Liberica Native Image Kit 23.0.0 Release Notes

Liberica Native Image Kit 23.0.0

Liberica Native Image Kit is based on Liberica JDK 20.0.1+10 versions. Please, find the release notes following the link - 20.0.1+10.

Liberica NIK distribution includes the following runtimes components:

  • LLVM - 15.0.6 (GraalVM CE Native 23.0.0)
  • Python - 3.10.8 (GraalVM CE Native 23.0.0)
  • Node - v18.14.1
  • Java - Liberica JDK 20.0.1+10
  • Java Script - GraalVM JavaScript (GraalVM CE Native 23.0.0)
  • R - 4.0.3 (FastR)
  • TruffleRuby - 23.0.0 (Ruby 3.1.3)
  • Native Image - GraalVM Version 23.0.0 (Liberica JDK 20.0.1+10)
  • Wasm - WebAssembly (GraalVM CE Native 23.0.0)
  • ICU4J - 23.0.0
  • Regex - 23.0.0

Issues fixed

Issue Description
[GR-10336] CI and docs update.
[GR-10518] Heap dumping.
[GR-14806] Update specs
[GR-14806] Update specs and fix comparison/conversion between NaN/Infinity and Integers
[GR-17457] Add Ruby linter policy for space around `=` for a method default parameter
[GR-17457] Fix handling of KillException thrown on thread enter
[GR-17457] Fix initializeThread() when called on a different thread than the passed thread
[GR-17457] Fix Liquid benchmarks for Psych 4
[GR-17457] Fix MRI test depending on ja_JP.UTF-8 locale
[GR-17457] Implement WeakKeysMap and use it instead of synchronizedMap(new WeakHashMap())
[GR-17457] Optimize String#encoding and rb_enc_get()
[GR-17457] Patch recent versions of nokogiri with system libraries.
[GR-17457] Prepare changelog for 23.0 and cleanup 22.3 changelog
[GR-17457] Remove Warning.warn override in MSpec and --warnings option
[GR-17457] Synchronize StringIO
[GR-17457] Update copyright years for 2023
[GR-17457] Update copyright years in markdown files
[GR-17457] Use the NATIVE_PLATFORM option consistently over isNativeAccessAllowed()
[GR-17457] Use the same fix as upstream for bigdecimal RB_GC_GUARD
[GR-18163] Accessing a global variable with hooks has side effects (#2724)
[GR-18163] Add Coverage.running? method
[GR-18163] Add IO::SEEK_DATE and IO::SEEK_HOLE constants
[GR-18163] Add specs for String #sub!, #gsub!, #partition, #rpartition
[GR-18163] Always use the line offset when reporting the line of a Source
[GR-18163] Array#pack: warn when directive is unknown
[GR-18163] Caching in constant
[GR-18163] Ensure every parse node has a source section and fix the source section for ensure (#2758)
[GR-18163] Fix arguments type casting for `Enumerable#zip` and `Array#zip`
[GR-18163] Fix Array#pack and accept Numeric arguments when expected Float
[GR-18163] Fix Array#reject
[GR-18163] Fix Array unsafe methods when error is raised in a block
[GR-18163] Fix checks for void value expression
[GR-18163] Fix constant lookup in `#instance_eval` called with String
[GR-18163] Fix destructuring of Proc's single Array argument
[GR-18163] Fix Dir.mkdir permissions argument type casting
[GR-18163] Fix EncodingError message
[GR-18163] Fix execution order of END blocks and at_exit callbacks
[GR-18163] Fix and handle the `flags` option
[GR-18163] Fix 'given block not used' warning in Enumerable#inject
[GR-18163] Fix handling options by some IO methods
[GR-18163] Fix implicit converting of argument to Integer in IO#seek and IO#pos=
[GR-18163] Fix import_methods supports module methods with super
[GR-18163] Fix IO#lineno=
[GR-18163] Fix IO#set_encoding
[GR-18163] Fix IO#write when passed multiple arguments
[GR-18163] Fix Mastodon specs
[GR-18163] Fix MatchData#values_at when passed index that is out of range
[GR-18163] Fix MatchData#[] with negative length argument
[GR-18163] Fix MatchData#[] with unbounded range
[GR-18163] Fix Monitor#exit when monitor is not owned by current thread
[GR-18163] Fix parsing malformed Complex's string representation
[GR-18163] Fix Process.detach - casting pid argument to Integer
[GR-18163] Fix `proc`'s rest arguments
[GR-18163] Fix Range#step with no block and non-Numeric values
[GR-18163] Fix rb_gc_register_address()/rb_global_variable() to read the latest value (#2721)
[GR-18163] Fix rb_thread_fd_select()
[GR-18163] Fix RegExp inverted character properties
[GR-18163] Fix Signal.trap called with unsupported signal
[GR-18163] Fix spawn(..., fd => fd) on macOS
[GR-18163] Fix specs on Ruby 2.7 and address comments
[GR-18163] Fix String#casecmp? for empty strings of different encodings (#2826)
[GR-18163] Fix `` to accept keyword arguments
[GR-18163] Fix StringIO#write(str) when str is of an incompatible encoding and position < buffer size
[GR-18163] Fix TracePoint#inspect called outside the callback
[GR-18163] Fix warnings for Enumerable#inject
[GR-18163] Implement changes of ruby-3.0 to IO#wait (#2953)
[GR-18163] Implement rb_warning_category_enabled_p C-function
[GR-18163] Introduce primitives to warn in methods that accept a block
[GR-18163] Process#spawn should call #to_io on non-IO file descriptor objects (#2809)
[GR-18163] rb_to_id() should create a static/immortal ID (#2779)
[GR-18163] Record the SourceSection in the constant for the module/class keywords
[GR-18163] Refactor handling range argument in `String#[]`
[GR-18163] Remove Truffle::Interop.deproxy and pass RubyLanguage explicitly to RescueSplatNode
[GR-18163] Resolve the current user home even when $HOME is not set (#2784)
[GR-18163] Rewrite Array#unshift in Java
[GR-18163] Run `jt test integration` in GitHub Actions CI
[GR-18163] Simplify Enumerable#inject method
[GR-18163] Skip the bash prelude in default bin/ scripts for the overwrite check in RubyGems
[GR-18163] String#dump: use u{xxxxx} notation for characters > 0xFFFF
[GR-18163] StringIO#set_encoding should coerce the argument to an Encoding
[GR-18163] Struct#values_at: fix validation and raise IndexError/RangeError when passed index argument is out of range
[GR-18163] Support accessing dmark and dfree for RData and implement rb_enc_nth() (#2771)
[GR-18163] Support writing to RData.dfree for native extensions
[GR-18163] UnboundMethod#hash is the same for the same method in subclass and superclass
[GR-18163] Use env to find bash in bin/jt (#2737)
[GR-18163] Use the compatible encoding for String#{sub,gsub,index,rindex} (#2749)
[GR-18215] JFR StackTrace and JFR Method repositories. Sampling-based profiler and JFR integration.
[GR-18411] Address some Truffle warning categories
[GR-18411] Update to latest graal
[GR-18411] Update to latest graal to get Sulong fix
[GR-19220] Convert string arg to Pathname in relative_path_from
[GR-19220] Faster empty ivar accesses (#2837)
[GR-19220] Fix Dir.glob returning a blank string entry in some cases
[GR-19220] Fix implicit type coercion
[GR-19220] Fix IO#gets/#each_line/etc methods with multi-byte separator
[GR-19220] Fix IRB readline history handling when moving past bounds
[GR-19220] Fix Method/Proc #parameters method when there are multiple `_` parameters
[GR-19220] Fix StringIO#write transcodes strings with a different encoding (#2927)
[GR-19220] Fix Struct#inspect in anonymous classes/modules (#2870)
[GR-19220] Give preference to an already set $JT_ENV value in Spin (#2766)
[GR-19220] Implement UnboundMethod#original_name (#2874)
[GR-19220] Memcached fixes (#2752)
[GR-19220] method_added trigger fixes (#2875)
[GR-19220] Move "IRB history fix" changelog entry to bug fixes
[GR-19220] Remove the NEWOBJ and OBJSETUP macros (#2871)
[GR-19220] Run cfg2asm on jt graph (#2785)
[GR-19220] Update CGI spec files (#2802)
[GR-19220] Update Marshal.dump specs to check error message for anonymous classes and modules (#2897)
[GR-19691] Add documentation about benchmarking TruffleRuby
[GR-19691] Documentation updates debugging and releases
[GR-19691] Fix missing backquote in changelog
[GR-19691] Improve documentation about benchmarking
[GR-19691] Improve jt help and use groups for related commands
[GR-19691] Remove old test documentation which is long outdated
[GR-19691] Update the compatibility docs
[GR-19691] Update the Current Status
[GR-19691] Update the Ruby installers docs
[GR-19768] Update Truffle import.
[GR-19768] Update FastR recommended packages.
[GR-19768] Update Truffle import.
[GR-19840] Update to jvmci-23.0-b01.
[GR-19840] LibGraal adds an entry to the `jlink.copyfiles` file.
[GR-19840] Use new jlink options to make GraalVM jlink work as expected.
[GR-19890] Set up build environments for Windows users.
[GR-20446] Accept preview release in identity_spec.rb
[GR-20446] Check whether there is unexpected output to stderr in specs on CI
[GR-20446] Fix some MRI Marshal tests
[GR-20446] Skip failing ObjectSpace.dump/.dump_all specs on Ruby 2.7
[GR-21195] Remove unnecessary symbol exports on Windows.
[GR-21312] Fix LLVM linking error in buildCmpxchg
[GR-21590] Backport a multitude of native extension fixes.
[GR-21590] Update imports and drop support for JDK11
[GR-21590] Let Python gates start faster.
[GR-21590] Minor fixes
[GR-21590] Quote java command and java cmdline args that may have paths with spaces
[GR-21590] Update imports
[GR-21590] Update python imports
[GR-21899] Implemented debugging support for DWARF v4 in WebAssembly.
[GR-23351] remove intrinsified zipimport module
[GR-23780] Add error message for using lambda methods inside substituted methods
[GR-23874] Test installing and requiring grpc
[GR-23997] Periodic update of the graal import
[GR-24377] Add str.remove(prefix|suffix) methods.
[GR-24379] Update str.replace to 3.9 behaviour.
[GR-24708] Profile-driven inlining and compilation order for native image.
[GR-24857] Code layout optimization
[GR-24857] Documentation updated with information about code layouting
[GR-24857] Extract layout time into benchmark results.
[GR-25305] Implement RubyRootNode#cloneUninitialized
[GR-25305] Use PrimitiveManager to lookup the NodeFactory for a Primitive
[GR-25539] Interop support for BigInteger.
[GR-25539] Minor BigInteger interop support fixes.
[GR-25539] Prepare for BigInteger interop support without actual adoption.
[GR-25849] Allow loading sources via URLs using a custom Truffle FS.
[GR-26395] Periodic update of the graal import.
[GR-26395] Periodic update of the truffleruby import.
[GR-26758] Add Option to Truffle Sandbox for Profiling Guest Application Resource Usage.
[GR-26758] Update changelog and documentation for the new trace limits feature.
[GR-27475] Add ZGC support
[GR-27628] Update to Python 3.10
[GR-28085] Implement Sandbox Heap Memory Limit on SVM.
[GR-28354] Workaround for no "before CacheStore hook" yet
[GR-28389] Add basic asyncio
[GR-28589] Implement Iterator Helpers proposal.
[GR-29042] Add espresso warmup benchmarks with 3 compiler threads.
[GR-29145] Points-to analysis constant propagation in default policy.
[GR-29432] Fix dplyr story.
[GR-30473] Added context pre-initialization tests.
[GR-30473] Added HostAccess.UNTRUSTED.
[GR-30473] Added Javadoc for sandbox policy.
[GR-30473] Added OptionProcessor sandbox policy tests.
[GR-30473] Added SandboxPolicy unittest.
[GR-30473] Added stdout, stderr limit.
[GR-30473] Added TruffleOptionDescriptors union.
[GR-30473] Basic implementation of SandboxPolicy.RELAXED checks.
[GR-30473] Fixed gates.
[GR-30473] Fixed review comments.
[GR-30473] Fixing gates.
[GR-30473] Implement sandboxing profile validation.
[GR-30473] Logging to default error stream is disabled in UNTRUSTED sandbox policy.
[GR-30473] Option map supports sandbox policy.
[GR-30473] Post rebase fixes.
[GR-30473] Resolved review comments.
[GR-30473] Sandbox error message contains a hint how to spawn an isolated engine.
[GR-30473] SandboxPolicy#CONSTRAINED disables FunctionalInterface.
[GR-30473] SandboxPolicy Javadoc fixes.
[GR-30473] SandboxPolicyTest supports Truffle isolate.
[GR-30473] SandboxPolicy.UNTRUSTED prohibits access to maps, lists, arrays, iterators and buffers.
[GR-30473] The "sandbox.MaxCPUTime" and "sandbox.MaxStackFrames" are required in SandboxPolicy.ISOLATED.
[GR-30587] Force second operand of idiv to be in a register.
[GR-31342] Fix Truffle documentation headers.
[GR-31342] Implemented node object inlining, lock free specialization and other features for Truffle DSL.
[GR-31345] Increase coverage in several compiler packages.
[GR-31345] Remove unused code and add coverage tests.
[GR-31493] Reenable previously skipped parser, ast and unicode tests
[GR-31578] Discard system output from profdiff tests.
[GR-31578] Fix duplicated invokes in the inlining log.
[GR-31578] Implement optimization log and mx profdiff.
