider methods are called using an accessor.
[GR-44217] Truffle open itself in runtime to languages and instruments on the module-path.
[GR-44217] Truffle opens itself in runtime to languages and instruments on the module-path.
[GR-44217] Truffle services are no more instantiated reflectively.
[GR-44217] Various fixes to module-infos in languages and instruments.
[GR-44222] Handle --compiler options in LanguageLauncherBase
[GR-44222] Reduce dependencies to JVMCI in the Truffle runtime; Truffle runtime refactorings and AST dump improvements.
[GR-44222] Separate SVM and Truffle (Unchained Part 6).
[GR-44222] Truffle Runtime Refactoring for Truffle Unchained (Step 2).
[GR-44222] Truffle Unchained Refactoring Part 5.
[GR-44222] Truffle Unchained runtime refactoring Part 3: option refactoring
[GR-44222] Truffle Unchained Runtime Refactoring Part4.
[GR-44305] Fix Node adoption and DSL race conditions.
[GR-44310] Espresso: Allow language sharing and start sharing Parser and Linked klasses.
[GR-44342] Speedup method verification.
[GR-44373] Add a cmd line option to avoid addition of macros and profiles.
[GR-44387] Add documentation for bundle options.
[GR-44387] Review and update Native Image Bundles documentation.
[GR-44404] Unicode sets mode support for ECMAScript regular expressions.
[GR-44410] Add support for duplicate named capturing groups in ECMAScript regular expressions.
[GR-44420] Add TruffleLanguage#finalizeThread hook.
[GR-44424] Fix: URLClassLoader.getResourceAsStream returns null.
[GR-44432] Bump MX version.
[GR-44458] Add infrastructure support for inlinebeforeanalysis in parseoncejit.
[GR-44459] Track extra metadata about DeoptEntry/DeoptProxyAnchor nodes.
[GR-44468] Print stdout and stderr in case of errors, also when the exit code in None.
[GR-44499] Increase stack size for C1 renaisssance jobs.
[GR-44520] Use hybrid time -v and psrecord tracker for benchmarking.
[GR-44524] WebAssembly Extended Constant Expressions Proposal.
[GR-44552] Review and update GraalVM installation steps in the VS Code guide, and components installation steps with gu.
[GR-44561] Detect systemic compilation failure.
[GR-44581] Added Native Image getting started steps to GraalVM Windows installation guide.
[GR-44591] Add brief JMX guide.
[GR-44593] Revise documentation.
[GR-44617] Compiler Advantages description unclear.
[GR-44634] Bump a version of the Eclipse code formatter to 4.26.
[GR-44634] Bump MX version in SDK.
[GR-44675] Support ScopedValue and use Blocker in Object.wait if pinned.
[GR-44695] Add verifier for correct use of Graph.unique.
[GR-44701] Update JVMCI version check to 23.0-b10.
[GR-44701] Update to jvmci-23.0-b10.
[GR-44722] Adjust version strings and properties.
[GR-44722] Inherit java.vendor.version from host VM.
[GR-44722] Make vendor version adjustable at build-time.
[GR-44731] Fix Truffle DSL OptionProcessor: use correct argument name in generated code.
[GR-44744] Report UnsupportedFeatureException thrown during analysis parsing via bb.getUnsupportedFeatures().addMessage(...).
[GR-44749] Simplify missing reflection registration options
[GR-4476] Add checkstyle rule for exception and error messages.
[GR-44772] InferEnv handles options for non-rebuildable images and debuginfo dists.
[GR-44773] Re-enable python enterprise gates.
[GR-44795] Refactor ToEspressoNode to enable use of target types.
[GR-44796] Fix frame construction in the presence of nmethod entry barriers
[GR-44797] Add type mapping feature for common collection types passed into Espresso.
[GR-44801] Fix defaultBuild warnings in Sulong.
[GR-44810] Add an isolate data section
[GR-44819] Refactor ProgressReporterJsonHelper.
[GR-44821] Check for native frames in DestroyJavaVM.
[GR-44824] Release hotfixes.
[GR-44829] TruffleStrings: introduce specialized TruffleStringBuilder types for better performance on UTF encodings.
[GR-44832] Avoid static field in PhiResolveLowerer
[GR-44834] Proofs for reflection queries
[GR-44835] Determine the source cache roots only once.
[GR-44836] Fix multiple problems in parent field updaters.
[GR-44862] JDK 21 adoption.
[GR-44865] Recognize and compare multi-methods in profdiff.
[GR-44866] Support AOT profiles in profdiff.
[GR-44868] Fixed language permissions feature.
[GR-44868] Fixed truffle isolates gates.
[GR-44868] Native image builds with --macro:truffle cannot use hybrid class and module-path.
[GR-44870] Ensure bundle temp directory gets deleted in case of SIGTERM.
[GR-44871] Fix missing inline field substitution with the default runtime.
[GR-44875] Passing language or instrument options using system properties does not work in Truffle isolate.
[GR-44880] Do not crash the VM if JVMTI calls happen in the wrong phase in the diagnostics agent.
[GR-44889] Next dev cycle 23.1
[GR-44955] Replace notifications for GraalVM EE.
[GR-44963] Port count positives stubs.
[GR-44964] If canon: deep copy virtual state and replace all old phi inputs in state.
[GR-44985] Extract breakdown providers from ProgressReporter.
[GR-44988] Fix -march=list and extend detection of CPU features on darwin/aarch64.
[GR-45003] Move many remaining JDK 20 CI jobs to 21
[GR-45005] JDK21-related fixes.
[GR-45009] Fix missing reflection registration tests
[GR-45011] Introduce a node that registers metadata once it becomes reachable.
[GR-45016] Fix file permissions.