[GR-31578] Inlining decisions in profdiff and optimization log for AOT
[GR-31578] Optimization log and inlining log in svm
[GR-31578] Profdiff improvements
[GR-31879] Port various intrinsics.
[GR-32001] Replace ReadCallerFrameNode by AlwaysInlinedMethodNode
[GR-32325] Kernel#exit!, Fiber kill and internal errors should not run code in ensure
[GR-32704] A method for wring Out parameter has been added to the BinaryMarshaller.
[GR-32704] Bridge processor generates marshalling code for arrays of custom types.
[GR-32704] FileSystemsTest migrated to AbstractExecutableTestLanguage.
[GR-32704] Fixed vararg method overloading.
[GR-32704] HotSpot to Native bridge supports Out marshalled parameters.
[GR-32704] Nativebridge allows to set the type as by-reference for the whole compilation unit.
[GR-32704] Native to HotSpot bridge supports Out marshalled parameters.
[GR-32704] Performance improvements.
[GR-32704] Resolved review comments.
[GR-32704] TruffleFile for TruffleIsolates.
[GR-32704] TruffleFileTest migrated to AbstractExecutableTestLanguage.
[GR-32704] Updated
[GR-32786] Add regression tests.
[GR-32786] Incomplete stack-trace for async code with exceptions thrown from host.
[GR-33073] Allow reusing already set heap memory pool usage thresholds.
[GR-33155] Implement interop exception messages on RubyException
[GR-33539] Implemented bulk-memory and reference types proposals.
[GR-33539] Implemented JS support for WASM reference types.
[GR-33587] Add gate task to run language checker on graalpy
[GR-33587] add gate task to run the truffle permissions checker
[GR-33669] Implement ShadowRealm proposal.
[GR-34100] Java monitor improvements.
[GR-34100] ParkEvent improvements.
[GR-34100] Reduce the number of stores that are executed by the serial GC write barriers.
[GR-34100] Synchronization improvements.
[GR-34100] Use non-object owner thread identifiers in JavaMonitor.
[GR-34179] Upgrade CE debug info feature to provide information about Java types for Windows/PECOFF.
[GR-34425] Fix the ABI version check error when rb_tr_abi_version() is missing
[GR-34603] add missing functionality to get python-dateutil to pass (most of) its tests
[GR-34603] Improve compatibility with package python-dateutil.
[GR-34614] Fixes for PyTorch
[GR-34614] Make it possible to install torch and onnxruntime
[GR-34614] More fixes for PyTorch - fix slot and member inheritance
[GR-34614] More fixes for PyTorch - native tuples, destructors
[GR-34769] Run main in new thread when statically linking with musl
[GR-34839] Re-enable testthat tests.
[GR-35033] Typo in divisionOverflowIsJVMSCompliant
[GR-35219] Refactor ScheduledNodeIterator to expose more information.
[GR-35762] Resources from named modules are not traced by native-image-agent.
[GR-36029] Fix problems in case of incompatible class changes.
[GR-36033] Properly calculate root module sets when not running on the module path
[GR-36044] Catch exceptions thrown during annotation parsing.
[GR-36046] Stop deleting `(Buddhist|JapaneseImperial)Calendar`.
[GR-36052] Remove substitution for HashMap.comparableClassFor.
[GR-36057] Correctly throw NPE for Class.forName(null) and return null for BootLoader.loadClass(.., null).
[GR-36071] Don't resolve primitive types via Class.forName or JNI FindClass.
[GR-36099] Proper initialization of java.util.concurrent.SubmissionPublisher.
[GR-36191] Add option to explicitly make `jvm` shim DLL.
[GR-36199] Fix querying of compilationsByStart bug
[GR-36199] Override getFirstCompilation for LLVMNativeImageCodeCache
[GR-36284] Make integer sub exact iterable.
[GR-36431] Fix automatic substitution warning.
[GR-36514] Add missing changelog entry.
[GR-36514] Support fp128 in Sulong.
[GR-36542] Set-up pull-request benchmarking.
[GR-36575] Use separate specializations in Kernel#initialize_copy
[GR-36634] Added and improved tests for GDS.
[GR-36634] URL build test.
[GR-36634] Win return.
[GR-36719] Automatically register the Sasl provider.
[GR-36810] Parallelize reflection analysis code
[GR-36892] Move marking to exit of C calls and make native handles weak refs.
[GR-36940] Add high tier code generation API for StructuredGraph
[GR-36951] Create RISC-V target for Native Image
[GR-37171] Run Truffle NFI test suite on LLVM backend.
[GR-37350] Add 'no profile information' JVM config for benchmarks
[GR-37368] Enable Control Split Profile Inference
[GR-37459] Conditional backreferences in GraalPython TRegex.
[GR-37459] DFA support for conditional back-references in TRegex.
[GR-37460] Support case-insensitive back-references in Python and Ruby regexps.
[GR-37461] Gracefully handle unsupported locale in Python regexps.
[GR-37461] Support locale-sensitive Python regexps.
[GR-37463] JFR getStackTraceId implementation. JFR Tests. Code cleanup.
[GR-37533] Update truffleruby import and add libyaml dependency in common.jsonnet
[GR-37533] Update truffleruby import in GraalVM
[GR-37599] Combine multiple iprof files into single file.
[GR-38094] Do not store record component accessors on the heap
[GR-38156] Run benchmarks in MultiTier mode only
[GR-38414] MemoryPoolMXBean improvements for serial and epsilon GC.
[GR-38526] Added method providing information if access to sockets is allowed.
[GR-38651] Add `-H:StripDebugInfo` and other tweaks for Debug Info.
[GR-38651] Tweak debuginfotest for aarch64.
[GR-38783] Deploy graalvm artifacts to artifact repo
[GR-38797] retag numpy tests
[GR-38863] Bump mx to 6.9.4
[GR-38991] Use RuntimeCompilation.isEnabled() instead of DeoptimizationSupport.enabled() where appropriate.
[GR-39014] Introduce NATIVE_ONLY and make Native Image more extensible.
[GR-39024] Add API to access global self time for StructuredGraph.
[GR-39028] Include the docs in graal enterprise
[GR-39032] Add wasm graalvm component on darwin-aarch64.
[GR-39039] Add unit tests for standalone pointsto.
[GR-39039] Load analysis classes with a dedicated classloader
[GR-39153] Add stubs for StringLatin1InflateNode, StringUTF16CompressNode, EncodeArrayNode and HasNegativesNode.
[GR-39189] Added nearestTo() into SourceSectionFilter and resolve suspendable locations in sources without content.
[GR-39227] Collect ci files and group them into one ci module on intelliJinit
[GR-39227] Recognize Top Level Ci
[GR-39231] Port TruffleString intrinsics to AArch64.
[GR-39406] Clean up ConstantFieldProvider implementations.
[GR-39406] Improve constant folding.
[GR-39406] Simplify reachability handler for class initializer.
[GR-39406] Store identityHashCode in ImageHeapConstant.
[GR-39433] Allow instances of simulated classes in the image heap.
[GR-39460] TruffleStrings: refactor AMD64ComplexVectorOp.
[GR-39530] Document Jipher and revise JCASecurityServices.
[GR-39555] Use static slots to access the frame in Espresso.
[GR-39559] Fixed truffle libgraal gate on JDK-19.
[GR-39564] Native Image JFR fixes for JDK 19
[GR-39583] AssertionError: Not collected.
[GR-39583] java.lang.AssertionError: Not collected.
[GR-39586] Support for @CallerSensitiveAdapter methods.
[GR-39593] Added emscripten memory growth support.
[GR-39650] Use different guards when doing verification of floating divrem.
[GR-39662] Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 16.17.1.
[GR-39713] Fix Sulong coverage and benchmark jobs.
[GR-39775] Update to jvmci-22.3-b06.
[GR-39845] Make frame fields immutable during host compilation.
[GR-39963] Proposal Change Array by copy.
[GR-39967] Skip constant folding of reflection methods with side effects.
[GR-39987] Instrumentation-safe bytecode-level inlining.
[GR-40016] Broken enclosing class should never cause image build to fail.
[GR-40047] [GR-39499] Fix initialization of two consecutive R contexts in LLVM backend.
[GR-40048] Add support for customizing output handling via Polyglot Native API.
[GR-40076] Add support for "next" operation on valist objects.
[GR-40082] Make DeoptSnippetsFeature not NATIVE_ONLY.
[GR-40082] Visibility changes.
[GR-40086] Use OL7+ for linux-amd64 python jobs
[GR-40086] Use OracleLinux 7 for all linux-amd64 CI builds
[GR-40086] Use OracleLinux 7+ for all linux-amd64 CI builds
[GR-40090] Define openssl dir in TRUFFLERUBY_GRAALVM_SUPPORT_NO_NI_RESOURCES without excludes.
[GR-40090] Fix netbeans lib profiler import.
[GR-40090] Include Sulong license files as NI resources.
[GR-40090] Native Image Resources Configuration
[GR-40090] Reintroduce digests fix for NETBEANS-LIB-PROFILER.
[GR-40090] Support bundling language homes with native image
[GR-40131] Fix JavaDoc for HostAccess#EXPLICIT and HostAccess#SCOPED.
[GR-40145] Honor @Contended.
[GR-40154] Enable gates and benchmarks for aot inline with g1.
[GR-40154] Fixed a deadlock and various issues regarding uninterruptible code.
[GR-40165] Conversion and validation of constants in ast
[GR-40173] Guard against imprecise stamp bounds in add folding
[GR-40185] TRegex cleanup.
[GR-40185] Remove outdated PythonBytes and PythonStr flavors.
[GR-40185] Use Flavor=Python instead of Flavor=PythonStr and Flavor=PythonBytes.
[GR-40187] Dectect invalid use of SVM specific classes on image class- or module-path.
[GR-40200] Fix analysistests.
[GR-40241] Register generic array signatures correctly
[GR-40243] Reflection data builder needs to be resilient against LinkageError caused by incomplete class paths.
[GR-40247] New Implementation of C API that allows native execution.
[GR-40247] Reduce C API boundary overhead
[GR-40247] Reorganize some C API builtins into proper source files
[GR-40262] UX fixes for LLVM backend.
[GR-40262] Jlink ignores all jars from components registered with `jlink=False`.
[GR-40274] TruffleStrings: add AsNativeNode and GetStringCompactionLevelNode.
[GR-40333] adding import_methods support to refinement
[GR-40333] Adding MatchData#match and MatchData#match_length
[GR-40333] Adding Thread#native_thread_id method
[GR-40333] Add Integer.try_convert for Ruby 3.1 support (#2905)
[GR-40333] Add Process._fork
[GR-40333] Always use CRuby for `gem server` in `jt test bundle`
[GR-40333] Enumerable#each_cons and each_slice to return a receiver
[GR-40333] Fiber.current and Fiber#transfer are available without require 'fiber'
[GR-40333] Implement rb_io_descriptor()
[GR-40333] module#private, #public, #protected, #module_function now returns their arguments
[GR-40333] Remove typeprof, it does not work on TruffleRuby
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 $LOAD_PATH.path_resolve_features_path does not raise
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Add optional Hash argument to Enumerable#tally
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Add optional parameter to
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Add rb_io_maybe_wait_readable, rb_io_maybe_wait_writable and rb_io_maybe_wait C-functions
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Add
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Add Thread::Backtrace.limit method
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Array#intersect?
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Class#subclasses
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Deprecate rb_gc_force_recycle and make it a no-op function
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Enumerable#compact and Enumerator::Lazy#compact
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Kernel#load now accepts a module as the second argument
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Method/UnboundMethod - add #public?, #protected? and #private?
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Reuse MRI objspace.rb file
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 String#unpack
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 support Add `objspace/trace`
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Support optional `level` argument for File.dirname method
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Support :in keyword argument
[GR-40333] Ruby 3.1 Time#strftime supports %-z
[GR-40333] Update the stdlib compatibility docs
[GR-40333] Updating Unicode and Emoji version to 13
[GR-40333] Upgrade to Ruby 3.1.2
[GR-40347] Disallow stack values in virtual threads, with exemptions.
[GR-40378] Base the stage1 dist on a custom jimage when needed.
[GR-40422] Add Graal.js Scripting API support to base images.
[GR-40422] Graal.js GraalVM configs must include the jss component.
[GR-40422] Move support for the scripting API to a dedicated component.
[GR-40426] Add static oldnames library for Windows
[GR-40444] Correction of the quoting in npm/npx.cmd.
[GR-40463] Add experimental support for JMX to Native Image.
[GR-40463] RJMX Configuration Optimization.
[GR-40487] Implement unsigned normalize compare optimization cases
[GR-40518] Espresso JDK19
[GR-40518] Improve espresso on JDK 20.
[GR-40518] Espresso: Java 19 & 20 support.
[GR-40518] No need to patch env files depending on the java version.
[GR-40518] Unsafe: Support static fields when `Class<?>` is used as a base
[GR-40529] Move tracing data into static state and remove the native-image hosted agent.
[GR-40533] Handle more problems when running community benchmarks in the gate
[GR-40533] Update community benchmark runners and track max-rss
[GR-40549] TruffleStrings: ensure strings created by FromByteArrayNode and FromNativePointerNode can be virtualized.
[GR-40565] Reset watchdog after every 1000 files
[GR-40602] Change how truffle blocklist is enforced on svm.
[GR-40605] Use trace module from CPython
[GR-40606] Convert binary objects to TruffleStrings when calling TRegex.
[GR-40606] TRegex: add missing branch probabilities.
[GR-40624] Initialize Watchdog early.
[GR-40626] Rename support for SVM runtime compilation.
[GR-40632] Move deoptentry logic to shared graph builder phase.
[GR-40634] Port CipherBlockChaining stubs.
[GR-40641] Dynamic linking of AWT libraries on Linux.
[GR-40644] Introduce analysis concepts for parseonce runtime compilation.
[GR-40649] Transient failure of CompilationMemoryTest#testFieldsFreedAfterCompilation.
[GR-40651] Fix memtracer on Espresso.
[GR-40654] Add guard for truffle gate jobs.
[GR-40658] Add substratevm gate predicates.
[GR-40682] Sulong: add new unavailable local debug variable.
[GR-40695] Added more tests.
[GR-40695] Fixed review comments.
[GR-40695] Hotspot to native supports arrays of by-reference parameters.
[GR-40695] Hotspot to native supports in arrays of NativeObject parameters.
[GR-40695] Hotspot to native supports out arrays of NativeObject parameters.
[GR-40695] Hotspot to native supports return types of arrays of by-reference.
[GR-40695] Native to Hotspot supports arrays of HSObject parameters.
[GR-40695] Native to Hotspot supports in arrays of NativeObject parameters.
[GR-40695] Native to Hotspot supports out arrays of NativeObject parameters.
[GR-40695] Native to Hotspot supports return types of arrays of by-reference.
[GR-40703] update matplotlib to 3.3.3.
[GR-40712] Add a strict SBOM mode that only builds images with complete SBOMs.
[GR-40712] Make SBOM Option Stable and Add Strict SBOM mode.
[GR-40721] ginstall: add support for scikit learn
[GR-40729] Free ParkEvent after detach to avoid leaks on tear-down.
[GR-40738] Add JDK 19 to the CI, remove the deprecated --fiber-pool option and cleanups based on that
[GR-40738] Test on JDK 19
[GR-40739] Add JDK 19 gate.
[GR-40742] Fix for DebuggerSession clearFrame with static slots.
[GR-40748] Do not let a partial string be passed to a c string buffer.
[GR-40759] Untag MRI test which now works due to using the original code in net/http.rb
[GR-40759] Use the unmodified net/http.rb file from CRuby 3.0.3
[GR-40769] Check for native access when creating a Pointer
[GR-40782] Error encountered while parsing org.graalvm.nativebridge.ForeignException.callCreateForeignException on js-postmerge-pgo-profiles-jdk17-linux-amd64.
[GR-40785] Fix multi tier assumption invalidation for HotSpot.
[GR-40785] Re-enable polybenchmarks gate.
[GR-40785] Upload bench results even if benchmark job fails.
[GR-40801] Backport: RestrictedFileSystem Sample Code Information Leak.
[GR-40801] RestrictedFileSystem Sample Code Information Leak.
[GR-40810] Skip grpc test on linux-aarch64 as it fails
[GR-40822] Libgraal truffle gate times out.
[GR-40836] Remove FastRGrid.
[GR-40854] Parser support for Structural Pattern Matching
[GR-40880] Add regression test.
[GR-40896] Make more tests of the parser and ast module pass
[GR-40903] Inner class access in Polyglot.
[GR-40924] Relax link-at-build-time check of the declaring class.
[GR-40929] Partial evaluation could not inline the virtual runtime call Virtual to HotSpotMethod<Shape.isShared()>
[GR-40931] Add explicit check when polyglot context is entered with a virtual thread to avoid VM crashes.
[GR-40931] Add option to use VirtualThread for Fibers on JDK 19+
[GR-40933] Re-enable some ignored test from R-4.0.3 migration.
[GR-40935] Added no-transition NewStringUTF.
[GR-40935] Improved option parsing error message.
[GR-40935] SIGSEGV During Polyglot Isolate Creation With MPK Enabled on Non-MPK Hardware.
[GR-40941] Espresso interop improvements.
[GR-40960] Ensure only one deoptimization entry exists per encoded bci.
[GR-40969] Restrict register allocation to XMM0-15
[GR-40979] Add support for AF_UNIX
[GR-40980] Add LibGraalCompilerTest.
[GR-41012] Phase plan fuzzing fixes
[GR-41014] Fix parity of probe exits
[GR-41019] Always run phaseplan verification.
[GR-41021] Improve list/tuple access performance
[GR-41032] Pattern Matching - COLLECTION_FLAGS.
[GR-41032] Pattern Matching - match as/star/sequence.
[GR-41032] Pattern Matching - match class.
[GR-41032] Pattern Matching - match or/mapping.
[GR-41032] Pattern Matching - match value and singleton.
[GR-41034] Use an existing TruffleContext when getting a TruffleFile.
[GR-41037] Compute native image heap graph
[GR-41047] Use C++ symbol mangling on Linux to make tools happy
[GR-41049] Buffer jline readLine return values to ensure we feed single lines to Python
[GR-41050] Add missing tokenizer and compiler warnings and errors
[GR-41051] Make test_type_comments pass, remove offsets from SourceRange
[GR-41061] Port BigInteger.multiplyToLen stub.
[GR-41064] Fix ModuleLayerFeature transient errors
[GR-41067] Skip transiently failing test on macOS.
[GR-41070] Remove AST interpreter
[GR-41078] Use symlinks in venv and virtualenv support.
[GR-41085] DAP cancels all contexts on disconnect to kill the execution.
[GR-41090] Revert "[GR-41069] Revert "[GR-28461] Partially Collect Profiles in NI CE""
[GR-41093] Catch WebsocketNotConnectedException.
[GR-41096] Handle jdk.internal.module.ServicesCatalog.CLV correctly
[GR-41097] Support for SpecJVM2008.
[GR-41098] Minor SVM bug fixes.
[GR-41100] Add support for `-XX:HeapDumpPath` and cleanups.
[GR-41102] Speculative guard movement: do not optimize condition if it will result in an unconditional deopt.
[GR-41105] Fix IO#{wait,wait_readable,wait_writable} with a timeout > INT_MAX seconds
[GR-41109] SpotBugs feature discovers bugs after mx version bump.
[GR-41111] TRegex: fix spotbugs warnings.
[GR-41112] Bump mx version of tools suite.
[GR-41113] Next dev cycle.
[GR-41115] Add PURE_INSTRUCTIONS attribute to executable sections
[GR-41115] Add workaround for building ObjC with Xcode14.
[GR-41116] Improve Deoptimization and Frame Verification Error Messages.
[GR-41127] Update 3rd party libs licenses.
[GR-41127] Updated 3rd party licenses.
[GR-41129] Next dev cycle.
[GR-41135] Fix `jt docker` when Psych >= 4 is installed
[GR-41146] Documentation updates required for 22.3.0 GraalVM
[GR-41196] Provide .debug.* sections that contain build options and properties used in the build of an image.
[GR-41202] Support creating a static shared library for musl
[GR-41206] Add unit test for correct handling of 'arguments'.
[GR-41206] Fix handling of 'arguments' when there is a parameter scope.
[GR-41207] Add missing code snippet in Debug Native Executables with GDB guide.
[GR-41209] Modular Resources API
[GR-41213] Edit two links.
[GR-41215] Do not run TraceFinder on regexps with variable prefix length.
[GR-41219] Fallback to CHeapPerfMemoryProvider when failing to create jvmstat file.
[GR-41227] Remove hardcoded module-related native-image options from launcher.
[GR-41228] More JFR fixes for JDK 19
[GR-41241] Update visualVM to build 1089.
[GR-41246] Fix `gu rebuild-images`.
[GR-41254] Allowing symbols as WeakMap keys.
[GR-41259] Wait for threads before asserting GC as ThreadPoolExecutor#awaitTermination leaves threads alive.
[GR-41260] Calls to setChangeAllowActions can be nested, so we cannot set it to false after the finalize operation is done, but rather use the previous value.
[GR-41261] Fix some C++ exception tests on Windows
[GR-41263] Straightforward error when virtual threads are not supported, or used together with Truffle JIT.
[GR-41266] Recognize "BYTE ORDER MARK" unicode codepoint name
[GR-41267] Fix memory corruption from wrong ForkJoinPool.poolIds offset.
[GR-41268] Add automatic computation for Unsafe.staticFieldOffset() and Unsafe.staticFieldBase().
[GR-41270] Verify access should only be called when caller is not null.
[GR-41279] Add reason for AnalysisType instantiation.
[GR-41279] Enhance reason backtrace.
[GR-41279] Provide reason for AnalysisType reachability.
[GR-41279] Track AnalysisMethod invoke reason.
[GR-41281] Convert executable paths to absolute
[GR-41287] Omit warnings for conditional reflection metadata.
[GR-41287] Remove warnings for metadata conditions.
[GR-41289] GetResolvedPath will not resolve root directory properly.
[GR-41291] Prevent annotation access in stack traces
[GR-41298] Introduce ParseOnceJIT concept and flag.
[GR-41301] Introduce MultiMethod concept.
[GR-41308] Fix Broken Partial Profiling Semantic (CE support).
[GR-41310] Add versions to patches for charset_normalizer
[GR-41313] Fix list of expected CE LLVM backend installables.
[GR-41321] Add pea before analysis option.
[GR-41322] Github workflows security hardening.
[GR-41327] Allowing some lossy conversions in ScriptEngine in nashorn-compat mode.
[GR-41328] Accept arguments in _coro_close
[GR-41335] Remove ClassLoader from asserts in ObjectSizeCalculator#isContextHeapBoundary.
[GR-41340] Make the test pass on Windows.
[GR-41342] Add more checks to ensure PlatformKinds are compatible.
[GR-41344] Fix missing boundary in GradualInstrumentationTest.
[GR-41346] Update grammar to 3.10.7 and AST validation for pattern matching
[GR-41347] svm: workaround VarHandle issue in BaseThreadFactory with mismatching field and parameter type
[GR-41347] Workaround SVM VarHandle issue in BaseThreadFactory with mismatching field and parameter type
[GR-41348] Fixes for the Static Object Model.
[GR-41369] Cleanup of org.graalvm.truffle qualified exports.
[GR-41369] Do not copy icu4j-charset into python distribution.
[GR-41369] Filtering out ICU encodings.
[GR-41369] Fixed gates.
[GR-41369] Removed from
[GR-41369] The ICU ImageClasspath contains both ICU jars.
[GR-41374] Add support for JFR thread park event.
[GR-41382] Exclude tests failing transiently in darwin-aarch64 CI
[GR-41382] Use `cp -R` instead of `cp -r`
[GR-41391] Dead phi cycle detection: also consider inputs.
[GR-41406] Add regression test.
[GR-41406] Fix eval in with statement.
[GR-41407] Added SourcePath option to DAP.
[GR-41408] Report correct URL of LLVM reference manual, depending on version.
[GR-41417] Fix host class linkage error handling.
[GR-41419] GetResolvedPath will not resolve empty path and path with trailing slash properly. NativeImageResourceFileSystemProviderTest refactor.
[GR-41421] Make reflection metadata handling more extensible.
[GR-41423] Add some markers for native platforms and refactor ExceptionSnippets and UnsafeMemorySupport.
[GR-41423] Make Native Image more extensible.
[GR-41423] Make NativeImage more extensible.
[GR-41424] LLVM: enable fp80 for constrained arithmetic intrinsics
[GR-41429] Rename rpath folder to avoid argument handling confusion in ld64
[GR-41433] Removed unused constants.
[GR-41436] Fix bit shifting behavior in LLVM back-end
[GR-41441] Improve code coverage.
[GR-41445] Improve code coverage of org.graalvm.compiler.options.
[GR-41448] Various fixes around native class inheritance.
[GR-41449] Partial unroll refactorings.
[GR-41451] When available, add LibGraal to java.base.jmod.
[GR-41453] Remove usages of term "rope"
[GR-41454] Synthetic methods must not be treated as Uninterruptible due to compiler differences.
[GR-41457] Use better logging level in tools for venv builitn.
[GR-41461] Avoid NPEs in profiler for stack frames without instrumentedNode
[GR-41466] Don't cast NewFrameNode.getObject/Primitive/TagArray return values to VirtualArrayNodes
[GR-41474] Add support for C++ threads, fix stdonce test
[GR-41475] Remove HashingStorageLibrary.
[GR-41479] Implement cloneUninitialized for builtin root nodes and other minor footprint improvements.
[GR-41487] Add runtime pagesize validation.
[GR-41488] support deleting f_trace
[GR-41489] TRegex Ruby: Allow subexpression calls to group 0, i.e. \g<0>.
[GR-41495] Add parametrized types, union types, dict unions
[GR-41497] Add new math module functions for 3.9.
[GR-41498] Implementation of os.waitstatus_to_exitcode()
[GR-41500] Avoid replacing dots with slashes in module names when preparing bundles.
[GR-41501] Add exports.
[GR-41503] Add optional length checking to zip.
[GR-41506] Implement int.bit_count().
[GR-41511] Implement itertools.pairwise.
[GR-41515] Implement new members of sys module.
[GR-41517] Move Espresso gates off 11.
[GR-41521] Improve Foreign exceptions in Espresso.
[GR-41522] Add assertion diagnostics for null value in patching.
[GR-41522] More assertion checking.
[GR-41522] Unconditionally check duplication map null entries.
[GR-41525] Use arguably correct gc collect function
[GR-41537] Workaround for dsymutil bug on Darwin
[GR-41538] Cleanup after ReadCallerFrameNode was removed
[GR-41539] Update to LLVM 15.0.6.
[GR-41540] Revert "[GR-41537] Workaround for dsymutil bug on Darwin"
[GR-41544] Use fixed mx version.
[GR-41547] Clean up Truffle 22.3 changelog.