[GR-45018] Abort early when attempting a wrong field read.
[GR-45021] Retire JDK17 compiler and NI benchmarking.
[GR-45023] Misc fix CI tasks for Native Image.
[GR-45035] Add names to HostAccess.ISOLATED and HostAccess.UNTRUSTED.
[GR-45039] Limit graph size after trivial inlining.
[GR-45043] Update truffleruby and mx
[GR-45044] Avoid emitting rmi library.
[GR-45047] Handle 0 values in tck division verifier
[GR-45048] Dominator based gvn: ensure that licm nodes are created per loop.
[GR-45056] Fix absolute link in the
[GR-45056] Replace invalid links to the Oracle Help Center.
[GR-45056] Use absolute links.
[GR-45057] Fix sulong libcxx rpath.
[GR-45071] Add notify_emails or notify_groups to jobs.
[GR-45073] The libgraal env file contains only what is necessary.
[GR-45076] Update the Implement Your Language and IGV guides to add the 'mx' instructions.
[GR-45078] Fix one deopt per thread for lazy LLVM stack allocation.
[GR-45080] Enable Collections.shuffle use in hosted code
[GR-45089] Control Split Profile Inference: ML Minor Update
[GR-45096] Remove redundant newline.
[GR-45097] Record queryCode compilation as DeadlockWatchdog activity.
[GR-45112] Ensure @RawStructure fields have getters and setters.
[GR-45115] Check for disabled counted loop when changing a LoopBegin's frame state
[GR-45123] Truffle DSL: introduce GenerateInline#inlineByDefault.
[GR-45129] Pass the speculationLog of the caller to GraalSupport.decodeGraph.
[GR-45130] Replace --enable-experimental-bundle-support with a warning.
[GR-45140] Various arithmetic canonicalizations
[GR-45143] Remove SubstrateVirtualThreads.
[GR-45144] Bump some inline cache limits to prevent fallback to uncached in Ruby yjit-bench.
[GR-45150] Update the common SVM CI files
[GR-45153] Block Implementable for HostAccess.UNTRUSTED in Initial Release.
[GR-45156] now contains a single file instead of multiple profiles.
[GR-45163] Remove @Uninterruptible from String.hashCode().
[GR-45165] Consolidated Graal module sources to jdk.internal.vm.compiler.
[GR-45167] Fix points-to inspect issues.
[GR-45179] Fix monthly collect_jdk_profiles jobs.
[GR-45180] Print the sha1 of the profiles in benchmarks and use the API flags.
[GR-45189] Avoid magic accessor as super to generated proxies.
[GR-45190] Assertion failure in DynamicObjectLibraryTest with ZGC.
[GR-45195] Add poly_engine_builder_allow_experimental_options.
[GR-45196] Fix import library handling on Windows.
[GR-45203] Bundles need to support forcing builder on classpath
[GR-45207] Update to jvmci-23.1-b01.
[GR-45208] Properly align VMMutex on Windows.
[GR-45210] Fix JFR constant pool clearing.
[GR-45230] Avoid linking the special invoke target when the declaring type is not instantiated.
[GR-45241] Update Native Image Build Options page according to the preview build output.
[GR-45251] Run Truffle API Tests on SVM also in DefaultTruffleRuntime mode.
[GR-45252] Delete the source file for Micronaut extension from the GraalVM website.
[GR-45254] Use the same string to split and to join BUNDLE_DEPENDENCY.
[GR-45255] Turn assertion into a guarantee
[GR-45256] Don't consider distinct reads equivalent
[GR-45272] Lock mutex with an unspecified owner when a thread detaches.
[GR-45280] Various fixes for setCurrentThread intrinsic.
[GR-45282] Fix FrameWithoutBoxing.ASSERTIONS_ENABLED state in native-image.
[GR-45284] Allow disabling Truffle unsafe casts.
[GR-45287] Add root reasons
[GR-45290] Rename GraalVM root dir, vendor info, and archive name.
[GR-45298] Do not rely on GraalServices.getGlobalTimeStamp.
[GR-45324] Stability fixes of Breakpoint.
[GR-45327] Remove JDK 11 support from native image code.
[GR-45330] Graph decoding: only set stage flags if we are not inlining.
[GR-45332] Fix various espresso issues.
[GR-45339] Add StandardGraphBuilderPlugins for standalone analysis.
[GR-45342] Disable System.exit logging on Native Image on JDK 21
[GR-45342] Run SVM basic tests on JDK 21
[GR-45342] Strict SpotBugs gate for /compiler and /substratevm
[GR-45344] Handle different stamps in ZeroExtendNode#alwaysPositive.
[GR-45349] Make the core part of the serial GC uninterruptible.
[GR-45353] Deactivated the Wasi rename file test.
[GR-45362] Fix URL parser error to in docs.
[GR-45362] Replace the link in docs/ there is only GraalVM extension now.
[GR-45363] Move Truffle CI JDK20 builds to JDK21.
[GR-45366] Move sulong tests from jdk20 to jdk21.
[GR-45371] Migrate wasm to a named Java module and move gate to JDK 21.
[GR-45371] Move WASM gates from JDK 20 to 21.
[GR-45371] Move WASM jobs to JDK 21.
[GR-45373] Deploy JDK21-based GraalVM artifacts.
[GR-45374] Move polybench and compiler style to JDK 21
[GR-45386] Update oraclejdk20 build to match version of labsjdk-ce-20.
[GR-45392] Implement virtual thread jvmti intrinsics.
[GR-45412] Corrections of the re-instantiation of a wasm module.
[GR-45417] Update mx version for psrecord fixes.
[GR-45420] Update the documentation to explain the PGO mode
[GR-45426] Adopt lambda class name pattern introduced in the jdk21 for lambda serialization tests
[GR-45434] Removed dependency from annotation processor to processed source.
[GR-45436] Update included in installation.
[GR-45444] Skip primitives when adding constants to the image heap model.
[GR-45460] Strengthen pointer stamps of mutually recursive phis
[GR-45474] Support also 'fastdebug' builds.
[GR-45479] Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException when reading the result of RegExp match.
[GR-45485] More robust JDK version info extraction.
[GR-45487] Switch to int basic block index.
[GR-45492] StrictMath: libfdm was ported to Java in JDK 21
[GR-45495] Move benchmarks to JDK 21.
[GR-45498] Fix erroneous shift in java.lang.StringCoding.implEncodeISOArray intrinsic (23.1).
[GR-45615] Upgrade ANTLR to 4.12.0.
[GR-45616] Update ASM dependency to version 9.5.
[GR-45621] Support LLVMPointer arguments in LLVMFunnelShiftNode.Fshl_I64
[GR-45624] Psrecord doesn't propagate error code and fails in some corner cases
[GR-45627] Remove obsolete annotation support.
[GR-45631] Update mx version.
[GR-45636] Use windows server 2019 for ZGC
[GR-45637] Fix the minFeaturesAMD64 in AMD64StubForeignCallsFeature for VectorizedHashCodeNode.
[GR-45637] Implement intrinsic ArraysSupport.vectorizedHashCode.
[GR-45639] Avoid NPE when build JDK has no source zip.
[GR-45652] Allow null method pointer in JNI.
[GR-45654] Single compile unit for Java DWARF debug info.
[GR-45658] Add LLVM_NINJA_TOOLCHAIN for building native projects with our vendored LLVM build.
[GR-45660] Update StubPort information.
[GR-45662] Pass unknown arguments through to run in mx_compiler.run_java.
[GR-45667] Use JVMCI API for retrieving ConstantValue attributes.
[GR-45673] Improve fallback max heap behavior of builder.
[GR-45673] Move changelog entry after backport.
[GR-45673] Tweak GC settings of Native Image builder.
[GR-45690] Do not compile a known failing target for sulong benchmarks.
[GR-45702] Enable profile replay on JIT
[GR-45708] Translate encoded graphs referencing assumptions in the image heap.
[GR-45711] Verify the stack effect during frame state construction
[GR-45714] Raise default LargeArrayThreshold to 128K.
[GR-45718] Improve heap and stack verification.
[GR-45720] TRegex: prototype implementation of OracleDB POSIX flavor.
[GR-45727] Turn heap dump logic into utility method.
[GR-45733] Reset ClassSpecializer cache
[GR-45738] Always dump pgo profiles on exit for language libraries.
[GR-45739] Adjust system compilation failure detection.
[GR-45753] Smoke test for the dependencies of the LLVM_TOOLCHAIN component.
[GR-45754] Remove experimental label across Java on Truffle docs pages.
[GR-45760] For FieldValueTransformer, "after analysis" means "hosted universe built".
[GR-45764] TruffleString: fix NPE in AbstractTruffleString.equals()
[GR-45765] Enable fillInStackTrace optimization for JIT compiled code
[GR-45765] Optimize Throwable#fillInStackTrace for JIT compiled code
[GR-45777] Use more efficient datastructure for storing all threads in LLVM runtime.
[GR-45783] Share NodeFieldData instances with superclasses.
[GR-45785] Updated microservice versions for micronaut application 3.9.2
[GR-45787] Ensure that DeadlockWatchdog does not prevent VM exit.
[GR-45791] Fixed a heap dumping issue.
[GR-45794] Add EE python component to standalone for Oracle GraalVM.
[GR-45794] Introduce component dependencies for EE standalones.
[GR-45799] Fix integer overflow in StringLatin1.inflate
[GR-45802] Fix incorrect command for VisualVM in the JMX guide.
[GR-45807] Dwarf debuginfo generation makes only sense when LIR backend is used.
[GR-45808] Rebuild JavaCPP libraries for Linux AArch64 without libtinfo
[GR-45812] Include all header fields in ResourceURLConnection.
[GR-45814] Publish the new ANTLR4 installable.
[GR-45814] Register ANTLR4 runtime as language.
[GR-45825] Make leaveAndEnter throw CancelExecution exception on return, if the context is cancelled.
[GR-45827] Use a custom GC cause for heap dumping and JDK21 related changes.
[GR-45831] Mitigate against extraneous output from JVMCIVersionCheck.
[GR-45832] Upload graal_dumps from all suites.
[GR-45833] Unproxify the receiver when computing the receiver type.
[GR-45834] Thread User CPU time for Linux.
[GR-45841] Add JFR event ThreadCPULoad.
[GR-45850] Fix in NI compile-time memory extraction.
[GR-45853] Change ICU4J maven group and artifact id.
[GR-45853] Fix source dirs of ShadedLibaryProject when MX_ALT_OUTPUT_ROOT is set.
[GR-45853] Shade ICU4J to prepare for usage on module-path.
[GR-45860] Ignore SIGXFSZ signal.
[GR-45870] Fix Virtual Thread IDs in JFR events.
[GR-45872] Add compare copy of unmanaged primitive arrays
[GR-45885] Fix invalid DSL warning for cached nodes with only shared inlined caches.
[GR-45896] Shade JLine 3.23 again.
[GR-45896] Upgrade JLine to 3.23.0.
[GR-45897] Tests are not using the default port.
[GR-45905] Update the dist and root dir name of GraalVM Ruby artifacts.
[GR-45909] Remove type checks from JNI to-Java call stubs, which can break compatibility.