[GR-41548] Compile sulong embedded tests on Windows
[GR-41548] Fix compilation of embedded tests on Windows
[GR-41553] Add handle to global table during HPyGlobal store
[GR-41555] Drop JDK11 benchmarks.
[GR-41559] Update sqlite3 test to sqlite3 version 1.5.3
[GR-41574] String.prototype.normalize() should throw when form is an empty string.
[GR-41575] Object.setPrototypeOf(primitive, newProto) should validate newProto.
[GR-41576] Add regression test.
[GR-41576] Fix for-loop variable declaration initialization order.
[GR-41577] Remove GuardedAnnotationAccess and DirectAnnotationAccess.
[GR-41580] Default to JDK 19
[GR-41580] Update to jvmci-23.0-b07.
[GR-41580] Update public gate.
[GR-41581] Add regression test.
[GR-41581] Logical assignment to constant variable should throw TypeError.
[GR-41585] Primarily test on JDK19 in public gate and drop JDK11 build jobs.
[GR-41587] Drop support for JDK 11
[GR-41588] Drop JDK 11 support.
[GR-41588] Drop or replace JDK 11 gates.
[GR-41589] Restructure Sulong gates, drop JDK11 testing.
[GR-41593] Add getpgid, setpgid, setpgrp, getpgrp and killpg to posix module
[GR-41601] Remove usages of removed TRUFFLE_STRICT_OPTION_DEPRECATION env variable.
[GR-41602] Pin `mx` version in public gate.
[GR-41603] Move `add_excludes_guard()` to `common.jsonnet`.
[GR-41606] Added StageFlag.OPTIMISTIC_ALIASING
[GR-41613] Fix jvmstat performance data initialization.
[GR-41617] Support for pythran/gast with PEG parser and ast module
[GR-41618] Moved mx_version from graal_common.json to common.json.
[GR-41618] Use a fixed mx version in CI, from common.json
[GR-41619] Propagating source-related data from PolyglotException into ScriptException.
[GR-41622] Fix generated names for frozen modules
[GR-41623] Allow certain java modules from Python and image build
[GR-41623] Allow disabling all, sun.misc.Signal, and related packages via system properties
[GR-41628] Eagerly initialize VarHandle.methodHandleTable
[GR-41631] Classcastexception in cpp interop code
[GR-41632] Improve two error messages.
[GR-41633] Replace AnalysisField[] in SubstrateKnownTruffleTypes
[GR-41634] Added javadoc.
[GR-41634] Added more tests.
[GR-41634] Added unit tests.
[GR-41634] Fixed deprecated methods usages.
[GR-41634] Fixed gates.
[GR-41634] Fixed javadoc.
[GR-41634] Fixed review comments.
[GR-41634] Replace Context.Builder#allowIO(boolean) with Context.Builder#allowIO(IOAccess).
[GR-41634] Resolved review comments.
[GR-41636] Fix canonicalization of conditional to truncate (GitHub #5101)
[GR-41641] Native ids in thread module
[GR-41650] Adjust LLVM backend check for legacy classpath builds.
[GR-41651] Drop unnecessary svm guard.
[GR-41651] Gate guard for GU.
[GR-41651] Rollback missed jdk-17 change.
[GR-41654] Mark multiply-high nodes as not associative
[GR-41659] Correct handling of multiple threads.
[GR-41662] Include runMainRoutine only if ImageSingletons contains the JavaMainSupport.class instance
[GR-41666] getLanguage() does not work in RubyRootNode constructor
[GR-41668] Fix: EndChunkNativePeriodicEvents fails with NPE.
[GR-41668] JFR and Sampler code improvements and bug fixes.
[GR-41670] JDWP & Class loading fixes.
[GR-41671] Fix imprecise bound mask in integer stamps.
[GR-41673] Remove v8-legacy-const option.
[GR-41674] Class instanceOf and isAssignableFrom checks do need to make the checked type reachable.
[GR-41675] Only require libmanagement_ext if it's actually needed.
[GR-41686] Document new type mapping features for embedded espresso. contexts
[GR-41691] Layout CGlobalData entries by size
[GR-41698] Make builtin callables closer to cpython
[GR-41709] ArrayBufferView should not have own Symbol.species property.
[GR-41716] Opt-in for mutable default mappings
[GR-41724] compiler: JVMCIVersionCheck should print to stdout instead of to a file
[GR-41724] JVMCIVersionCheck should print to stdout instead of to a file
[GR-41733] pip_hook: allow - in package names, allow ".tar" archives
[GR-41736] Fix broken serialization of lambda classes
[GR-41739] Add synchronization around the jsr/ret bytecodes target handling.
[GR-41744] Initialize at image run time.
[GR-41748] Use version script to control symbol visibility on Linux.
[GR-41749] Enable sqlite3 test on linux-aarch64
[GR-41749] Skip sqlite3 test on linux-aarch64 as it fails
[GR-41750] Add CPU flags for CET and MPK
[GR-41756] Identify and add missing notify_emails for dailies and weeklies.
[GR-41758] Proper tp_basicsize and tp_flags for PArray and PArrayIterator, correct PyLong_Zero and PyLong_One
[GR-41836] Fixes for initialization of native types in TypeNodes
[GR-41839] Various fixes and improvements for JFR.
[GR-41841] Adapt to mx changes.
[GR-41841] Migrate remaining hashes to sha512.
[GR-41841] Use SHA512 digests for libraries
[GR-41842] CTW phase plan fuzzing fixes
[GR-41843] Prevent from NPE when client is not connected yet.
[GR-41844] Ignore non-existing sourceReference when a path is provided in setBreakpoints command.
[GR-41848] Allow benchmarking of GraalVM builds.
[GR-41849] Add list-writing capabilities to `JsonWriter`.
[GR-41850] Reset UnixDomainSockets.tempDir.
[GR-41854] Ensure `Signal API` is available when installing on-signal features.
[GR-41854] Fix validation of on-signal options and align JFR option behavior.
[GR-41857] Upgrade and improve public gate.
[GR-41858] Correction of the usage of SetFunctionName in ApplyDecoratorsToElementDefinition().
[GR-41860] Disable Safepoint Sampler while collecting JDK profiles.
[GR-41861] Suppress deprecation warnings for Thread.getId().
[GR-41869] Add details about which native-image generation request failed.
[GR-41871] Fix module.getResourceAsStream not resolving path correctly.
[GR-41873] Separate CPython unittests
[GR-41875] Bump CI overlay.
[GR-41877] Fix support status (23.0).
[GR-41892] Allow an equivalent unavailable SourceSection in checkSameSourceSection().
[GR-41893] Update CI overlay.
[GR-41894] Clean up svm gates
[GR-41897] Avoid emitting farReturnNode with LLVM backend using JDK 19
[GR-41897] Correctly disable LoomSupport on LLVM backend
[GR-41900] Strings and symbols render correctly in DAP clients.
[GR-41901] Enforce injected branch probability invariant
[GR-41905] Add graalvm version to sys.implementation.cache_tag
[GR-41905] Fix building under older macos SDKs
[GR-41905] Support building under conda sysroots
[GR-41911] Handle PString in FunctionBuiltins
[GR-41912] More user-friendly reporting of internal errors.
[GR-41912] Revise error status handling and error reporting.
[GR-41915] Allow disabling signed to unsigned rewrite.
[GR-41916] Move all post-merge bench jobs to daily.
[GR-41917] Provide standalone NativeImage.translateAPIOptions method.
[GR-41920] Cleanup release artifacts.
[GR-41921] Centralize and reduce usage of HotSpot JVMCI internals.
[GR-41931] Use guard less aggressively.
[GR-41932] Avoid crashing the JVM if getCurrentThread is called in the wrong phase during a breakpoint in the tracing agent.
[GR-41933] Properly implement pointer cases in LLVMCompareExchangeNode.
[GR-41933] Update graal
[GR-41933] Update graal and overlay
[GR-41941] Upload lcov coverage data to new infra
[GR-41942] Adopt LCOV coverage reports in JS.
[GR-41942] Extend code coverage.
[GR-41947] Fix espresso-jshell demo on 17.
[GR-41948] Correct behavior of min/max with default value and key function
[GR-41949] Native type for PyMethodDefWrapper
[GR-41950] Handle different order of messages in multi-threading test.
[GR-41957] Add StandaloneClassInitializationFeature.
[GR-41959] Share RuntimeStub info across libgraal isolates.
[GR-41960] Fix behavior of PyArg_ParseTuple / PyArg_VaParse
[GR-41968] add remaining type fields in NativeMembers, avoid string concatenations at runtime for native getter lookups
[GR-41969] New PyTruffle_DebugTrace
[GR-41970] Handle more cases in ExternalFunctionNodes and PyProcsWrapper
[GR-41971] Convert aarch64 immediate size checks to guarantees.
[GR-41972] Change CExtParseArgumentsNode to use "next" instead of "get" in va_list
[GR-41973] JaCoCo coverage in native-image builder.
[GR-41978] Disallow --initialize-at-build-time without arguments.
[GR-41979] Moved classes in the annotations module to the org.truffleruby.annotations package.
[GR-41982] Fix tools coverage job.
[GR-41989] Fix gil release in bytecode interpreter
[GR-41991] Fix intrinsification of unsafe field accesses.
[GR-41995] Various fixes.
[GR-41997] Add missing commands to Use GraalVM Dashboard to Optimize the Size of a Native Executable guide
[GR-41998] Support JNI_VERSION_19.
[GR-41999] Shutdown ForkJoin pool correctly on teardown.
[GR-42001] Enable svm test on windows
[GR-42005] Build C extensions and pegparser on windows
[GR-42007] Basic windows build
[GR-42010] FileSystems leaks build system into image heap.
[GR-42012] Add support for post call nops required by loom
[GR-42012] Run truffle loom tests in subprocesses.
[GR-42013] Fixes of context.access.get/set.
[GR-42020] Add CI run-spec implementation
[GR-42023] Provide NativeImageBenchmarkMixin.extraVmArgs.
[GR-42031] Corrections of private branch checks in context.access.get/set.
[GR-42034] Feature based run-spec variants
[GR-42035] Add cmake toolchain file support and support new "os:arch" settings
[GR-42036] Fixed AbstractPolyglotHostService patching.
[GR-42036] Fixed engine loggers patching.
[GR-42036] Fixed multi threaded unit tests using pre-initialized context.
[GR-42036] Fixed review comments.
[GR-42036] Fixing gates.
[GR-42036] TruffleIsolate does not use pre-initialized context.
[GR-42043] Relax MSVC version check
[GR-42044] Improve output of ShowConfiguration.
[GR-42047] Add Truffle build job to public gate.
[GR-42080] Intrinsify exact math methods in AOT compilations
[GR-42084] set dict for classes that have mixed native / pure python inheritance hierarchy and declare slots
[GR-42099] Only hardcode CRuby path when necessary
[GR-42099] Use CRuby 3.1.2 in CI and for benchmarking
[GR-42108] Expose max heap size in `HeapImplMemoryMXBean`.
[GR-42110] Do not ignore changes in top level CI files.
[GR-42111] Prevent objects created during jdwp suspension are not GC'ed.
[GR-42112] Missing registration errors for reflection calls
[GR-42115] Use run-spec for substratevm
[GR-42118] Convert j.l.String to TruffleString on hash map access
[GR-42126] Backport: Remove debug code from GR-42126.
[GR-42131] Remove abstract function used in allocating external symbol
[GR-42134] Revisit substratevm gates
[GR-42136] Ensure MethodHandleUtils does not zero wrapped null value.
[GR-42138] Removed use of ThreadLocal for CompilationWatchDog.
[GR-42143] Add note about missing Windows support.
[GR-42143] Add note about not yet supported platforms.
[GR-42143] Doc fixes and improvements
[GR-42143] Mark Python as experimental on Linux ARM64.
[GR-42146] Fixing arrayOffset when a hole follows an empty spread.
[GR-42147] Count reachable types in StatisticsPrinter
[GR-42148] Display "types" instead of "classes".
[GR-42157] Old GDS code removal.
[GR-42157] Removed old GDS catalog URL.
[GR-42166] Handle control flow split of WithExceptionNode nodes when replacing nodes.
[GR-42167] Add section on build notifications.
[GR-42184] Fix broken links in the docs and update imports.
[GR-42189] Reduce the isolate startup time by removing redundunt call for stack lookup.
[GR-42192] Remove non-API option from the documentation.
[GR-42194] Avoid re-installation of 'quit' built-in in combined shell and nashorn-compat mode.
[GR-42197] Implemented custom WebAssembly bytecode.
[GR-42199] Remove notify nexus deploy call.
[GR-42201] Add explicit null checks within PolyglotNativeAPI.
[GR-42202] Docs housekeeping.
[GR-42202] Review new content and check for broken links.
[GR-42204] Fix: r-pkgtest does not use GNU-R binary from the gnur suite.
[GR-42205] Bump mx version.
[GR-42209] TRegex: rewrite Python flavor parser.
[GR-42212] Remove JDK 11 support.
[GR-42214] Use JDK20 instead of JDK19 in public gate.
[GR-42215] Adapt to JDK 20.
[GR-42220] Support compiling substratevm with JDK 20.
[GR-42222] always sync the frame when tracing
[GR-42222] Fix pdb variables and signal handling during waitpid
[GR-42226] Do not cast Symbol to TruffleString in DeletePropertyNode.
[GR-42230] Compile time improvements.
[GR-42230] Fix missing IR size writing.
[GR-42230] Memory improvements.
[GR-42230] Profile compiled methods: use correct cfg for schedule.