[GR-45921] Ensure bytecode exception nodes are not present in runtime compiled methods.
[GR-45923] EventBinding.tryAttach() added.
[GR-45938] Reactive coverage after regression.
[GR-45943] Improve Strengthen Graphs and add registerOpaqueMethodReturn hook.
[GR-45947] Make jvmci-23.1-b02 release.
[GR-45948] FileSystemsTest#testSetAttribute fails on JDK 21.
[GR-45954] Restore inlined methods and assumptions in GraphDecoder
[GR-45955] Fix generic array signature registration
[GR-45962] Use markWord::lock_mask_in_place in identity hash code fast path after JDK 18.
[GR-45972] Simplify exception handling at call boundaries; Inline exception profile in indirect calls.
[GR-45974] More diagnostics for transient test failure.
[GR-45975] Fix a problem with missing JDK profiles in CI.
[GR-45977] Reduce number of log files and improve error reporting in benchmarks
[GR-45979] Avoid nulling out wrapper constants in PE test graph comparisons
[GR-45984] Fix plugin frame states
[GR-45985] Update mx import.
[GR-45987] Document instrument PGO mode.
[GR-45989] New polyglot api for recurring callback.
[GR-45990] Update mx.
[GR-45992] Let msgs of ImplicitExceptions match HotSpot again.
[GR-45994] Signal-handler related simplifications.
[GR-45999] More specific errors for invalid strings passed to JNI.
[GR-46002] Add frequency based cutoff to host inlining; Add preliminary cache to cfg computations for relative frequency computation during inlining.
[GR-46006] Update JaCoCo to support JDK 21.
[GR-46007] Fix regressions in weekly compiler jobs.
[GR-46013] Allow more customization of snippet expansion mid tier phases
[GR-46020] TRegex: bailout adjustments and various optimizations.
[GR-46022] Improve stamp computation for conditionals encoding integer min/max
[GR-46025] Only verify frame states for runtime compilations
[GR-46028] Properly handle stamps with only high bit set
[GR-46031] Add support for @Stable annotation.
[GR-46034] Espresso for JDK 21.
[GR-46037] Invariant violation assert in InteropLibrary.writeHashEntry() is too strong.
[GR-46045] Infer more precise stamps for EntryProxyNodes' inputs
[GR-46055] JFR and JMX fixes.
[GR-46056] AArch64: Fix FP location in CalleeSavedRegister Methods.
[GR-46057] Method scoping fix.
[GR-46064] Mark indirect branch targets and emit endbranch
[GR-46073] Injecting a field breaks automatic substitutions.
[GR-46081] Update visualvm to build 1090.
[GR-46086] Add native debuginfo walkthrough guide.
[GR-46087] Fix out of sync CPU flags in ArrayIndexOfForeignCalls.getMinimumFeaturesAMD64.
[GR-46095] Minor fixes for Native Image build output.
[GR-46101] Truffle DSL Fix: compilation error when two @Cached arguments have different types with the same simple name.
[GR-46111] Continuation.enter* and .yield* are supposed to be hidden.
[GR-46116] Upgraded trufflejson library.
[GR-46117] Disable TestVirtualThreadsChunkRotation because of frequent transient failures.
[GR-46119] Support jdk-21+22.
[GR-46119] Update to jvmci-23.1-b07.
[GR-46120] Make installed code to call target reference weak on SVM.
[GR-46121] Represent boolean flags are unsigned char, instead of char.
[GR-46125] Fix a deprecation warning.
[GR-46125] Print deprecation warnings for fallback env vars.
[GR-46138] PolyglotExceptionTest#testGuestOOMResourceLimit crashes HotSpot.
[GR-46140] TruffleStrings: fix Java string conversion when compact strings are disabled.
[GR-46146] Avoid this-escape warnings in createContext(Thread)Local.
[GR-46148] Add cstdint header to thin launcher
[GR-46150] Deterministically sort proxy arrays.
[GR-46151] Adapt python ci to use runspec.
[GR-46156] Disable frame state verification for manually generated graphs.
[GR-46157] Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException in DebugState.
[GR-46159] Update libffi to version 3.4.4.
[GR-46163] Eagerly initialize the hash code of Enum in the image heap.
[GR-46165] Allow unlimited stack traces (MaxJavaStackTraceDepth=0)
[GR-46167] Allow EnsureClassInitializedNode in methods that are annotated with @Uninterruptible(calleeMustBe = false).
[GR-46169] Remove SubstrateOptions.UseOldDebugInfo.
[GR-46170] Remove support for old tzmappings format.
[GR-46175] Fix inline field code to better compile on SVM.
[GR-46178] Add link to Class HostAccess.Builder in the Polyglot Sandbox guide.
[GR-46179] Update GitHub actions to use JDK 21.
[GR-46180] Include empty directories in NativeImageFileSystem.
[GR-46181] Refactor dependencies of GraalVM components.
[GR-46184] Fix transient JFR failures.
[GR-46190] Support JFR event GCHeapSummary.
[GR-46203] Support jdk-21+23.
[GR-46205] Duplicated
[GR-46205] Fixing gates.
[GR-46205] Shaded org.json library.
[GR-46213] Fix frame state verification, disable for SVM runtime compilations
[GR-46219] Batch of PRs.
[GR-46220] Update README on LLVM Upstream Patches.
[GR-46238] Github: Remove CI jobs using non existing tags
[GR-46238] Remove non-existent tags from mx gate jobs
[GR-46254] Bump LabsJDK version used for RISC-V gate and fix LLVM build
[GR-46257] Do not store the result of readStackPointer in a local variable.
[GR-46257] ProfilingSampler does not need local variable values.
[GR-46264] Test Quarkus using labsjdk 21 instead of 20.