[GR-42230] Reproducible compile tests.
[GR-42232] Remove Java 11 from ce-release-artifacts.json.
[GR-42232] Stop deploying GraalVM based on Java 11.
[GR-42242] Do not use custom URLClassLoader subclass.
[GR-42250] Class constants should not make types reachable during bytecode parsing.
[GR-42257] TruffleFileTest#testUncheckedExceptionFromClose fails.
[GR-42258] Avoiding a potential IllegalArgumentException.
[GR-42260] Change implementation name to GraalPy
[GR-42260] Fixes for robotframework
[GR-42260] Fixes for robotframework #2
[GR-42263] Emulation of signal.setitimer() and signal.getitimer()
[GR-42266] TRegex: fix reachable position assertion calculation in CalcASTPropsVisitor.
[GR-42270] Fix warning for pthreads tests
[GR-42271] Fixed review comments.
[GR-42271] Verify that image heap with pre-initialized context does not contain absolute TruffleFiles.
[GR-42272] Fix deopt loop in LocalsStorage
[GR-42275] Require mx >= 6.11.3 to fix issue with ninja's executable bit
[GR-42277] Add aarch64 JDK20 benchmarking.
[GR-42277] Add JDK20 compiler benchmarks.
[GR-42277] Use EE labsjdk20 in the CI.
[GR-42279] Fix SourceTypeFlow cloning.
[GR-42280] Enable interop tests on Windows
[GR-42281] freeze more dependencies for numpy benchmarks to avoid surprises when something updates
[GR-42283] Fuzzing fixes
[GR-42288] Fix TerminalPositionReturnNode.executeVoid().
[GR-42289] Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 16.18.1.
[GR-42290] Ensuring that tests pass with both ICU 71.1 and 72.1.
[GR-42290] Updating ICU4J to version 72.1.
[GR-42290] Updating tests to expect ICU 72.1/CLDR 42 version of the date/time format.
[GR-42290] Updating the status of Test262 and TestV8 test suites (for ICU4J update).
[GR-42298] Include additional JDK libs in standalones and installables.
[GR-42301] Make NativeImage more extensible.
[GR-42302] Update Cloud Shell and Code Editor guides with the latest graalvmeejdk-17.0.5 .
[GR-42307] Reset more on branch target overflow.
[GR-42309] Add option to check isolate thread reference at entry.
[GR-42315] Enable numpy tests.
[GR-42316] Node map: fix aioobe.
[GR-42336] Add poly_vmruntime_initialize and poly_vmruntime_shutdown.
[GR-42343] Remove non-standard SharedArrayBuffer.isView().
[GR-42345] Integrate CPU fixes into master.
[GR-42345] Integrate CPU fixes into master.
[GR-42346] Move CHeader, CConst, CTypedef, and CUnsigned to SDK.
[GR-42349] Reimplement Buffer utf8Slice, utf8Write using TruffleString and fix corner cases.
[GR-42352] Fix Truffle host inlining. Intrinsics are now applied during host inlining instead of not inlining the call.
[GR-42353] update
[GR-42354] Fix return address read in widened RET bytecode.
[GR-42363] Update to spotbugs 4.7.3.
[GR-42366] Exclude too slow MRI tests
[GR-42366] Skip assert_no_memory_leak MRI tests
[GR-42370] Fix source cache.
[GR-42372] Deletion of SuperPropertyReference should invoke ToProperty(key).
[GR-42375] Introduce `-H:±GenerateBuildArtifactsFile` option.
[GR-42383] Update stdlib to 3.10.8
[GR-42385] Add optional precedingLoop edge to LoopBeginNode
[GR-42386] Track inter-iteration aliasing guard on loop begin
[GR-42390] Disable --pgo-sampling on LLVM backend
[GR-42392] Mark all libraries getUncached() methods as neverPartOfCompilation()
[GR-42397] Improve context cleanup in espresso.
[GR-42401] Object.defineProperty() should perform ToPropertyKey() before ToPropertyDescriptor().
[GR-42412] Broken external links in graal docs.
[GR-42413] Use HostContext#get to determine a HostContext for HostException thrown from an ExecutionListener.
[GR-42414] Fixed review comments.
[GR-42414] Post rebase fixes.
[GR-42414] Removed non-needed IO in the process of context patching.
[GR-42414] Truffle isolate start up performance improvements.
[GR-42414] TruffleLogger does not use JDK Handler.
[GR-42416] Refactor standalone tests.
[GR-42419] Use Graal calling conventions in LLVM for special registers
[GR-42420] Inline assembly instruction prefix parsing fixed.
[GR-42421] Fix instrumentation support in TRegex.
[GR-42430] numpy / sklearn monthly cpython benchmarks
[GR-42435] Enable NFI tests on Windows
[GR-42436] The "mx tck" fails after "mx build" when Sulong is included.
[GR-42442] Fix pkgtest gates
[GR-42455] Improve foreign list concat and repeat
[GR-42460] Add support for `CgroupMetrics.getTotalMemory0()`.
[GR-42465] Reset JDKs cgroup subsystem instances.
[GR-42467] Add support for loading libraries from directory containing native image.
[GR-42471] Improve compatibility with gitdb
[GR-42473] Resolve Eclipse warnings
[GR-42475] Make -H:Optimize an @APIOption.
[GR-42476] Update PolyglotNativeAPI documentation and input encoding.
[GR-42485] Set NodeSourcePosition for ReflectionExpandSignatureMethod.
[GR-42486] Migrate remaining JDK11 gates to JDK17.
[GR-42494] Removed _with_metaclass function.
[GR-42496] Collect unittest test reports.
[GR-42497] Fix bytecode osr static frame transfer
[GR-42498] Fixed HostExceptionTest.
[GR-42498] Fixed review comments.
[GR-42499] Add missing part to command line (OS version) and change Java version in documentation to GraalVM Community Images page.
[GR-42513] update scipy 1.10.1 and 1.9.3 patches to limit meson parallelism
[GR-42531] Debug info memory footprint improvements.
[GR-42536] Populate SystemProperties for SVM.
[GR-42539] Don't close engine on VM shutdown.
[GR-42543] Add a link to on Collection NI Workshops and Interactive Labs page.
[GR-42552] Don't treat k0 as allocatable
[GR-42557] Include native-image-resources.filelist file also in installables for languages.
[GR-42559] Fixed error messages.
[GR-42560] Unhandled promise rejection errors should include location information.
[GR-42568] Check for uninitialized binding in module namespace object's HasOwnProperty.
[GR-42568] Fix caching of dynamically imported modules.
[GR-42570] Support foreign objects in ToPropertyDescriptor().
[GR-42577] Relax the test on if a type is a lambda type.
[GR-42578] Make Native Image more extensible
[GR-42579] Run VAArgs and other small test suites on Windows
[GR-42580] Various fixes for setCurrentThread intrinsic.
[GR-42584] Updated GraalWasm memory overhead benchmarks.
[GR-42590] Integer equals conditional node fixes.
[GR-42601] Model class constants in debug info #5312.
[GR-42603] Make shape transition cache insertion atomic.
[GR-42605] Rework many forks benchmarking CI building block.
[GR-42611] Run Compiler Tests
[GR-42612] Return long option from Isolate parameters.
[GR-42613] Remove unnecessary source cache.
[GR-42614] Fix libc++ path when compiling reference benchmarks.
[GR-42616] Updated WebAssembly Polybench benchmarks to the latest version of wasi-sdk.
[GR-42620] Fix type diskspace_required
[GR-42623] Update Jython docs to point out ScriptEngine usage.
[GR-42628] Load predefined classes during class initialization.
[GR-42630] Adopt new context builder APIs.
[GR-42632] Avoid passing caller frame into type(x)
[GR-42644] Better composability of truffle TCK excludes, added Truffle SVM TCK smoke test.
[GR-42644] Fixed root method lookup.
[GR-42644] Fixing language permissions feature.
[GR-42644] Language checker ignores Unsafe.
[GR-42644] Post rebase fixes.
[GR-42644] Propagate hasUnsafeAccess in analysis structured graphs.
[GR-42644] Reporting inlined unsafe methods.
[GR-42644] Resolved review comments.
[GR-42655] Strengthen graphs with constants propagated through static analysis.
[GR-42662] Espresso method overloading interop and varargs support.
[GR-42664] Backport: Support IsolateOption.MaxHeapSize on launchers.
[GR-42664] Support IsolateOption.MaxHeapSize on launchers.
[GR-42666] Report correct generation capacities in SerialGCPerfData.
[GR-42667] Fix assertion in agent initialization.
[GR-42668] Polyglot Native Api PolyglotException updates.
[GR-42671] Implement LocatableMultiOptionValue with built-in separator support and LocatableMultiOptionValue.Paths.
[GR-42673] Fix possible AssertionError in the parser due to stack exhaustion.
[GR-42674] Handle InvalidPathException from Env.getPublicTruffleFile.
[GR-42674] JS Fuzzing: InvalidPathException at UnixPath.checkNotNul(
[GR-42675] Fix replacement of $ORIGIN in $CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH.
[GR-42679] Explicitly set snippet loop begin frame state to invalid for deoptimization
[GR-42681] Update distribution layouts to match CPython
[GR-42684] Fix unsafe access to static fields of j.l.Class.
[GR-42688] Share MetaClassNode in IsANode
[GR-42690] Fetch V8 tests from its repository (not from an archive).
[GR-42692] Add IGV sources
[GR-42693] First draft of native-image bundle support.
[GR-42695] Throw an error if runtime compilation is used on the LLVM backend
[GR-42698] Replaced JDK 19 gates with JDK 20 gates.
[GR-42698] Replaced JDK 19 libgraal gates with JDK 20 gates.
[GR-42699] Review and update the Build and Run Native Executables with JFR guide.
[GR-42700] Add encoding of NOT, NEG, INC, and DEC on bytes
[GR-42703] Update NI Spring Boot guide to use Spring Boot 3 and Native Build Tools.
[GR-42704] Corrections and improving image rendering.
[GR-42705] Improve error output and prevent deadlock of Sulong test runner
[GR-42706] Remove an assertion from the samples check.
[GR-42709] Update held_monitor_count in monitor snippets
[GR-42718] Move Sulong jdk19 tests to jdk20.
[GR-42718] Sulong: Move Sulong jdk19 tests to jdk20.
[GR-42721] Fix regression of meso.pads-eratosthenes after HashingStorageLibrary removal.
[GR-42727] Switch SVM gates from JDK 19 to JDK 20.
[GR-42730] Fix warnings on JDK 20
[GR-42731] Enable JDK 20 graal downstream gate.
[GR-42731] Move JS gates from JDK 19 to 20.
[GR-42732] Support JDK 20 instead of JDK 19
[GR-42736] FileSystemsTest#testSetAttribute fails on JDK 20.
[GR-42737] Native-image-agent generates non existent classes for Swing application.
[GR-42738] Run _ensureSamplesAreInProfile for all except llvm.
[GR-42740] Experimental support for JFR event streaming.
[GR-42745] PolyglotEngineImpl.findLanguage(LanguageInfo) introduced to find a guest or host language.
[GR-42791] TRegex: parser corner case fixes.
[GR-42798] Fix race condition in Symbol.for.
[GR-42799] Avoid generic globs for log files.
[GR-42800] Fix constant folding for primitive computed value fields, such as Unsafe offsets.
[GR-42802] Improve microservice benchmarks.
[GR-42807] Add regression test.
[GR-42811] Use `JsonWriter` for build output JSON.
[GR-42823] Add native-image API for defining built-in system-properties for image-runtime #5557.
[GR-42824] Create Runtime Graphs for ParseOnceJIT.
[GR-42826] Test262 update and recent normative changes.
[GR-42834] Sync Logging to a Native Executable with GitHub demo.
[GR-42836] Update mx version to fix JDK 20 coverage jobs.
[GR-42837] Use line number -2 to indicate native methods.
[GR-42846] Fix GR-42846 and GR-42847.
[GR-42846] Integrate various fixes in 23.0.
[GR-42850] Revisit GraalVM Tools for Java extension documentation.
[GR-42851] Update of the Graal import and libz.
[GR-42864] fix ginstall gate
[GR-42869] Update regex for Unicode 15.
[GR-42875] Allow multiple SequenceStorage generalizations when extending a list
[GR-42876] Added CHANGELOG entry and sigtest.
[GR-42876] Added memory file system test.
[GR-42876] Added unit tests.
[GR-42876] Consolidated NIOFileSystemTest and FileSystemProviderTest.
[GR-42876] Fixed gates.
[GR-42876] Fixed review comments.
[GR-42876] JIMFS TPL attribution
[GR-42876] Polyglot FS wrapper for NIO file systems.
[GR-42876] Post rebase fixes.
[GR-42877] Update to Ruby 3.1.3
[GR-42959] Memoize and skip visited classes when looking up hiding JNI subclasses for a given class.
[GR-42961] Add missin encoding switch in ToRegexSourceNode.
[GR-42961] TruffleStrings: add ByteIndexOfCodePointSetNode.
[GR-42961] TruffleStrings: fix maxVectorSize handling in IndexOfTable intrinsic.
[GR-42964] Deprecate `--enable-monitoring` without argument.
[GR-42965] Fix hpy coverage jobs
[GR-42965] Update coverage ci jobs
[GR-42966] Ensure transitive virtual object mappings are duplicated correctly
[GR-42967] TruffleStrings: fix codepoint counting loops in AArch64CalcStringAttributesOp.
[GR-42968] Fixing the number of arguments passed from Array.prototype.toLocaleString.
[GR-42974] Support switching to carrier thread in class initializers in virtual threads.