[GR-46283] Print reports after standalone pointsto analysis.
[GR-46287] Fix regression in intrinsics.
[GR-46291] Annotate VMError#shouldNotReachHere(String, Object...) with HOSTED_ONLY
[GR-46294] Reenable TestVirtualThreadsJfrStreaming.
[GR-46295] Forbid URLClassLoader in libgraal.
[GR-46302] Small improvements for the fatal error diagnostics.
[GR-46344] Add opt-in post merge jobs.
[GR-46345] Truffle internal resource API.
[GR-46352] Update to jvmci-23.1-b05.
[GR-46361] Bump verion of polybenchmarks to exclude
[GR-46374] Do not create ReachabilityRegistrationNodes in graphs used for JIT compilation.
[GR-46376] Run LanguageContextFreedTest.testLanguageContexFreedSharedEngine in a subprocess.
[GR-46387] Adjust support url.
[GR-46388] Truffle TCK unittest participant does not correctly select language distributions.
[GR-46391] IOException: Stream closed reported by Truffle compiler logging.
[GR-46391] Resolved review comments.
[GR-46392] Add --parallelism option and build resources section.
[GR-46393] Migrate sulong to named Java modules.
[GR-46395] Migrate Python language dists to modules.
[GR-46397] Migrate wasm to a named Java module.
[GR-46398] Add module name for espresso.
[GR-46402] Allow ignoring StubPort.
[GR-46402] Update stubport info.
[GR-46410] Fix build with --no-native.
[GR-46420] Backport: Use cgroup support from JDK.
[GR-46431] Made the WebAssembly Debug more robust against malformed and invalid debug information.
[GR-46437] Update Academic Publications page on the GraalVM website.
[GR-46446] Improve printing of values for options.
[GR-46448] Update to jvmci-23.1-b06.
[GR-46451] Update overlay to pick up graalpython gate changes.
[GR-46471] Mitigating the consequences of a potential stack overflow in adoptChildren().
[GR-46482] Force libgraal page size on AArch64 to 64K.
[GR-46489] Make build output more extensible.
[GR-46494] EnableParseOnceJIT.
[GR-46494] Fix Decoder NodeSourcePosition logic.
[GR-46494] Various ParseOnceJIT fixes.
[GR-46500] Generate distinct cache updaters for different messages.
[GR-46507] Support instance main methods (JEP 445)
[GR-46509] Fix deployment paths of Truffle NFI.
[GR-46515] Refactor GraalVM Intro and Getting Started guides.
[GR-46518] Get rid of LLVM_ORG_FILTERED distribution.
[GR-46520] Allow languages to specify default options for their launchers
[GR-46520] Allow languages to specify default options for their launchers.
[GR-46521] Improve distinction between isolates and heap base
[GR-46524] Add isNonObjectPointerStamp
[GR-46527] Allow specification of enabled installables.
[GR-46532] Ensure -H:TempDirectory ends up in the bundle build output folder.
[GR-46536] Add jdk.internal.platform to built-in package natives.
[GR-46539] Fix incorrect buffer pool adjustment during sampler start.
[GR-46548] Improve analysis receiver type filtering.
[GR-46552] Fix parsing of SVM Truffle TCK excluded method signature for substituted types.
[GR-46556] Add ScriptEngine example for Truffle.
[GR-46567] Update deprecated Truffle engine option engine.Inlining.
[GR-46568] Remove useless AbsNodes
[GR-46581] Rename AMD64HotSpotHelper to AMD64LIRHelper as it is not Hotspot specific
[GR-46582] Print binary size after image build
[GR-46587] Only print Skipping line: ... info in very verbose output mode.
[GR-46590] Remove Truffle dependency on the
[GR-46594] Fix some UX issues in Native Image.
[GR-46599] Integrate foreign debuginfo types PR #6625.
[GR-46605] Fix SHA3 intrinsic signature
[GR-46607] Adopting the child before grandchildren are adopted (in insert(child)).
[GR-46610] Limit iterations to fixed point in marker phase and merge values in ValueSet
[GR-46613] Initial JDK 22 support.
[GR-46618] Avoid hard dependency on Sulong in Python native extensions
[GR-46622] Counted loop overflow API refactorings.
[GR-46629] Better support for vector builtins in LLVM runtime.
[GR-46631] Do not force HPy LLVM backend if native access is not allowed.
[GR-46636] Improve performance of java.lang.reflect.Proxy.isProxyClass().
[GR-46641] Update to jvmci-23.1-b08.
[GR-46648] Fix InteropLibrary#asBigInteger JavaDoc.
[GR-46651] Update Oracle GraalVM OCI Guides to Use New RPMs.
[GR-46659] Do not treat AST paths with different insideEmptyGuardGroups as duplicate.
[GR-46662] Fail properly when module options are invalid
[GR-46663] Fix JFR constant pool IDs.
[GR-46665] Don't use relative path as it may be excessively long.
[GR-46669] The truffle-api JAR contains JDK 19 specific files which are compiled with JDK 20.
[GR-46677] Bci block mapping: abort on end of code fall through.
[GR-46680] Bailout on bootstrap method resolution errors.
[GR-46681] Use fallback invoke for intrinsic range checks
[GR-46685] Specify minimumCPUFeaturesAMD64 for Generated stubs in VectorizedHashCodeNode.
[GR-46685] Unconditionally register snippet stubs.
[GR-46687] Make names consistent in lambda substitutions.
[GR-46690] Prevent OOM thrown in the compiler thread.
[GR-46694] Environment var PATH might be null. Fix potential NPE.
[GR-46695] Add verifier for correct use of Graph.unique.
[GR-46695] Extend Javadoc for Graph.unique-related methods.