[GR-42975] Various fixes.
[GR-42976] Truffle: jdk.internal.foreign.Scoped class not found on JDK 20.
[GR-42978] Documentation backport: Add a link to HostAccess.Builder in the Polyglot Sandbox guide; Remove Intellij IDEA guide from docs.
[GR-42980] Replace Microservices guides with links to guides from framework vendors.
[GR-42982] Use bitcast in LLVM cmpxchg conversions
[GR-42988] Improve chance of seeing a stuck compilation in watch dog test.
[GR-42994] Bump of the version of TestV8 test-suite.
[GR-43013] Do more constant folding before analysis.
[GR-43014] Delay BootstrapMethodError to runtime for linkAtBuildTime class.
[GR-43019] intrinsify PyCapsule
[GR-43021] Various fixes.
[GR-43055] Publish Java 17 standalones.
[GR-43057] Remove unnecessary custom 'create*' factory methods.
[GR-43057] Remove unnecessary custom 'create*' factory methods (2).
[GR-43057] Update imports and basic Truffle node inlining adoption.
[GR-43062] Mark hardcoded mask registers as @Temp.
[GR-43074] Don't run deploy builds on xgene machines
[GR-43078] Add more actions to Isolate teardown.
[GR-43079] Implementation of the recent normative change of roundingIncrement.
[GR-43091] Fix missing image in the Enhanced HotSwap guide.
[GR-43094] Improve performance of obtaining tracebacks
[GR-43095] Intrinsify _hashlib, _md5, _sha1, _sha256, _sha3, and _sha512
[GR-43096] ArrayPrepareForCopyNode#noChange needs a non-void return type
[GR-43097] Add regression test.
[GR-43097] Fix isMemberInvocable check for module namespace object properties.
[GR-43097] Fix isMemberInvocable for module namespace object properties.
[GR-43100] Increase coverage in org.graalvm.compiler.lir.
[GR-43111] Remove unused code from several compiler packages.
[GR-43111] Increase test coverage in compiler.graph.
[GR-43113] Fix implicit SEXP-to-int casts.
[GR-43115] Fix multiple non-gate builds
[GR-43117] Fix Espresso jdwp deadlock in embedding use case.
[GR-43121] Implement os.statvfs()
[GR-43121] Support memoryview in ctypes.memset
[GR-43122] Fix 'function declaration without a prototype' deprecation errors in C code.
[GR-43126] Ensure setting same system property multiple times via command line is allowed.
[GR-43128] Broken links check.
[GR-43128] Remove docs on NI debugging in VS Code based on EE debuginfo.
[GR-43129] Create landing page for NI guides (redirect to new guides layout).
[GR-43135] Unused code in pointsto analysis.
[GR-43138] Use gaps in superclasses for fields, including monitor fields.
[GR-43142] Add option to disable StrengthenGraphWithConstants.
[GR-43146] Fix dynamic import in an indirect eval/dynamic function (23.0).
[GR-43147] NIOFileSystemTest#testCreateDirectory fails on JDK-11.
[GR-43148] Increase coverage in svm.hosted.
[GR-43152] Corrections after changes in breakpoints resolution.
[GR-43152] Repair tests after changes in breakpoints resolution.
[GR-43158] Be more flexible looking for jvm.cfg.
[GR-43161] Disable failing test.
[GR-43161] Extra diagnostics to debug transiently failing gate.
[GR-43163] Miscellaneous cleanups.
[GR-43170] Fix deprecated function without prototype.
[GR-43182] Add support for JDK 20 CPU features.
[GR-43193] Fix NPE in ReflectionFeature.
[GR-43195] Reflection SVMTest bugfixes
[GR-43196] Cache response headers for cached files.
[GR-43197] Do not consider PRESENT configuration members as either DECLARED or PUBLIC.
[GR-43198] Fix invalid ptr-to-int conversion in c-magic-iter.
[GR-43201] Constant fold field loads selectively in the UnsafeAutomaticSubstitutionProcessor.
[GR-43205] Fix HPy benchmarks.
[GR-43208] Fix performance problem in AnalysisType.addSubType.
[GR-43209] Frame states in loops from snippets are invalid for deoptimization
[GR-43212] Disallow field value transformer for runtime init classes without ParseOnce.
[GR-43214] Implement Call Tree Information for Truffle Parse Once.
[GR-43225] Optional identity hash code field and GC policy improvements.
[GR-43226] add _multibytecodec module
[GR-43229] Fix graal import.
[GR-43233] Reflectively check for `isMIME` parameter.
[GR-43363] Fix pip launcher issue due to bug in
[GR-43363] Fix wheels patching: replace pip_hook with a patch for pip, patch bundled pip.
[GR-43365] Compiler state: clone deep cfg.
[GR-43368] Upgrade pyperformance to 1.0.5 and pyperf to 2.5.0.
[GR-43369] Create BasicBlockSet utility.
[GR-43379] Espresso: Don't use pre-init on linux-aarch64.
[GR-43382] Add recommendations to Native Image build output.
[GR-43382] Improve `os.arch`-based checks and an error message.
[GR-43382] Show max heap size configuration in build output.
[GR-43383] Verify format specifiers in debug.log statements.
[GR-43385] Group by modules and JARs in code area breakdown.
[GR-43387] Assert original methods are not stubs.
[GR-43390] Make links to microservices frameworks open in a new tab.
[GR-43391] Redirect to NI Build Tools Maven/Gradle plugins docs instead of maintaining a user guide copy.
[GR-43395] Bump mx to 6.14.12
[GR-43400] TruffleStrings: update JCodings dependency.
[GR-43403] Fix alignment issues for array-based static objects in the Native Image heap.
[GR-43404] Fix empty class cell in generators
[GR-43406] Minor fixes to the logic node hierarchy and the opaque logic node.
[GR-43407] Use mkdtemp to create temporary directories for temp_cwd
[GR-43409] Fix concurrency bug in LLVMGlobalContainer
[GR-43413] Fix handling of escaped chars in argFile parser.
[GR-43415] Fix keyword splats
[GR-43419] Make error reporting more robust.
[GR-43421] Minor fixes.
[GR-43432] Fixups for ParseOnceJIT Runtime Graphs.
[GR-43433] Improved error message for minimal fuzzed phase plans
[GR-43444] Add varargs helper for CFunction
[GR-43446] Revoke GDS token feature.
[GR-43446] Revoke GDS token feature tests.
[GR-43446] Revoke GDS token feature tests. + Test fixes.
[GR-43451] Simplify schedule phase and fix corner case around frame states at block begins.
[GR-43452] Make benchmark bisection work with pypy-suite etc
[GR-43455] Update pip patch
[GR-43465] Add option to let async actions be polled by the embedder
[GR-43467] Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 18.12.1.
[GR-43472] Unrolling: fix invalid preloop limit.
[GR-43473] Improve the test reliability.
[GR-43476] Eagerly initialize Graal node classes in Graal invariants checker.
[GR-43476] Reduce image build time.
[GR-43476] Improve image build time.
[GR-43476] Simplify annotation extractor.
[GR-43476] Various improvements.
[GR-43478] Bump scala-dacapo fork jobs timeout.
[GR-43481] Improve CompletableFuture support.
[GR-43490] Folded reflection dump
[GR-43491] CI: Use jdk-20-based builds for Quarkus nightly tests.
[GR-43492] LanguageReference#get(null) works inside materializeInstrumentableNodes().
[GR-43493] Do not use CPU Shares to compute active processor count.
[GR-43506] Native-Image API fixes.
[GR-43508] Add API to format list of objects to JSONFormatter
[GR-43509] Support ctypes callback
[GR-43510] cythonize in proc
[GR-43510] Fix tagged tests
[GR-43524] Documentation: Native Image User Guides updates.
[GR-43568] Add missing PiNode during inlining
[GR-43569] Fix DSL warnings and migrate more nodes.
[GR-43569] Fix Truffle DSL warnings and adopt node object inlining in JS.
[GR-43570] Enable assertions in the Truffle TCK by default.
[GR-43579] Increase test coverage in compiler by removing unused code and adding tests.
[GR-43579] Undo removal of method, is in fact used.
[GR-43581] Fix multiplication of foreign strings with numbers
[GR-43591] Fix compile error for inlined AOT node generation if specializations are replaced.
[GR-43592] Never emit explicit IncompatibleClassChangeError check in JIT mode.
[GR-43593] Update to JCodings 1.0.58 and Joni 2.1.44
[GR-43599] Infer the @Shared group from the parameter name if not explicitly specified.
[GR-43599] The name for @Shared now defaults to the parameter name
[GR-43600] Additional debuginfo memory footprint improvements #5475.
[GR-43601] Remove CE java17 artifacts.
[GR-43604] Ignore ce release artifacts file from gate.
[GR-43605] Fix: NativeImageResourcePath#toUri issue.
[GR-43613] Standardize and improve toString() error handling of polyglot wrappers and Value.
[GR-43614] Append sulong to LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the launcher
[GR-43614] Fix setting of LD_LIBRARY_PATH to occur during and not after context initialization
[GR-43614] Fix pytype so that types_pytz tests pass on graalpy
[GR-43615] Patch PyDriller to import datetime instead of _datetime
[GR-43616] Avoid NPEs when `ExitStatus.of()` is used.
[GR-43619] Check optimize returned parameter flag in StrengthenGraphs.
[GR-43619] More points-to cleanup.
[GR-43619] Refactor analysis: fix BitSet preallocation and cache options.
[GR-43619] Refactor points-to analysis.
[GR-43620] Improve OutOfMemoryError handling.
[GR-43623] Update test262.
[GR-43625] GDS tokenless download feature.
[GR-43625] Use dual state implicitlyAccepted property.
[GR-43626] Wasm is not yet available for macOS ARM64.
[GR-43630] Store instrumentation allocatin reporters in a map.
[GR-43630] Store instrumentation allocation reporters in a map.
[GR-43639] Added additional WASI methods.
[GR-43641] Make stub-based plugin configurable
[GR-43642] Fix DSL warnings for never-default.
[GR-43642] Fix invalid never-default warnings for specializations with specialization classes.
[GR-43643] Fix: resource's last modified time issue.
[GR-43644] Catch new Native Image error reports.
[GR-43648] Backport: Document recommendation for quick build mode.
[GR-43650] Make stub-based plugin configurable
[GR-43653] Ensure condition has unique usage in LoopFragmentInside.insertWithinAfter
[GR-43663] Implement the computeSize truffle api.
[GR-43663] Introduce RootNode#computeSize.
[GR-43673] Ignore linking errors when looking up original Java method/field.
[GR-43680] Print dlerror messages from thin launcher if dlopen fails
[GR-43681] Copying valist_storage doesn't convert it to managed
[GR-43681] Sulong: support varargs originating from native on linux_aarch64
[GR-43681] VA_LIST handling on darwin aarch64.
[GR-43682] Add various missing builtins and assembly instructions
[GR-43683] Collect counters before and after StrengthenGraphs.
[GR-43684] Make patched pip work with virtualenv
[GR-43693] Read entrypoints from file.
[GR-43711] Expand logic: visibility changes.
[GR-43712] Fix updating digest after its retrieval
[GR-43715] Fix implement specialization statistics for inlined nodes.
[GR-43718] Fix make inlining recommendations less strict.
[GR-43722] Add missing performReturnLinking check.
[GR-43722] Refactor method flows graph init.
[GR-43723] Simplify assertion checking in OptimizeExtendsPhase.
[GR-43724] GraalJSTranslator should create DecoratorListEvaluationNode using NodeFactory.
[GR-43728] Correction of BigInt::NewFromWords() and BigInt::ToWordsArray().
[GR-43732] Register JNI JavaVM* before main call.
[GR-43813] Document and test lazy initialization of DSL cached nodes pattern and fix uncached InlinedLoopConditionProfile.
[GR-43817] Store machine.config-hash in benchmark results.
[GR-43818] Support overloaded deprecated messages in Truffle libraries.
[GR-43823] Fix inlined loop condition profile used wrong inline signature and was untested.
[GR-43827] Add limited dominator-based GVN to the fix reads phase.
[GR-43835] Add new SpeculativeExecutionBarriers option instead of AllTargets option for SpectrePHTBarriers
[GR-43851] Add --shared-engine launcher option.
[GR-43853] Replace GRAALVM_HOME with JAVA_HOME in docs pages.
[GR-43853] Replace GRAALVM_HOME with JAVA_HOME in graal/fastr docs.
[GR-43853] Replace GRAALVM_HOME with JAVA_HOME in graal/js docs.
[GR-43853] Use `GRAALVM_HOME` in docs for language embeddings.
[GR-43860] Allow timer resulution 100ms in the UNTRUSTED sandbox policy.
[GR-43861] Unswitching: avoid complexity problematic code size estimations.
[GR-43862] Fix phase ordering issue between partial evaluation and escape analysis.
[GR-43864] Test262 should not have temporalHelpers.js among prequel files.
[GR-43871] Improve class definition and decorator nodes.
[GR-43872] Serialization bugfixes.
[GR-43882] Update cmake to 3.22.2 on all platforms.
[GR-43890] Missing state in output_handler error_handler callbacks.
[GR-43891] Fix node object inlining when both shared and exclusive caches are used.
[GR-43894] Fix for 'new URL()' deprecation.
[GR-43896] Add CI jobs on JDK20.
[GR-43900] JS TCK takes too long.
[GR-43901] Fix warnings for ECJ compiler.
[GR-43903] Address new Truffle DSL warnings (idempotent and assumptions)
[GR-43903] Implement warning if assumptions are used without bound cached guard; Fix Truffle DSL guards that do not bind dynamic values are no longer just asserted on the fast-path.
[GR-43911] Improve compatibility with idna and pydriller
[GR-43923] Fix receiver value for foreign object prototype [[Get]].
[GR-43923] Test that Map.prototype.size property works on ProxyHashMap.
[GR-43923] The size property does not work with ProxyHashMap in JavaScript.
[GR-43924] Add patches to run hypothesis.
[GR-43925] Add option to export SBOM as part of the Native Image Builder.
[GR-43926] Add methods for defining complex JSON objects.
[GR-43926] Extend SVM JSON Library for Packages that Build JSON Objects from Multiple Sources.
[GR-43930] Backport "Enable partial missing registration options"
[GR-43934] Only build full FrameTree when OmitInlinedMethodDebugLineInfo is false.
[GR-43934] Only build full FrameTree when OmitInlinedMethodDebugLineInfo is false. 23.0 backport.
[GR-43944] Apply host inlining cutoffs.
[GR-43944] Improve host inlining; Introduce new host compiler directive that allows for host inlining.
[GR-43948] Update Debug Native Executables with GDB guide.
[GR-43950] NoClassDefFoundError PolyglotIsolateCreateException in native to native mode.
[GR-43952] Emit `DW_AT_(comp_dir|stmt_list)` for all compile units.
[GR-43958] Fix stamp logic in CopySignNode.
[GR-43960] Add Context.Builder.timezone to Polyglot C-API.
[GR-43963] Private class methods do not have to be JSFunctionObjects when decorated.
[GR-43966] Remove analysis options AnalysisStatisticsFile and ImageBuildStatisticsFile.
[GR-43967] Drop jackpot from Truffle gate.
[GR-43971] Support native-image environment variable capturing in bundles.
[GR-43972] Refactor DynamicHub metadata initialization.
[GR-43981] Add dacapo, scala-dacapo and renaissance benchmarks as JIT daily and weekly jobs.
[GR-43981] Add long executing daily and weekly gates for Safepoint and Asynchronous Sampling-based Profiler.
[GR-43982] Configure build output in driver.
[GR-43986] Use Truffle Instrumt.Env logger for Espresso jdwp logging.
[GR-43988] Ensure fullFilePathFromClassName fallback also works for interfaces.
[GR-43989] Replace ARM 64-bit architecture with AArch64 for MacOS and Linux systems in docs.
[GR-43994] Register InfoCmp required resources.
[GR-43997] Add object-pooling allocator for lock-free prefix tree.
[GR-43997] Make inner LockFreePool#Node a static class.
[GR-43999] Improvements of the foreign error support.
[GR-44005] Update minimum require VS installation details.
[GR-44009] Stop building native `gu` in public gate.
[GR-44009] Stop shipping native `gu`.
[GR-44025] Disallow Cleanable and jdk.internal.ref.Cleaner on the image heap.
[GR-44027] Fix manifest Class-Path handling of relative paths in bundle-case
[GR-44028] Add jdk_internal_org_jline_terminal_impl_jna_win_Kernel32Impl to PlatformNativeLibrarySupport#defaultBuiltInPkgNativesBlacklist.
[GR-44031] Unresolved deopts shouldn't float
[GR-44033] Adopt DSL node inlining: IsBuiltinClassProfile.
[GR-44037] Avoiding the potential IllegalFormatConversionException.
[GR-44038] Fix locals sync
[GR-44040] Implement finalizer for PMMap objects
[GR-44043] Avoid storing the RubyLanguage Cleaner in image heap for SVM
[GR-44048] Sulong deps in common.js: 'packages' dictionary in every os/arch.
[GR-44051] Fail at runtime when Loom virtual threads are reachable so that code can probe for it.
[GR-44053] Do not assume host exception cause has a truffle stack trace.
[GR-44053] Fix HostException cause and stack trace.
[GR-44053] HostException#getExceptionStackTrace works now, remove workarounds
[GR-44058] Support JFR event ObjectAllocationOutsideTLAB.
[GR-44060] JFR bugfixes and cleanups.
[GR-44063] Improve GraalVM builds on linux-musl.
[GR-44065] Use buffer length instead of capacity in hash/mac calculation
[GR-44070] Show the backtrace of the subprocess and signal it on timeout if there is a subprocess
[GR-44071] Safepoint removal: add option to control loop end safepoint removal.
[GR-44072] Review and correct inconsistencies in GraalVM Community Images guide.
[GR-44074] Fix maven artifacts deployment.
[GR-44081] Use Blocker in Object.wait if pinned.
[GR-44082] Add some bitwise canonicalization rules
[GR-44084] Port BigInteger.implMulAdd stub.
[GR-44087] Support JFR event JavaMonitorInflate.
[GR-44099] Optimize card table scanning.
[GR-44103] Ignore JVM thread warnings on stdout to break launcher spec
[GR-44105] Enable building graalvm with debug info in CE.
[GR-44107] Expand Espresso interop with date and time related target types.
[GR-44110] Add `-march` option and target `x86-64-v3` by default.
[GR-44112] Make pointer constants static.
[GR-44114] Revert "GR-45676: update sipy patches with missing PEP517 hook"
[GR-44116] Ensure that the image builder is not extended with automatic modules
[GR-44118] Update GraalVM macOS install guide to mention aarch64 architecture.
[GR-44120] Fix various time-related issues.
[GR-44177] Update to labsjdk-ce-20 build 7 to fix JDK bug
[GR-44177] Update to labsjdk-ce-20 build 7 to fix JDK bug and use labsjdk-ce-17 by default
[GR-44177] Use labsjdk-ee-20 in CI
[GR-44178] Add patch for cmake
[GR-44179] The value of a ReadableJavaField is available regardless of its class initialization status.
[GR-44185] Disabling the unstable sequential/test-watch-mode test.
[GR-44186] Fix native-image --expert-options* regression.
[GR-44191] Avoiding AssertionError from Array.prototype.splice().
[GR-44198] Adopt BigInteger Interop Support.
[GR-44200] Add Truffle::Interop#fits_in_big_integer? and #as_big_integer
[GR-44200] Support foreign big integers
[GR-44201] Check more invariants for @Uninterruptible.
[GR-44209] Adding a missing value import into Object.assign() and Java.super().
[GR-44212] Espresso: Implement getStackTrace0 using safepoints.
[GR-44212] Assorted fixes for Espresso.
[GR-44215] Fix broken links in TRegex
[GR-44216] Include `native-image` in GraalVM JDK.
[GR-44216] Turn `native-image` into a bundled `gu` component.
[GR-44220] Add test reporting for our gates
[GR-44221] Include a one-line installation step to the user guides.
[GR-44224] Canonicalize non-loop phi with phi inputs at the same merge
[GR-44229] Implementation of arraybuffer-transfer proposal.
[GR-44231] Minor improvements for user-facing output.
[GR-44233] Avoid NPE when MarkLookBehindEntriesVisitor tries to read matchedConditionGroups.
[GR-44235] Adding a missing detached buffer check into ArrayBuffer.prototype.slice.
[GR-44236] System.arraycopy() must not copy Object[] into Object.
[GR-44242] Report the benchmark runs as part of the compiler suite for the testing dashboard.
[GR-44244] Fix NaN check in SVM AArch64 fmod snippet
[GR-44245] Obsolete UseContainerCpuShares and PreferContainerQuotaForCPUCount flags.
[GR-44258] Add post call nops emission
[GR-44263] Fix -XX:+PrintGCTimes when used with assertions enabled.
[GR-44265] Review Python regex ignorecase semantics.
[GR-44266] Add WASM gate on darwin-aarch64.
[GR-44268] Do not compile lazy DFA while NFA is being used.
[GR-44271] Delete Example Applications from the website.
[GR-44271] Fix broken link after removing Example Applications.
[GR-44274] Allow multiple HostedProviders to be accessed from BigBang.
[GR-44274] Refactor SharedRuntimeConfigurationBuilder.
[GR-44275] Assorted minor fixes.
[GR-44281] Retag numpy 1.23.5
[GR-44282] Fix reachability handlers.
[GR-44283] JVMTI virtual thread workaround in agent is no longer needed.
[GR-44288] JS: Migrate CI config and fix warnings.
[GR-44289] Workaround DSL issue by using dispatched libraries
[GR-44291] Automatically register resources when the class and the pattern are constant.
[GR-44293] Fixes for cloudpickle etc
[GR-44299] Cleanup ci/common.jsonnet
[GR-44299] Fix installation of style dependencies.
[GR-44299] Fix overlay
[GR-44299] Move global-common CI config from common.json to ci/common.jsonnet
[GR-44299] Use the new ci/common.jsonnet
[GR-44300] Ignore stderr when comparing against expected output.
[GR-44302] Better handling of ObjectStamp.type() return value semantics.
[GR-44303] Never burden @ValueBased objects with a monitor field, including boxed primitives.
[GR-44304] Normative: Moving the handling of some options so that they can be used by PluralRules.
[GR-44306] Upgrading the underlying Node.js to version 18.14.1.
[GR-44311] Upgrade checkstyle to 10.7.0.
[GR-44316] More checks in java.lang.reflect.Array.get*().
[GR-44318] Adapt to upstream updates.
[GR-44319] Fix handling of array-by-value return types.
[GR-44323] When a plugin ends the control flow, PEGraphDecoder needs to stop decoding.
[GR-44328] Fix JDK-17 builds with jdk-17.0.7+1 and later.
[GR-44330] Fix list of released artifacts.
[GR-44331] Update mx version.
[GR-44332] Change HostedCompilerDirectives#inInterpreterFastPath implementation.
[GR-44334] Fix -A-J-Dtruffle.dsl.ignoreCompilerWarnings=true should not trigger for @ExpectError.
[GR-44334] Fix warning suppression using an option should not influence truffle.dsl tests.
[GR-44340] Regex and ICU4J are installable components.
[GR-44347] Make ProgressReporter more extensible
[GR-44350] Define RB_GC_GUARD in a way it cannot be an assignment LHS
[GR-44372] Avoid host-vms that include the `-java[0-9]+` suffix.
[GR-44373] Backport fixes to option handling.
[GR-44373] Optionally prevent the addition of native image macros and profiles.
[GR-44374] Refactor pip patch
[GR-44378] Add checkstyle rule for `\n` in format strings.
[GR-44378] Revise new lines in `svm.configure`.
[GR-44379] Reachability Analysis Invoke Special Handling
[GR-44382] Run test suites with locale fixed to en-US.
[GR-44383] Run autopatch_capi also in ginstall.
[GR-44387] Backport: Review and update Native Image Bundles documentation.
[GR-44387] Documentation: New and updated content backport.
[GR-44388] Add tests for Profdiff.
[GR-44390] Support native float subclass in PyFloatAsDoubleNode.
[GR-44391] Share constant arrays between LLVM and native C API backend.
[GR-44394] Remove the pgo-sampling flag when running pgo benchmarks.
[GR-44395] Added info about dependency on inspector artifact.
[GR-44400] Introduce ADOPTED as the new ProfileSource.
[GR-44405] Fix single context check in LLVM.
[GR-44415] Use native toolchain by default
[GR-44416] Update to jvmci-23.0-b08.
[GR-44422] CoerceOptionsToObjectNode and ToDateTimeOptionsNode should not cast to JSDynamicObject unconditionally..
[GR-44433] Resolve more DSL warnings in the builtin modules Java package.
[GR-44433] Resolve most of the DSL warnings in
[GR-44434] Use inlined profiles in
[GR-44435] Resolve all but 'truffle-inlining' Truffle DSL warnings in the lib package.
[GR-44442] Fixes for embedding scenarios.
[GR-44442] Handle SecurityException in TruffleFile#is{Read,Write,Execute}able calls
[GR-44443] Do not crash when logging and no source is available to print
[GR-44445] Introduce weak cache for promoted TruffleStrings.
[GR-44449] Resolved review comments.
[GR-44449] Update HeapMonitor to use system threads.
[GR-44449] Update MeapMonitor to use system threads.
[GR-44451] Include AR/RANLIB from env when building matplotlib's version of freetype
[GR-44453] Do not auto-merge patch files
[GR-44455] Fix regression in json_dumps and other json benchmarks.
[GR-44466] Correction of the line number in RangeError from the write of array.length.
[GR-44469] CPUSampler: Failed to shutdown background threads.
[GR-44473] Port BigInteger.squareToLen stub.
[GR-44476] Do not build a native image for `native-image-configure`.
[GR-44477] Fixes for PyTorch
[GR-44478] Generalize constant folding of conditions
[GR-44488] Add missing kiwisolver dependency for matplotlib
[GR-44489] Accept long values for casting pointers
[GR-44498] Run JS coverage jobs on the latest graal "weekly" revision.
[GR-44507] Increase stack size when running TruffleSafepointTest with musl.
[GR-44516] Introduce hotCaller to GlobalProfileProvider.
[GR-44530] Report default heap size in more detail.
[GR-44536] Support JNI_VERSION_20.
[GR-44537] Relax access checks for generated foreign type mapping proxies.
[GR-44557] TruffleStrings: don't evaluate codeRange for mutable strings in isCompatibleTo.
[GR-44565] Use the system libyaml for psych as it is faster for warmup
[GR-44567] Speculative guard movement: fix invalid sign extension.
[GR-44572] Disable ruby-test-mri-asserts for now
[GR-44572] Run MRI tests with asserts in jvm configuration
[GR-44573] Do not use marker interfaces.
[GR-44574] Overflow in address computation for g1ArrayRangePreWriteBarrier.
[GR-44576] Update to jvmci-23.0-b09.