[GR-46706] Revert links to language docs.
[GR-46707] Rename subtitles to avoid duplication in the website sidebar navigation.
[GR-46710] Open Truffle also to modules providing a service consumed by the language module.
[GR-46711] Fix propagation of trackNodeSourcePosition property to encoded graphs for SubstrateReplacements
[GR-46712] Update GraalVM CE Container Images guide.
[GR-46717] Reset to a new instance in libgraal.
[GR-46719] Add jdk21 to common.jsonnet
[GR-46720] Fix transient failure in JFR test case.
[GR-46729] Implement multi-memory proposal in GraalWasm.
[GR-46730] Make StackifierIRWalker extensible.
[GR-46732] Adapt to jdk-22+2.
[GR-46732] Revive UnsafeFieldAccessorFactory for Native Image
[GR-46740] Support JEP 424 ("Panama") foreign down calls in Native Image.
[GR-46742] Migrate polybenchmarks to pipeline build.
[GR-46748] Polyglot context creation is trying to access temporary directory propery causing fatal test failure in MLE integration.
[GR-46749] Remove non-shaded ICU4J jars and use qualified exports.
[GR-46752] Execute the future when scanning an ImageHeapObjectArray.
[GR-46756] Further reduce image builder module dependencies.
[GR-46757] Fix ClassLoader.packages transformation.
[GR-46759] Turn CompilationExpirationPeriod into a "double" instead of "int" option
[GR-46761] Use absolute links to sieve.js and agent-fib.js in GraalVM Insight manual.
[GR-46763] Fix return all instantiated for context sensitive analysis.
[GR-46765] Backport: graal-nodejs import should not differ from graal-js import.
[GR-46765] Backport: Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 18.17.1.
[GR-46772] Include flags in invalid regular expression error messages.
[GR-46775] Update to jvmci-23.1-b09.
[GR-46778] Canonicalization of (x^y)==(x^z) to y==z.
[GR-46778] IntegerEquals canonicalization for xor operations.
[GR-46778] Whitebox canonicalization tests.
[GR-46779] Canonicalization of (x^y)==x to y==0.
[GR-46784] The TruffleRuby CE standalone should include community in the archive filename
[GR-46785] Skip StringCompressInflateTest with -XX:-UseCompactString.
[GR-46788] OptimizedLoomTest fails on JDK-20.
[GR-46794] Drop compiler JDK 17 CI jobs.
[GR-46802] Use 64 bits computation for getObjectSize0 intrinsic.
[GR-46808] Add js license components.
[GR-46816] Add ubuntu java integration tests
[GR-46823] Bugfixes for missing registration errors
[GR-46830] Enhance AES performance.
[GR-46833] Refactor VMThreadLocalInfo scanning.
[GR-46834] Allow sync port processor to compare against local repo.
[GR-46838] Build libgraal with 'Full RELRO' to prevent GOT overwriting exploits.
[GR-46843] Python standalones should have the right file and root dir name.
[GR-46846] Fix mx native-image when there are dynamic imports.
[GR-46871] Fix a link in
[GR-46874] Add alternative text to images across docs, where missing.
[GR-46878] Scan SubstrateMethod implementations concurrently during analysis.
[GR-46885] Emit place holders for not supported stubs when building libgraal.
[GR-46890] Add GC variants for benchmarks.
[GR-46896] Add sandbox support to polyglot c-api.
[GR-46904] Update link to Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA).
[GR-46906] Do not check for samples in console-helloworld benchmark.
[GR-46907] Improve AWT hint to check for JNI accessed classes.
[GR-46912] Capture method handle information in MacroNodes.
[GR-46913] Allow setting more JS options in SandboxPolicy.CONSTRAINED.
[GR-46913] Allow TRegex to be used in SandboxPolicy.UNTRUSTED.
[GR-46914] Canonicalization of (x^y) == 0 to x==y.
[GR-46915] Remove erroneous canonicalization during creation of IntegerEqualsNode.
[GR-46986] Make disconnected BigInteger host value a number.
[GR-47000] Update to jvmci-23.1-b10.
[GR-47027] Use SDKMAN instead of JDK download scripts in guides.
[GR-47035] Introduce GraalVM JVM Standalones.
[GR-47038] JVM standalone for Node.js.
[GR-47044] Backport of: Implement internal resource bundling for polyglot isolate.
[GR-47046] Fix native-image @args-file processing.
[GR-47056] Do not print reflection warnings in JSON files.
[GR-47068] Maven-deploy shadowed ICU4J under ICU license.
[GR-47082] Remove r-installables from ce-release-artifacts.json.
[GR-47083] Fix shutdown hook registration may fail if already in shutdown.
[GR-47084] Change the compliance of and org.graalvm.home to JDK11.
[GR-47086] Move visualizer integration test and truffle benchmarks to JDK 21
[GR-47087] Move Remaining Native Image CI Jobs from JDK 17 to 21
[GR-47106] Return to separate CUs per class to improve gdb startup time.
[GR-47122] Injecting JVM arguments via -Dnative-image.benchmark.extra-jvm-arg.
[GR-47123] Switch main testing target in Sulong to JDK21.
[GR-47124] Split GRAAL_TEST into a non-preview feature part
[GR-47125] Copy libgraal to oraclejdk/bin on Windows.
[GR-47130] Update required GraalVM support version in Native Image JFR doc.
[GR-47134] Fix unbounded growth of guestToHostCodeCache when iterating polyglot maps.
[GR-47146] JIT shouldn't resolve types in signature
[GR-47147] Mark Jipher as a fully supported feature in Oracle GraalVM.
[GR-47165] Add ParseOnceJIT support for Deopt Testing.