[GR-44577] Better accessor access checks.
[GR-44586] Add missing clauses to the HeapHistogram asserts
[GR-44606] Remove unused NativeObjectReference and related.
[GR-44607] Avoid benchmark results pollution.
[GR-44608] Respect UseHeavyMonitors.
[GR-44613] Add JSON schema for `native-image-inspect` utility.
[GR-44621] Remove unused code in substratevm.
[GR-44623] Address unsatisfied link errors.
[GR-44626] Espresso interop fixes relating to foreign exceptions.
[GR-44627] Exclude certain Errors from JaCoCo coverage; some tests for nodes.
[GR-44631] Do not cache type of native objects.
[GR-44670] Periodic update of the Graal import.
[GR-44675] Support ScopedValue and use Blocker in Object.wait if pinned.
[GR-44677] Allow JavaScript in context with untrusted sandbox policy.
[GR-44677] Fixed review comments.
[GR-44677] Updated JavaScript import.
[GR-44678] Avoiding NPE in ConstantNode.toString.
[GR-44683] TRegex: fix lazy result evaluation in lastGroup member.
[GR-44691] Fixes in PyBytes_AsString(AndSize) and handle StackOverflowError.
[GR-44691] Fix segfaults seen in Numpy tests.
[GR-44691] Ensure synchronized access to HandleContext.
[GR-44691] Various C API fixes to avoid fatal errors.
[GR-44691] Improve support of (native) float subclasses.
[GR-44698] Fix JFR teardown.
[GR-44701] Update JVMCI version check to 23.0-b10.
[GR-44701] Update to jvmci-23.0-b10.
[GR-44702] Conserve the single constant in a context-sensitive single type state.
[GR-44705] Improved performance of WASI IO when using ByteArrayWasmMemory.
[GR-44710] Fix rb_time_timespec_new function
[GR-44713] Bound target function can be a callable proxy or a foreign executable.
[GR-44721] Documentation: Replace GraalVM Enterprise with Oracle GraalVM.
[GR-44722] Backport: Adjust version strings and properties.
[GR-44722] Backport: Inherit `java.vendor.version` from host VM.
[GR-44722] Backport: Make vendor version adjustable at build-time.
[GR-44722] Backport: Prepare for change of Truffle runtime name.
[GR-44727] Implement has/getMetaParents for Espresso interop.
[GR-44730] Partial unroll: do not unroll loops with loop conditions with multiple usages.
[GR-44732] Add new microservice benchmarks
[GR-44732] Fix URLs for new microservice benchmarks.
[GR-44738] Improve StringIO performance.
[GR-44755] Asynchronous Test262 tests should be identified by async flag.
[GR-44758] Fixes for PyGame
[GR-44766] Fix ce-js and ce-nodejs env files.
[GR-4476] Add checkstyle rule for `UserError` format strings.
[GR-44770] Allow running structure checks on all installables.
[GR-44770] Installables without native images might be named differently depending on the base JDK implementor.
[GR-44773] Re-enable python enterprise gates.
[GR-44774] Fix `reflect-config.json` in docs.
[GR-44779] Switch incoming TruffleStrings to UTF-16; avoid using uncached nodes.
[GR-44780] Do not use ICELAKE implementation of simdutf on macOS.
[GR-44783] Improve float binops compatibility
[GR-44796] Fix frame construction in the presence of nmethod entry barriers
[GR-44798] Update the flag that exports an SBOM.
[GR-44804] Pick mx change which aborts if sforceimports fails to update a suite
[GR-44804] Update mx in graal
[GR-44804] Update mx in graal and update truffleruby import in /vm
[GR-44818] Do not install fetch-related globals when WebAssembly is not available.
[GR-44820] Fix bundle support for --diagnostics-mode.
[GR-44821] Check for native frames in DestroyJavaVM.
[GR-44827] Ignore invalid class access flags
[GR-44828] Add Graal info to build output JSON.
[GR-44830] Revert "Avoid using the SafepointManager if there is only the root and reference processing threads"
[GR-44835] Backport: Determine the source cache roots only once.
[GR-44839] More flexible patching
[GR-44850] Try to collect garbage a few more times to test weakref proxies
[GR-44867] Backports for 23.0 batch 1
[GR-44867] Backports for 23.0 batch 2
[GR-44867] Backports for 23.0 batch 3
[GR-44867] Backports for 23.0 batch 4
[GR-44867] Backports for 23.0 batch 5
[GR-44867] Backports for 23.0 batch 6
[GR-44867] Docker images need libyaml and headers
[GR-44867] Backport: No need to check the hierarchy Assumption for `object.is_a?(SomeClass)`
[GR-44867] Use a synchronous ThreadLocalAction for killing other threads
[GR-44868] Backport: Native image builds with --macro:truffle cannot use hybrid class and module-path.
[GR-44868] Fixed language permissions feature.
[GR-44868] Fixed truffle isolates gates.
[GR-44868] Native image builds with --macro:truffle cannot use hybrid class and module-path.
[GR-44870] Ensure bundle temp directory gets deleted in case of SIGTERM.
[GR-44871] Fix missing inline field substitution with default runtime.
[GR-44872] Normalize env-var keys to upperCase on Windows.
[GR-44875] Backport: Passing language or instrument options using system properties does not work in Truffle isolate.
[GR-44875] Passing language or instrument options using system properties does not work in Truffle isolate.
[GR-44877] Remove 'node:' prefix when looking for core module replacement.
[GR-44889] Prepare 23.0
[GR-44889] Prepare 23.0.
[GR-44906] Update visualvm.
[GR-44953] Backport fixes for NumPy, SciPy, and PyTorch.
[GR-44955] Documentation: Replace 'GraalVM Enterprise only' notifications./ Compiler Advantages description unclear./ Remove redundant newline.
[GR-44956] Fix a race in unpark.
[GR-44958] Add patch for charset_normalizer 3.1.0
[GR-44969] Avoid using toDisplayString for host exception ToString conversion.
[GR-45010] Fix zone) spec to avoid transient failures
[GR-45011] Backport of the reachability registration node and reflection proofs.
[GR-45013] Be more lenient in asyncio test
[GR-45039] Limit graph size after trivial inlining, Abort early when attempting a wrong field read.
[GR-45044] Backport: Fix `rmi` lib and `-march=list`, and extend detection of CPU features on darwin/aarch64.
[GR-45057] Fix sulong libcxx rpath.
[GR-45063] Implement charmap_encode/decode
[GR-45066] Update our CI jobs
[GR-45073] Backport 23.0: The libgraal env file contains only what is necessary.
[GR-45076] Documentation: Update the Implement Your Language and IGV guides to add the 'mx' instructions./ Add brief JMX guide.
[GR-45078] Fix one deopt per thread for lazy LLVM stack allocation.
[GR-45084] Backport 23.0 : If canon deep copy virtual state and replace all old phi inputs in state.
[GR-45093] Fix file permissions.
[GR-45097] Record queryCode compilation as DeadlockWatchdog activity.
[GR-45115] Check for disabled counted loop when changing a LoopBegin's frame state
[GR-45118] Remove ArrayBuilderNode's expectedLength as it causes too many deoptimizations
[GR-45130] Replace --enable-experimental-bundle-support with a warning.
[GR-45141] Get rid of clinit cycle CExtContext<>CApiContext, remove unused logger
[GR-45144] Bump some inline cache limits to prevent fallback to uncached in Ruby yjit-bench.
[GR-45153] Backport: Block Implementable for HostAccess.UNTRUSTED in Initial Release.
[GR-45153] Block Implementable for HostAccess.UNTRUSTED in Initial Release.
[GR-45168] Fix ErrorContext.getFrameHasCalleeSavedRegisters().
[GR-45189] Avoid using magic accessor for generated type mapping proxies.
[GR-45196] Backport: Fix import library handling on Windows.
[GR-45211] Fix JFR constant pool clearing.
[GR-45220] Add flang support for scipy
[GR-45243] Easy standalone Jars and binaries from GraalPy.
[GR-45245] Fixes for LLVM 16 compatibility.
[GR-45252] Documentation: Delete the source file for Micronaut extension from the GraalVM website./ Update Native Image Build Options page according to the preview build output.
[GR-45254] Backport: Use the same string to split and to join BUNDLE_DEPENDENCY.
[GR-45255] Turn assertion into a guarantee
[GR-45256] Don't consider distinct reads equivalent
[GR-45259] Fix missing reflection registration tests.
[GR-45273] Additional C API functions in preparation of sqlite.
[GR-45285] Properly align VMMutex on Windows.
[GR-45290] Backport: Rename GraalVM root dir, vendor info, and archive name.
[GR-45300] Prefer gcc and clang when using system toolchain.
[GR-45305] Several C API improvements and fixes.
[GR-45308] Add os.getgid()
[GR-45312] quick fix for nb_multiply/sq_repeat mismatch
[GR-45318] Support calls with changing signatures in ctypes
[GR-45323] Backport fixes for native extensions and tox
[GR-45332] Fix various espresso issues (23.0).
[GR-45344] Backport 23.0 : handle different stamps in ZeroExtendNode#alwaysPositive.
[GR-45350] Fixes for onnxruntime
[GR-45351] Fixes for onnx
[GR-45354] Fix globalThis in vm context.
[GR-45362] Backport: Fix URL parser error to in docs.
[GR-45362] Replace the link in docs/ there is only GraalVM extension now.
[GR-45380] Backport "Simplify missing reflection registration options"
[GR-45391] Ensure deleted elements are filled with hole values.
[GR-45412] Backport: Corrections of the re-instantiation of a wasm module.
[GR-45421] Fix/work around various issues encountered in packages.
[GR-45433] Backport 23.0 : do not intrinsify boxing if box type is uninitialized (GR-44739).
[GR-45437] Backport: Adding HandleScope also for the primary weak callback.
[GR-45449] Backporting various critical fixes to GraalVM 23.0.0.
[GR-45459] Update to FFI 1.15.5
[GR-45462] Use generic allocation for managed classes in the native side
[GR-45474] Backport: Support also 'fastdebug' builds.
[GR-45479] Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException when reading the result of RegExp match.
[GR-45615] Backport: Upgrade ANTLR to 4.12.0.
[GR-45615] Upgrade ANTLR to 4.12.0.
[GR-45616] Update ASM dependency to version 9.5.
[GR-45616] Update ASM dependency to version 9.5 (23.0).
[GR-45633] Fix markdown rendering issues.
[GR-45639] Backport: Avoid NPE when build JDK has no source zip.
[GR-45642] Missing symbols in C extensions should lead to an ImportError, not a SystemError
[GR-45654] Single compile unit for Java DWARF debug info.
[GR-45670] Switch to int basic block index.
[GR-45673] Backport: Drop max heap flag from ``.
[GR-45673] Backport: Drop Xmx flag from ``.
[GR-45673] Backport: Tweak GC settings of Native Image builder.
[GR-45676] update sipy patches with missing PEP517 hook
[GR-45708] Update graal to pick SVM fix for Assumption#ALWAYS_VALID
[GR-45725] Update to jvmci-23.0-b11.
[GR-45733] Backport "Reset ClassSpecializer cache"
[GR-45741] Add patches for lazy-object-proxy and grpcio
[GR-45754] Revise documentation.
[GR-45758] Fix DelegatedArrayStorage and SharedArrayStorage accepts()
[GR-45758] No need for explicit accepts() for DelegatedArrayStorage and SharedArrayStorage
[GR-45766] Backport: Refactor `ProgressReporterJsonHelper`.
[GR-45777] Use more efficient datastructure for storing all threads in LLVM runtime.
[GR-45794] Introduce component dependencies for EE standalones.
[GR-45794] The Python EE standalone includes LLVM EE.
[GR-45794] TruffleRuby EE standalone includes Sulong Enterprise.
[GR-45799] Fix integer overflow in StringLatin1.inflate
[GR-45835] Fixed a heap dumping issue.
[GR-45839] CI: Avoid using 8GB mac minis for all native builds on darwin-amd64
[GR-45839] CI: Avoid using 8GB mac minis for native tests
[GR-45894] Translate encoded graphs referencing assumptions in the image heap.
[GR-45896] Backport: upgrade JLine3 to 3.23.
[GR-45917] Documentation: Update GraalPy docs for JDK20.
[GR-45962] Backport: Use markWord::lock_mask_in_place in identity hash code fast path after JDK 18.
[GR-45987] Backport: Document `instrument` PGO mode.
[GR-46000] Backport "Fix generic array signature registration"
[GR-46043] Backport: Add patch for urllib3
[GR-46055] Backport: JFR and JMX fixes.
[GR-46113] Backport: Skip FullInfopointNode in SubstrateGraphBuilderPlugins analysis.
[GR-46116] Upgraded trufflejson library.
[GR-46125] Backport: Move deprecation warning into driver.
[GR-46125] Backport: Print deprecation warnings for fallback env vars.
[GR-46140] TruffleStrings: fix Java string conversion when compact strings are disabled.
[GR-46217] Backport: Method scoping fix.
[GR-46233] Backport: AArch64: Fix FP location in CalleeSavedRegister Methods.
[GR-46257] Do not store the result of readStackPointer in a local variable.
[GR-46278] Update to jvmci-23.0-b12.
[GR-46279] Do not use macmini_late_2014_8gb CI machines
[GR-46360] Backport: Make lxml work again
[GR-46374] Backport: Do not create ReachabilityRegistrationNodes in graphs used for JIT compilation.
[GR-46383] Backport: Improve compatibility with urllib3
[GR-46387] Adjust support url.
[GR-5369] Periodic update of the Graal import.