[GR-47166] Add workaround for loading resources from shadowed ICU4J on module path
[GR-47183] Remove superfluous state split proxy.
[GR-47184] Ignore accessors of RecordComponents when null.
[GR-47186] Backport: Unified native-image classloader for module- and class-path.
[GR-47186] Fix native-image --add-modules.
[GR-47186] Unified native-image classloader for module- and class-path.
[GR-47187] Fix spelling.
[GR-47188] Isolate object scanning by classloader.
[GR-47189] Fail fast when class initialization fails at build time.
[GR-47365] Throw missing registration errors for proxy classes
[GR-47370] Do not deploy GraalVM artifacts based on JDK17.
[GR-47381] Fix failing resolveDynamicConstant tests.
[GR-47382] Update Certified Platforms table for Oracle GraalVM.
[GR-47386] Update GraalVM CE README and introduction.
[GR-47392] Exclude MLIR and FIR tools and static libraries from LLVM toolchain distribution.
[GR-47409] JavaScript ScriptEngine support should not be included by default in a GraalVM.
[GR-47411] Make the GenerateDebugInfo modifier public.
[GR-47411] Make unique stub names stable.
[GR-47418] Spawning Polyglot Isolates no longer requires allowExperimentalOptions(true).
[GR-47419] Do not include jmod files of components that are not included in the build.
[GR-47420] Remove agent resource bundle handling for older JDK versions
[GR-47429] JLine should be its own jar and not included in launcher-common.jar and other launcher jars
[GR-47429] Proper exports now that truffleruby launcher and language are on module path
[GR-47429] Use the module path instead of classpath for thin library launchers
[GR-47432] Backport "Make sdk:MAVEN_DOWNLOADER a module"
[GR-47432] Backports for mvndownloader for 23.1
[GR-47432] Make sdk:MAVEN_DOWNLOADER a module
[GR-47432] Move maven downloader from vm to sdk suite
[GR-47443] Update version of the eclipse formatter.
[GR-47444] ShouldNotReachHere exceptions in Ruby regexps with subexpression calls.
[GR-47447] Improve error messages for class initialization errors and remove -H:ReportExceptionStackTraces note.
[GR-47454] Remove '$version'; Add redirects where missing
[GR-47458] Added HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError option.
[GR-47460] Allow null method names in inlining trees.
[GR-47463] Re-throw feature exceptions as user errors.
[GR-47467] Optimize inlined field implementation for interpreter performance.
[GR-47470] Add redirects on master for docs that no longer exist or were moved.
[GR-47474] Add TRUFFLE_JLINE3: shaded JLine3 usable as a module.
[GR-47479] Add GraphUtil.unproxifyExceptLoopProxies helper
[GR-47481] Backport of: Truffle patch pre-intialized contexts of non-permitted languages.
[GR-47481] Truffle patch pre-intialized contexts of non-permitted languages.
[GR-47491] Properly set exceptionTemp for foreign calls
[GR-47516] Re-enable gate-regex-downstream-js-jdk21
[GR-47516] Temporarily disable gate-regex-downstream-js-jdk21 to merge 3-repos cylic change
[GR-47563] Hoist instanceof guards based on relative frequency.
[GR-47563] Reduce aggressiveness of SpeculativeGuardMovement.
[GR-47563] Unittests for guard hoisting based on relative frequency.
[GR-47568] Implement new Maven dependency structure for Truffle Unchained.
[GR-47570] Check threshold for native JFR events.
[GR-47571] Fix windows deployment with Python.
[GR-47581] Allow moving a long to a ZMM register
[GR-47596] Zap registers must not kill stack passed return values
[GR-47597] Fix aarch64 uncompress.
[GR-47598] Use correct thread ID in Java-level JFR events.
[GR-47607] Refactor debuginfo provider.
[GR-47611] Backport espresso fixes.
[GR-47625] Add runtime option for reserved address space size
[GR-47630] Disallow alternating phis as IVs.
[GR-47631] Using XDG_CACHE_HOME on Linux.
[GR-47636] Update to jvmci-23.1-b11.
[GR-47637] Implement Thread.onSpinWait intrinsic on AArch64.
[GR-47644] Ignore missing service loader provider classes.
[GR-47647] Backport Native Image bug fixes.
[GR-47647] Fix and improve experimental option handling.
[GR-47647] Introduce -H:±UnlockExperimentalVMOptions.
[GR-47650] Fix ce-release-artifacts.json.
[GR-47651] Fix ConstPermuteBytesUsingTableOp.
[GR-47656] Reduce test time for expected version of counted loop test.
[GR-47659] NativeClosure: ensure isolate setup/teardown does not mix with "regular" code.
[GR-47662] Fix race on getAllCallees and typeflow creation.
[GR-47665] Adopt internal resources API in Sulong.
[GR-47668] Fix transient JFR test case issue.
[GR-47671] Add ol9 integration tests
[GR-47673] Shorten special Windows launcher template replacement strings.
[GR-47694] Accept empty java.vendor.version property in fallback version printer
[GR-47696] Update security guide
[GR-47699] Automatically exit on failure when assertions are enabled in libgraal
[GR-47714] Set polybenchmark-vm for polybenchmarks.
[GR-47752] Backports for 23.1
[GR-47755] Refactor dwarf constants.
[GR-47765] Support JNI_VERSION_21.
[GR-47774] Avoid bigsur on failing builds with -lSystem
[GR-47775] Show reachability report path in console output
[GR-47777] Support @AddModules annotations in unit tests
[GR-47778] Truffle attach rewritten to C 11.
[GR-47784] Bugfix in AArch64EncodeArrayOp.
[GR-47785] IGV license and changelog updates.
[GR-47799] Resolved review comments.
[GR-47799] Support InternalResource.Env#unpackResourceFiles in unnamed module.
[GR-47800] Mask registers shouldn't appear in callee save oop maps
[GR-47808] Fix mx wasm command.
[GR-47821] Mark Node.js and LLVM Runtime as deprecated in features table.
[GR-47827] Don't use @Uninterruptible for overridable JDK methods.
[GR-47830] Conditional elimination: do not evacuate anchored nodes from outside a loop to inside.
[GR-47831] Preparations for JEP 424 ("Panama") foreign upcalls in Native Image.
[GR-47839] Use fixed OS version for GraalVM builds on darwin-aarch64
[GR-47863] Disable Lost connection detection of the Java-WebSocket library.
[GR-47864] The foreign module is not systematically built when it should
[GR-47883] Update to jvmci-23.1-b12.
[GR-47884] Update to jvmci-23.1-b13.
[GR-47885] Fix initialization policy for jdk.httpserver.
[GR-47887] Remove usages of distutils module.
[GR-47890] Force split struct pack/unpack
[GR-47910] Fix mx_sdk_vm.graalvm_components() being called too early
[GR-47917] Support using an optimized Truffle runtime from the class-path with module-isolation.
[GR-47923] Backports for Python.
[GR-47932] Unproxify DeoptProxies in analysis.
[GR-47944] Update Native Image Code Style, IDE Integration section.
[GR-47945] Move modules from the included JVM to the modules directory.
[GR-47948] Define LLVM Standalones.
[GR-47949] Batch backport PR.
[GR-47949] Deploy GraalVM artifacts with Espresso.
[GR-47950] Backport: Add wasm standalone; fix assertions.
[GR-47952] Espresso relies on graal_isolate_ prefix in headers
[GR-47958] Add regression test.
[GR-47958] Fix assertions in PolyglotWrapper host code cache lookups.
[GR-47959] Define distributions that build all GraalVM artifacts and their dependencies.
[GR-47974] Turn assertions into guarantees.
[GR-48018] Fix interop message that return Object to not attempt a ToEspresso conversion.
[GR-48041] Prepare 23.1
[GR-48105] Update overlay revision
[GR-48108] Fix libnfi in unchained configuration does not work.
[GR-48109] Update to jvmci-23.1-b14.
[GR-48110] Register a negative query for bundles with candidate locales
[GR-48113] Run Sulong tests in Truffle unchained config.
[GR-48124] Multiple backports.
[GR-48127] Fix NI directory resources with modules
[GR-48129] Backport to GraalVM 23.1: Method handle and foreign function fixes and documentation.
[GR-48133] Support classpath for truffle languages 23.1 backport.
[GR-48147] Fix temp engine should never print any output.
[GR-48160] Avoid reusing registers for srcValue and rtmpValue in AMD64BitSwapOp.
[GR-48161] Deploy archives of local maven repositories with language resource bundles.
[GR-48161] Fix target of maven deploy jobs.
[GR-48175] Bump mx version import.
[GR-48185] Backport of Implementation of fully optional resources.
[GR-48190] Initialize the physical memory size eagerly.
[GR-48203] Backport: Node.js fails to build on darwin-amd64; move native-image config to META-INF.
[GR-48205] Backport Maven testing.
[GR-48211] Revert the unsupported feature error without the TMRE flag.
[GR-48237] Backport for 23.1 PRs #3991 and #3993
[GR-48237] Backports for 23.1 batch 1
[GR-48237] Backports for 23.1 batch 2
[GR-48237] Backports for 23.1 batch 3
[GR-48239] Avoid std::filesystem since it is not available on macOS 10.14
[GR-48239] Thin launcher fixes.
[GR-48261] Avoid empty directories in ld64.lld standalone
[GR-48261] Ship ld64.lld binary with svm on darwin-aarch64
[GR-48281] Backport of InternalResource lookup fails on platform where ProcessProperties#getExecutableName is not available.
[GR-48281] Fixed review comments.
[GR-48281] InternalResource lookup fails on platform where ProcessProperties#getExecutableName is not available.
[GR-48282] Backport to GraalVM 23.1: Support image heap constants when looking up method handle.
[GR-48285] More stable renaming for method handle invokers.
[GR-48291] Fix ld commandline in toolchain tests for newer versions of Darwin.
[GR-48292] Fix memory leak in PolyglotNativeAPI#poly_register_recurring_callback.
[GR-48299] Fix JFR periodic events and ThreadCPULoad event.
[GR-48317] Backport: An IsolateThread should invalidate a thread-local area after being detached.
[GR-48325] Update Containerise a Native Executable and Run in a Docker Container guide to the latest GraalVM.
[GR-48369] Only disable the heap dump feature on Windows.
[GR-48377] Fix thin launcher for jvm standalones on Windows.
[GR-48379] Fix behavior when JVMCI is disabled; Add tests for when JVMCI is disabled. Backport.
[GR-48381] Fix handling of indexed load/store of byte/boolean during bytecode parsing
[GR-48385] Backport annotation fix
[GR-48444] Fix getting the executable path for mu
[GR-48449] Update to jvmci-23.1-b15.
[GR-48482] Python: backport multiple fixes.
[GR-48489] Backport to 23.1: Virtual Threads should not be considered preview in JDK 21.
[GR-48496] Backport: Hide usages of stable/internal multi-options.
[GR-48498] Do not reuse guard whose anchor is updated during lowering.
[GR-48529] Add '--strict-image-heap' option and use old class initialization by default to allow easier adoption.
[GR-48540] Resources lookup uses shared library location when the language is built as a shared library.
[GR-48578] Backport of: Classpath isolation does not work with polyglot isolate.
[GR-5369] Periodic update of the Graal import.